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Hilary Swank

Cleaning House After

Chechnya Blunder

10/30/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank got serious backlash after appearing at the birthday party for a murdering warlord ... so she's reportedly firing the people who put her in that position.

Swank attended a concert in Chechnya for president Ramzan Kadyrov on October 5 and immediately took heat from human rights groups ... probably because Kadyrov has a section on his Wikipedia page devoted entirely to his alleged human rights abuses.

Swank apologized, but according to The Independent ... it's her manager, Jason Weinberg, who is sorry now. The paper says he was let go last week and two of her agents at CAA, Amie Yavor and Josh Lieberman, are next to go.

Not among those getting the boot -- her agent/boyfriend, John Campisi.

Emails to Swank's camp (what's left of them) were not returned.


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Look in the mirror honey. You knew who he was and if you didn't, you should have. It's not up to your agent or your business manager to provide a moral compass for yourself.

1089 days ago


wow you guys are really scary!
Whenever I read the comments here, you guys are throwing stones at all.
People err, to err is human, and believe me, you never wrong??
As for the agents and the people who work with her, she has every right to dismiss employees for any reason if she did not like your assistance, and these managers and agents charge a fortune to do for her services, do not think they are advising her for being nice, they do what they do for the money too, and they much more than she should have at least have advised her not to attend the event, independent of it or not knowing what happens in the world that these parasites live at the expense of her work are very well paid to make their services.

1089 days ago


What? Another empty brain movie star? Is she that stupid? Anything to make a buck. Oh well, just fire everyone else and put them out of work which is where she should be because she's such a damn annoying actress anyway.

1089 days ago


I understand why these people have agents and all but when it comes down to it, she needed to do some of her own homework. If an agent handed her a new script and told her she should do the part, certainly SHE would read the script before signing on to the part. In this case, it should have been the same. She should have done some homework before just accepting a ton of money. Very disappointing that she'd do this and take no responsibility for her own actions. An apology for showing her ignorance would have been absolutely acceptable AND donating the money she received to a great charity would have been all anyone would have needed to forgive her dumb actions. Firing her team over this is worse than the original action.

1089 days ago


2 minutes on Wikipedia would have told her everything she needed to know. For someone so educated, she's pretty stupid. It's even more stupid to fire all these people because she wouldn't spend 2 minutes online.

1089 days ago


i heard she fired them because she couldn't get the horse role in war horse.

1089 days ago


She can't do anything to cover her tracks now. She was sent information on this individual before the event but chose to ignore it because she was thinking of the big payout. Unless she was living under a rock she would have known beforehand what the situation was.

1089 days ago


So you think you can hire "SMART"....Surprise... NOT!..If Swank thinks she's too "swanky" to qualify her representatives, she just got a taste of delusional thinking. WISE UP Miss Money Bags!

1089 days ago


so they couldn't find a good actress - so they settled for Hillary Swank. Take responsibility for your actions lady. Return the money and call it a day

1089 days ago


So typical of todays Hollywood Entertainers and Actors. Talk a good game about equality, fairness, redistribution of the middle classes money--but the first to line up for an easy 1 hour gig to make a cool million for face time or singing 5 songs..they dont care if the "audience" just happens to be big bankers, investment firms, companies with horrid overseas child labor law violations, or absolute dictators/murderers. The money is just too large now for their greedy selves to take a moment to at least google the firm, person, or group they're shilling for.

Clean this mess up once and for all...all of you. Mariah, Chicago, Beyonce, Lionel, Cheryl Crowe, Jay-Z, Hillary.

Occupy Movement should head to Hollywood next. They're all 1 per centers, and shillers for money without regard to humanity---until they're caught. btw, George Clooney wheres the money raised for 9-11 familes and Haiti?.

Shills the whole lot of them. The money comes first.

1089 days ago


This is one of the big problems in America. We're obsessed with looks and personality, but give highly compensated "stars" a pass if they've never read a book or opened a newspaper!

1089 days ago


Hmm, so her agent/boyfriend knew nothing and/or had nothing to do with her "booking" for this gig? I find that kinda strange. And how about that nice $1.5 million payday? Has she or will she give that back...I think she should.

1089 days ago

Tom M.    

Is she an idiot? All she had to do was decline the invitation. They may have put her in that situation but the bottom line is the fault lies with herself.

1089 days ago


What a freaking disgrace!!!
I'm totally disapponted with her - thought she had more brain and courage.She totally caved in to the public opinion, whereas in fact Kadyrov's ONLY TRUE SIN is his allegiance to Russia.

It's this quality of his that makes him a "murdering warlord". Were he an enemy of Russia and a fan of the US, while eating infants for breakfast, raping women on a daily basis and committing other atrocities, he would be hailed by the US government as one of the "most democratic leaders of modern era","freedom fighter", "beacon of democracy" selflessly fighting for the "right cause"(((

Too bad people in the US are to much MISGUIDED AND MANIPLUATED by their "democratic" mass media to understand it.
Kadyrov is no saint by any stretch of imagination - he's just a TYPICAL oriental leader, nothing more, nothing less. But it's his declared support of Russia and Putin that, in the eyes of the western political estalbishment, has turned him into a pariah.

Too bad a wonderful actress, Hillary Swank, turned out to be such a helpless and ball-less pawn with no opinion of her own.
Again, very disappointed with her, if it were, say, pamella anderson, i would perfectly understand: what can u ask of someone born braindead, but it's the fact that she established herself (or it looked like that at least) as one of the most thinking characters in hollywood that pisses me off SO MUCH in her disgraceful and pathetic capitulation to government propaganda, mass media and public opinion(

1088 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Good move - its totally someone else's fault that YOU are a complete idiot. Someone should lose their job over you not being knowledgeable enough to know what event you are freeloading.

1088 days ago
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