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Taylor Swift

Threatens Lawsuit

Over Topless Photo

10/30/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift is prepared to go to war with a website called Celebrity Jihad ... claiming she was wrongly identified in a "leaked" nude photo ... and now she's threatening to sue their asses.

The photo in question features a topless woman who bears a resemblance to Swift under the headline, "Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?"

Swift's lawyers are pissed -- and fired over a letter to the site demanding it take down the post immediately ... or else she'll sue for trademark infringement.

In the letter, Team Swift says the site contains, "false pornographic images and false 'news" about the singer.

A rep for the site tell us the blog is considering its options. Swift's people had no comment.


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Its simple f its not her theres realy nothing she can do about it . Ive seen the picture . it doesnt look like a fake but it doesnt totaly look like her . if i had to hazard a guess i would say its a lookalike and theres not realy anything she can do about that just ask any of hundreds of celebs that have had lookalikes do full on porn

1091 days ago


Trademark infringement??? Wouldn't it be more like libel or defamation?

1091 days ago

bill horton    

who cares they are all a piece of ****

1091 days ago


I do not know what she is worried about since there is hardly anything there to see. She is way over rated in my eyes. To me she is not the best singer as everyone makes her out to be. I guess people thinks a lot of music is music when it is not. That goes to many singers.

1091 days ago


I hope she rips them a new one!

1091 days ago


That picture so obviously NOT her. Hope she rips you a new one! (Maybe TMZ will sleaze out on this one because you added a question mark, but I hope not.)

1091 days ago


One of the few female singers who a girl could actually point to as a role model, most of them have their chests hanging out of everything they wear and act like prostitutes in their video's.

1091 days ago


I'm pretty positive its not her and I havent even seen the photo. Why do I feel this way? Because my roommate has an issue with spending his money on "nude pics of celebrities" mostly in their 20s...Let me tell you, they are all photo shopped and I think it's stupid that he even gets them...It's common place to find naked pictures of celebrities that are not them...

1091 days ago


Who the hell would actually want to see this girl naked, anyhow? No ass, no tits, no curves. Might as well be looking at Justin Bieber. They have the same body.

1091 days ago


I won't bother reading the article because it seem like EVERY actress is finding her nude photos published. BUT if the actress allowed the photos to begin with, I'm not sympathetic. I'm only sympathetic if the photos were hacked. Otherwise, women, you get what you are due.

1091 days ago


Your're a Celeb it the title was a "?" and never actually said it was you because the Title was a "?". Sorry snotty pants.

1091 days ago


Taylor Swift is a classy southern girl with class....she would not do that! Sue the crap ot of them Taylor

1091 days ago

Lea Davis    

Taylor Swift really? you would have to be a moron to think that, that is taylor swift, for one taylor swift has BODY, that female does NOT!!
taylor swift's eyes are way more glistening than hers, Taylor swift has boobs. That girl DOES not like really people. DO NOT believe this photo i just do not understand why people try and make others look bad and make false essumptions about others especially taylor swift, if your a true taylor swift fan you would know that, this is not taylor swift and this is not in her character the chicks hair isnt even as golden as taylor swifts. the shape of her lips aren't even as CLOSE as taylor swifts come on people be smart use the brains that god gave you and figure out the real deal, this is NOT taylor swift.

Taylor swift effin ROCKS and this pictures doesn't so, you compare.

1091 days ago


I saw the pic. Her head and face look like the pics from her first album. I don't think it is her, I wonder if the website can get sued for child porn because the head they Photoshopped on is a 16 year old.

1090 days ago


The pic they have on there claiming it is her is clearly NOT her. She should sue the hell out of them!!!

1090 days ago
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