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Kris Humphries

I Was Blindsided!

10/31/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is willing to do whatever it takes to repair his broken marriage -- telling TMZ, "I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents."

Kris adds, "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce ... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."


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Send all those wedding gifts back - they are ill gotten.

Kris, get off your knees - females like Kim do not like men that beg.

Why do you think her past boyfriends broke up with her? They couldn't take her trying to lead them around by their ba__/s! Now while I agree that she wanted to get back with her previous boyfriend and of course that didn't work - reason being he realized what she was up to....She wanted to be the one who broke up first!!!!

She needs an older and stronger (mentally) man and Kris you are not it! She needs a man that will not let her get her way and with every whim she thinks up!She needs a man that is in control and that she loves so much she is afraid he might leave her.!She needs to be the beggar and not the other way around! Kris, you are just too young for her.

She needs to give back the rock (ring) and split half the millions with Kris they made on this farce of a weeding they had between them.

Kris, if you were duped then you need to sue the panties (if she even wears any) off of her! Your character is all over the news!!! And it is being very well damaged to say the least. Don't you care? I will be amazed if you can ever go back to playing basketball without being known only as Mr. Kris Kardashian!!!!!

I am confused as to how the two other sisters make millions off of two clothing stores? Kim is clearly the bread winner in this large family!!!!

For all you people that think Kim is so small and petite, think again! Of course she looks pretty small standing next to her overly tall basketball soon to become ex-husband but you should pay attention to her wearing a bathing suite. She is big all over, i.e. fat legs/butt/wide hips/protruding stomach/big boobs and even fat wrist! She is not petite at all but rather just short and dumpy. When she walks in a bathing suite she waddles. It is anything but inviting. I will admit she looks great in a skin tight gown but it must take one hell o*****irdle to squeeze all that stuff inside. I doubt that she can sit down once she is poured into a gown! She is an exact duplicate of her mother with a younger face!!!!

I hope those wedding re-runs are over at last!?!?!?!


1051 days ago


He will be lucky if he gets his 2-million dollar ring back.

1051 days ago


$2.2 Million dollars on a ring? Who spends that much money on a whore? You do know they charge by the hour, and you can get straight to business without proposing right?

Bwhahahahahahahahahaha. Best laugh I had all day. I love marks getting taken for everything on the long con.

They made $18 million for being married 72 days, and gays are the ones ruining the institution of marriage. I think we can coin the phrase "the prostitution of marriage."

1051 days ago


Selfish, wasteful people. 10 million spent a a farce of a wedding lasting only 72 days. Money could have feed and housed so many people. She should have did some "careful consideration" before the wedding, instead she want to be a princess. I wish they all just went away.

1051 days ago


Kimmy K wouldn't know a real relationship if it bit her in the A$$.
The next time there is least bit of rumor about Kimmy getting married again, just laugh and say "...yeah. RIGHT."

Exactly WHY did she think she needed to be married in the 1st place? Hasn't she discovered a pattern in the results of all her relationship choices yet?

1051 days ago


kim never loved kris and never wanted children as she whined all the time about. couples in hollywood always own several homes and commute back and forth to work in the business,just as kim could have done between minnesota and L.A kim is worth 100 million and could have easily afforded to had she chosen. hope kris takes her for all the money he can get. bruce better watch out i think he will be next mama kardashian no longer needs him to play mister mom the 2 girls they have together are older now and he is no longer needed. bruce is an idiot for putting up for years the way the kardashians disrespect and treat him.

1051 days ago

Rick Package    

White boy can't hang!

1051 days ago


Kris Humphries is the 99%.

1051 days ago


ditch the bitch, run free my young son and find a kinder, gentler broad without all the drama. This family is self righteous and so so spoiled. You have to have 0 morals in order to live in this family. They are all about being famous for being famous. They have no talent, dont sing dance or act. Kim is so full of herself its disgusting. The whole family is so spoiled because the money keeps rolling in. and whos to blame, us, the people who watch them and be the wood for their fire. without us they would just have a small botique in LA selling clothes to other upscale bitches like themselves... poor Bruce, he should have run too, but waited too late and was captured by the Queen bitch Kris. Be humble, grateful, jump for joy Chris she would have taken you to the bank too, She spends money like water and would have litterally sucked you dry.

Go free young man and be happy, stay away from the media and lead a great life with a normal woman with morals.

1051 days ago


Run Kris!!! ruuunnn!!!!!!! kim is a whore!!!!!!!!!u deserve better!!!

1051 days ago


wow unreal all that crying on the wedding day all that family wanted wasnto get dress up and have a party

1051 days ago


she is a money hungry, only lives for herself bitch! You should have seen that one coming....the ring was a joke! No man can make her as happy as she makes HERSELF!! Run, you will find someone kinder!

1051 days ago


kris u werent the first and u wont be the last she is just a piece of crap u could do better believe me , to trashy for u , be strong.

1051 days ago


Wrong thing to do buddy, kiss that fat ass. She'll be holding your balls for the rest of your life.

1051 days ago


poor boy doesn't realize yet that is was all a ploy for money and fame...it could have been ANY man at the alter with her..for her it was NEVER real just all part of the reality show...I feel sorry for him..he should have noticed (which I thought he did in The Wedding part 1) when he said " then that means u can plug any guy into your wedding plans"...that was the part where he should have known it was all a rouse!!! So sorry for Kris H..

1051 days ago
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