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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Was 'Chasing Fame'

10/31/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Was Chasing FameKim Kardashian's friends are scoffing at Kris Humphries, claiming he's full of BS when he says he wanted to have a simple life with her in Minnesota, because once the marriage fell apart, he immediately began "chasing fame."
They're saying in the last week or so, when they started talking about the possibility of divorce, Kris went into full Hollywood gear, talking about "branding" the Kris Humphries name with cologne, nightclub appearances and what not.

And we're told Kris was pushing to keep their connection going, even if they ended their marriage ... and that threw up red flags.

We're told Kim was especially put off that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist over the weekend to work on his image.

As we previously reported, one of the main reasons for the divorce was that Kris wanted Kim to move to Minnesota, but once it became clear she wasn't leaving Hollywood and the marriage was over, Kris was all about the very things he despised.

Funny, they have more in common than we thought.

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i think it was all fake if its over this fast. not that kris is at fault its all kim. if your getting married and you cant even take your husbands last name..this is so sad on all parts why fake something that is supposed to be so special?
if kim wasnt sad over the divorce she will probably be sad about all the things being said.
all i think if they loved each other they could have tried the mariage out longer then a month and work on prolem together.

1051 days ago


This girls got some nerve, saying he was 'chasing fame' yet she's famous for a sex tape - smh. I find this very annoying of her.

1051 days ago


lolz, kim get upset cause he was white and would not pee on her for the camera?????

1051 days ago


she get mad cause the white guy would not pee on her for the camera?????

1051 days ago


LMAO - "Chasing fame" says the family famous because Kim got pizzed on in a sex tape and who had her future ex-husband "scouted". You can't even make this stuff up... Whole family is trash, no wonder they invited Blohan to the wedding. Trash, meet trash.

1051 days ago


The most honest article about this whole debacle is on Radar Online: "Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Was A ‘Hoax,’ Sources Say"

Aren't hoaxes and the scripting of events to earn $, personal gain, prestige and etc fraud?

1051 days ago


It was a HOAX! per ROL

1051 days ago


isn't it ironic that the fame chasimg Kim is upset with her fame chasing husband? This whole marriage was a publicity stunt from the beginning. I think they should be forced to re-pay every cent they earned scamming magazines, and return all of the gifts.

1051 days ago


The only fame whores in this story are Kim, her Mom and Ryan Seacrest. The classless trash trio.

1051 days ago


What, is he not allowed to be famous too? She's so controlling. She'll never be happy if she doesn't learn that she can't control everything and everyone. Like mother like daughter. Shame.

1051 days ago


Kris chasing fame? That's rich coming from Kim

1051 days ago


Clearly Kim's spin machine in action, blaming Kris, boohoo....this is a story the folks in America just won't buy Kim. You stalked the NBA for a husband and have no conception of what "wife" means. Now you will pay the piper because you have turned off you most loyal fans.

1051 days ago


The picture for this story is hilarious! Well done (^_^)b

1051 days ago


I do remember one of the Kard saying that the women in that family call the shots...well, well, well, maybe not. I hope Kris out rings them in a huge way....Yah Kris...Humm...ur way too cute for her

1051 days ago


What a surprise that their getting a divorce. No one saw that one coming, not.

1051 days ago
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