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Michael Lohan in Court:

Lots of Crying and Yelling

10/29/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael lohan denied bond
Michael Lohan was true to form when he appeared in court today, making crazy excuses that an angry judge didn't buy ... so Michael's gonna stay in jail for a while.

Michael -- who allegedly violated a restraining order and then tried to escape cops and falling four stories -- spoke to the judge from the jail on a monitor. Michael, who was in a wheelchair and handcuffs (see above), had his lawyer explain there are three reasons why Mr. Lohan needed his freedom:

1.  He's got some TV shoot with Dr. Drew
2.  Lindsay's hearing is coming up on Wednesday
3.  He's got an upcoming celebrity boxing match with Tareq Salahi.

Surprise -- the judge wasn't moved, but was VERY upset at M.L.

Kate Major testified against Michael (see the video), crying as she told the judge about Michael's incessant calling.

Michael is being held without bail.



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Wait a minute, you cant get let out of jail just because you have an appointment...

1088 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Celebrity boxing match in a wheelchair? LOL.. what is this wheelchair boxing? That aside, why couldn't he have been living in a 40th floor apartment instead of just a 3rd floor?

1088 days ago


MiLo was just thinking, "How can I bang that hot lawyer they gave me?"

1088 days ago


Douche. 'Nuff said.

1088 days ago


the judge is milf or would it be jilf

1088 days ago

Linda Brown    

You know what makes me roar the most when it comes to this loser is how he thinks he is a MAJOR PLAYER!! Like trying to spin the so called things he has to get out of jail for? if DR Drew was smart he would change his phone numbers, this loser will only try to use him to get out of jail and then because he is a freak, will show back up at Kate's again! Thank God he pulled this latest crap in FL and not Hollywierd where they would just do nothing to him really? And how pathetic and OLD he looks in that wheelchair but that is what he was counting on, making himself look like the wounded party, he is real good about playing that part!! Always it is someone else's fault for his ****, ya notice that? NEVER is it his!! He is a complete loser, useless, pathetic old man in lust with a loser woman who uses him and then when he does not produce whatever her whim is, she presses domestic violence charges on him!!! I don't buy half of her crap, one can put bruises on yourself and I think most of time he does toss her around and belts her, but there are times I think she does it to herself because she is as useless as he is!! How does this woman support herself? Does not appear she has a job? Would not surprise me to learn she is a hooker? So I am very pleased with this judge, for once this loser is where he should be!!

1088 days ago


Wait a minute. If he's locked up, whose going to have an after the hearing press conference outside the courthouse? Whose going to go on all the interview shows? Ah well, I guess we'll just have get over it.

1088 days ago


I was really really sure when I read this artickle that it was about Lindsay. Cyring - check. Whineing - check. Lying - check. Hollywood excuses - check. Wow this gals a real chip off the old messed up block.

1088 days ago


That popping sound you keep hearing is Blohan, Dina, and Kate opening champaign bottles in California, New York, and Florida.

1088 days ago


He would not be doing that for the male judge that asked if he knew how to read. He's a misogynist.

1088 days ago


Right where he belongs! What an idiot!!

1088 days ago


This guy is the very definition of "loser." He and his daughter both belong in prison. The whole act he puts on about being clean and sober is just that: an act. The girl who cuts my hair dates a very wealthy guy...this past summer they were at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Florida (where Anna Nicole Smith died) and MiLo was in the lobby bar, boozing it up with some young chic (NOT Kate Major.)

I can't stand it when he parades around preaching about how his daughter needs a year of rehab. Pot meet kettle.

1088 days ago


what has this world come to that we even give a **** about this loser and his loser ways.What a shame that you actually make money off this s*** bag.Dont aknowledge this s*** and maybe it will go away, ya right , like shyphyllis(cant spell)

1088 days ago


welcome to recession

1088 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Are you sure that's not Lucy Lui representing him...

1088 days ago
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