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'Ghost Adventures' Star

Violent Human-Skull Ghost

Is Haunting My House

10/31/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Zak Bagans
Never bring your work home with you -- especially if your job involves ghost-hunting and human skulls -- because you could end up with one pissed-off spirit haunting your house ... and pushing your friends down stairs.

"Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans tells TMZ, the supernatural encounters began after he found a human skull during an investigation last month at an old mining town hotel -- and genius actually decided to bring the remains home with him.

Zak -- who built a display for the skull in the basement of his Las Vegas home -- tells us, he noticed a huge surge in paranormal activity almost instantly ... an angry, demonic-type presence that had never been in his house before.

On one night, Zak tells us, he was woken up by a slight pressure on his ankles -- what felt like hands grabbing him -- and all of a sudden, the force yanked him several inches down in his bed.

Days later, Zak says he had a girl over at his house -- and out of nowhere, she spilled head over heels down his stairs ... insisting someone ... or something ... had pushed her.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg -- and Zak tells us, he's so terrified ... he hired a local bishop to perform an exorcism at his house in the next two weeks

Zak adds, "I love my job, but i want to feel safe in my house. I don't feel safe." Word to the wise -- don't jack human skulls and bring them into your house.


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If I found a human skull, I would consider it evidence of a suspicious death, or a washed out grave. I would call the authorities. I think the girl who fell had too much Halloween spirit. Please. This story is sooooo fake.

1086 days ago

Lady Luck    

Zak, what were you thinking.....I can't beleive you did something that stupid....Love what you do and love watching you Ghost Adventures, But honestly, bringing a Skull Home

1086 days ago


As a rule while vacationing in any of the Hawaiian Islands is to not take anything especially volcanic rocks from there. I can see that Zak never thought anything would occur once he brought home this human skull or any skulls for that matter to have a spirit still attached to itself. He will do what is the right thing.

Tell me, have any of you people out there taken things that did not belong to you in the first place and brought it home? I would think "yes" and whether you believe in the paranormal or not, and weird things were happening to you, you would probably shrug it off as bad karma.

I love the show and no, Zak is not trying to boost ratings. I think it would be crime if the skull was taken from a grave than just lying there on the ground or just below the surface.

He has said that he no longer invites anyone to his house because after the woman had her encounter with the angry spirit.

Ghost Adventures Crew has better ratings than Ghost Hunters, I would say. Even though Paranormal State started a year before GAC, I believe Paranormal State is slipping.

1086 days ago


All these shows are the same... "Did you see that"?!?!?! ..uh, no and neither did you.

1085 days ago


OMG Zak very luck have famous but don't it. I will meet Zak why my fav part Zak love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1085 days ago


Zak is an absolute idiot I don't think anyone could fake being that dumb all the time. He is however one extraordinary piece of eye candy and I would LOVE to grope him on a hunt :) I just don't want him to ruin it by talking :) my husband calls him bilbo ***ans the orange hobbit ;) its appropriate when he od s on the spray tan lol

1085 days ago


i'm a big fan of Zak, and Ghost Adventures...i wont lie, i do believe in ghosts and most of the things they do. you guys dont know if this is true or not. it surely could be, although it was stupid to bring it home. but i agree, Dana, i wish i was the girl in his house too.

1084 days ago

olivia hernandez     

Zak I believe in ghost same way as u but I want to be like u chase ghost and demons I think it is cool u r doing but in anybody home they will be feeling, touching, pushing, searching, kicking and more but they will be nothing there yes I do believe in ghost but when they r in you'r home yes it can get scary like u got to move but it can travel with u and u don't known until u get in the new place and it can start all over again i had that problem not move but 3 searching in diffident spot my back like Zak in Kentucky and my arms, legs, feet, and neck

1084 days ago


Well i love the show and all but even i know dont bring remains of a body or someone eles belongings home with you. all that equals is bad karama or in his case bad energy, he needs to cleanse out of his home and he should have it blessed.

1084 days ago

Diane Crane    

OMG,Zak. You know, I do watch your program, and i have had my own supernatural encounter when i was little.My girlfriend was with me, and we BOTH saw "her". John Zaffis has been to my home to remove tag sale carved icons from my home. Not afraid of spirits in my house, John told me lots of good energy here...Please be careful. You are delving in what is still really "the final frontier". I respect you but as far as I'm conc'd. ur preaching to the choir. You take some awful chances, Zak. And Nick, and Aaron. Take Care....... Diane.

1081 days ago

Diane Crane    

Tried to post a comment before to you, Zak, don't know if it went through... please you are exposing yourself on a continual basis to forces we know little about at this time.Maybe it's time to hang it up? Is it really worth it? How does your family feel? I watch your show and I often wondered about safety issues. this is friendly concern. I had my own para. exper. when I was a child of about 6 or 7 yrs, and I had a witness. You never forget it,do you?

1081 days ago


I'm starting a movement to get Zak Bagans on Dancing with the Stars. I think he would be fantastic on DWTS. Pass it on TWEET it!!

1080 days ago


What a load of cobblers.

What he experienced sounds like classic night terrors - I get them.

And a chick fell.

Move along.

1080 days ago


TMZ is crap..

1073 days ago


If I was taught anytihng as a kid it was to not take things that don't belong to me. I mean, for me personally, it seems pretty obvious if I see a skull on the ground I'm not going to pick it up and put it on display. For whatever reason Zak had for doing this, it was a bad one, and I would probably consider putting the skull back. Really, Zak: you took a person's skull! I quite frankly would be pissed if some guy came and took my head, so giving it back and apolgizing might be a best decision. Just my opinion Zak, but it might a good idea.

1059 days ago
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