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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Was 'Chasing Fame'

10/31/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Was Chasing FameKim Kardashian's friends are scoffing at Kris Humphries, claiming he's full of BS when he says he wanted to have a simple life with her in Minnesota, because once the marriage fell apart, he immediately began "chasing fame."
They're saying in the last week or so, when they started talking about the possibility of divorce, Kris went into full Hollywood gear, talking about "branding" the Kris Humphries name with cologne, nightclub appearances and what not.

And we're told Kris was pushing to keep their connection going, even if they ended their marriage ... and that threw up red flags.

We're told Kim was especially put off that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist over the weekend to work on his image.

As we previously reported, one of the main reasons for the divorce was that Kris wanted Kim to move to Minnesota, but once it became clear she wasn't leaving Hollywood and the marriage was over, Kris was all about the very things he despised.

Funny, they have more in common than we thought.

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matt byrd    

seeking fame if anyone would recognize that it is kim kardashian - next episode the brave divorcee rises to love again (for a price). It is absolute tripe are we all that stupid.

1087 days ago


Good maybe she will finally kill herself and do us all a big favor

1087 days ago


And let me guess who Kims friends are that are saying this....her family....kims mom = evil bitch

1087 days ago


Please TMZ, Dont throw this crap down our throats. We are smarter than that. He wanted to settle down like she said she wanted to. She played him and the media like a fiddle. And guess what TMZ, she is still playing you!!

1087 days ago


He is all about the fame. I saw an ad of him shirtless for an appearance at some Las Vegas Club. He is disgusting!

1087 days ago


And she's not only looking for fame?? At least he has a real talent!! what the heck has she done????

1086 days ago


NO HE'S NOT. they used him...

1086 days ago


WHO CARES!!! I for one am tired of hearing bout this story! This was a set up for viewer ratings. This marriage was a failure from the beginning! I personal thing thatm is a whore and this show should be taken off the air! Who cares about the Kardashian?? To have their lives on public tv is so low! Somethings are made to keep behind closed doors! Kim wants to be like her sister and get married, but sorry no one will ever be desperate enough to marry someone who takes their clothes off on the internet--this woman will do anything to get attention! I am with Obama--My daughter will NEVER watch this tv show! It's so tasteless! And eventhough this family has money they are pure trash!!!

1086 days ago

Ray Wasilewski    

I'm as guilty as the rest of the world for watching this crap.
These folks (Kardashians) are so far out of touch a stay at a mental health hospital could not help any of them. The girls are tramps, the mother is a loonytoon, The dad is so stupid he can even get out of his own way. The daughters use so much makeup they need putty knives to put it on and take it off. They have to have new toilets installed where ever they go in order to be able to use the bathroom because their rears are so large

1086 days ago


Nope..this is garbage. Kris is not a fame-seeker, Kim has been about her job and her money since day one. She's selfish. Don't you all remember when she cried for losing a diamond earring in the ocean? What was his response? That he'd never buy anything that was worth getting upset over losing. How she didn't want to lower her standards of living? So what if he wants to do appearances? Wouldn't you? Lay off of him. It's all her fault.

1086 days ago



1086 days ago


That's what you say to make yourselves look better. The truth is he didn't want his balls in your hands! Lets face it.. you girls treat your men like crap! Give him back his ring too. The ring was a promise you broke Kim.

1086 days ago


What the heII else did anybody expect? Chasing fame? Every freakin' where you go, ONE of the Kardashian faces (usually Kim's) is plastered on
some rag magazine cover. Personally, I'm sick and tired of being bombarded with the Kardashians. Enough was enough a LONG time ago! She turned her OWN wedding into a papparazzi fiasco. Does anybody really even remotely care how much her "wedding" cost? In my opinion, she's just one more spoiled rotten, wealthy, terrible inexperienced- in- life brunette version of Pari******on.

1086 days ago

Ross Gadeberg    

Yes he is a Jock, but not all that stupid...he married into the spotlight and knew exactly what he was doing. After all he's out of work without the Basketball season this year and not a member of a team as well.

1086 days ago


Good Lord. The word "Fame Whore" was invented as a label for Kim Kardashian. She should be ashamed for saying that. If it wasn't for Pari******on offering to introduce her to her friends, then nobody would have ever heard of Kim K. Oh and let's not forget her infamous sex tape that "somehow" got leaked??? Look up "fame whore" in Websters Dictionary and you will see Kimmie's face next to the definition. Everybody that paid a premium to advertise during the wedding episode of the Kardashians, should ask for a refund. What a scam!!

1086 days ago
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