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The Secret Service Hated JFK

But Did They Want Him Dead?

10/28/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Secret Service made JFK a sitting duck for an assassin -- this according to a shocking new book by Mark Lane ... the man who blew up the lone gunman theory.

Lane reveals that JFK's limo came to a dead stop in the middle of the assassination -- Lane says it's because Secret Service agents HATED the Prez.

Plus Harvey's reveals a theory he developed on the number of shots fired, and how a 16-year-old Levin pitched that theory to a famous JFK prosecutor.


(0:00) Mark Lane -- who's been on the forefront of the JFK conspiracy movement for almost 50 years -- joins us in the studio.
(4:00) Mark says the CIA tried to stop his game changing 1963 book "Rush to Judgment."
(6:03) Mark's new book points out the egregrious mistakes made by the Secret Service during the JFK assassination.
(9:45) Eleven of the best agents in the Secret Service left a few months before JFK died ... why?
(11:00) How race turned Secret Service agents against JFK.
(19:15) Why would the CIA want JFK dead?
(21:05) Was the JFK assassination covered up to prevent WW3?
(29:01) Shocking ... a cop may have been face-to-face with the shooter moments after the assassination. What happened?
(35:03) Tom Hanks ... supporting the Warren Commission?
(36:20) Harvey's incredible theory about how many shots were fired that day -- which he came up with as a teenager!

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Harvey - you always come across as very self-concious on camera. Did you know that?

1091 days ago


All of your questions as to why 11 agents left, why the car slowed down, why the Secret Service acted the way they did are answered in the book The Kennedy Detail by Gerald Blaine and myself. I interviewed all the surviving SS agents who were there and the things Mark Lane is telling you are simply not true. Abraham Bolden was only on the White House Detail for a 30-day temporary assignment in 1962.

1091 days ago



1091 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Here we go again.... The big-headed gnome thinking he is going to solve the JFK assassination. Oh brother.

1091 days ago


Make it stop!

Why not film this separately from TMZ Live?!

The last day's of the Murray trial and you're talking about something that no one can PROVE one way or the other!

1091 days ago

Flying Blind    

i came back and this crap is still on. I thought Foster Brooks died

1091 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

This show has become incredibly boring. What happen to being about gossiping about celebs?

1091 days ago


All Bull ****.

1091 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

I used to believe in all the conspiracy crap too but when you really do some research it's pretty clear that the Warren Commission had it right. What's sad is that most people that have watched Oliver Stone's flick believe that nonsense.
People just always want to believe in a conspiracy for some reason. It's human nature to want to believe that something is being kept from you by the almighty evil government.. whether it's JFK, or UFO's or 9/11... whatever.

1091 days ago

John McCloy    

Everyone on here needs to understand and realize how important it American politics and preserving our constitution along with the reasons for the JFK assassination.
Ever since JFK was killed we have been given puppets for Presidents ever since that day from LBJ to Pres O. All picked and chosen by those who control our nation.
That is why RFK was killed before he could come to power. There is mountains and mountains of evidence that prove something was very off on that ay in Dallas and our nation has never been the same. They took our leaders from us.
The only person in politics who can save us currently is Ron Paul.
He will end the war and stop the wealth transfer of money from the middle class to the elites. Our nation and the globe is run by a few people who coordinate to erode our Republic.

1091 days ago


Harvey, what you're failing to realise about the zapruder film is that the film was doctored to edit out the fact that the motorcade came to a stop, making jfk a sitting suck.

1091 days ago


Oswald took three shots: the first missed wildly. The second shot hit Kennedy in the back of the neck, exited through the front of his throat at the bottom, and then hit Connolly. Connolly was sitting slightly inboard of the President. Connolly was not sitting directly in front of Kennedy. That's why it looks like there was a magic bullet. The third shot hit Kennedy directly in the back of the head. Kennedy did not slump over when he was shot initially because he was wearing a back brace (a girdle) which kept him bolt upright after he was shot the first time.

1091 days ago


What utter bs! When this douche says 'you just broke the case' it translates to 'you just spurted some insane, unfounded speculation to a minority of gullible whackjob idiots'. What a pathetic interview and to hell with these conspiracy jerks - the cancer of the internet. And F you Harvey for supporting this vile crap.

1091 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Mark Lane is a total crack pot. He changes the facts to fit his crazy theories. Three shots came from the same man, 1st shot went over Kennedy's head, 2nd shot was aimed lower and hit upper back, 3nd final(lucky) head shot. Case closed.

1091 days ago


Harvey - Are you drinking Mark Lane's kool-aide?
This guy is a quack. CIA was after Jim Jones too? Really? All BS

1091 days ago
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