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Kris Humphries

'I Don't Believe in Divorce'

10/31/2011 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Divorce
Kris Humphries
desperately tried to save his marriage to Kim Kardashian, because he's telling friends ... he doesn't believe in divorce.

Kris, who's a religious guy, is telling friends he and Kim discussed the possibility of divorce, but he believed they could work their problems out.

We're told Kris didn't know Kim was actually filing legal papers until this morning.

And, Kris is telling friends ... the stories that he was cheating on Kim are B.S. We're told Kris is "bummed."

12:38 PM: Kris just released a statement on the split, claiming he'll do anything to repair his broken marriage.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

So you mean to tell me he's really the only one that didn't know this this this blow up doll that he met 5 minutes ago wasn't marryiing him solely for the publicity she craves like crack addiction? His family didn't even tell him?

1067 days ago


Kim K: "White boy gonna go!"

1067 days ago

That's Right    

Bravo Kris!!! You went into this marriage wearing the pants. Kim claims she want a husband but what she really want is a boy to play with. She assumed since Kris is younger she could control him, wake up kim what real man would be controlled? Look at all the men who dumped her, they were men!

1067 days ago


Um, excuse me "aquanet". Did it ever occur to you that SHE would not have made it in MN? We don't take kindly to people like her. We don't produce people like her. And after telling Kris that he "grew up in yee-haw MN", she basically pissed off a whole state. In case she missed it, we're not in the south. Kris also grew up in a VERY wealthy area and a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis, which happens to be one of the top 10 most populated cities in the US. Things do exist outside of CA. And Kim seemed to enjoy herself when she was spotted here quite a few times this summer. It's the people here that don't think much of her. Nor should anyone else.

1067 days ago


Kris you shoulds known better. You said she could fit any guy into her wedding picture. THose were your words and you should have listened. You didnt even get to have any of your friends stand up for you at your own wedding! It had to be Scott Rob and Lamar three guys you dont know because that is what Kim wanted so it looked good on tv. That should have been a HGUE clue to you of what lay ahead. Where were your friends and family to stop you from getting involved with this whore who loved the attention she got from being engaged / married to you but didnt love you. Dont wast a minute being bummed over this whore because all she is going to be doing is figuring out how she can make the most money off of the divorce. You willfind so much better and have so much of a better life with out her!

1067 days ago


she sure isn't a ho,i knew it wouldn't last, but didn't think it would end this soon,,,i don't think anyone can live with her and she surely is a ho in capital letters,,,,,,,

1067 days ago


Wow - you can tell this guy isn't a member of Mensa!

1067 days ago


She's divorcing him because he didn't want to pee on her.

1067 days ago


He should just be happy he did not get the clap and move on.

1067 days ago

That's Right    

Sorry Kris but she never stopped wanting Reggie. I believe Reggie is a man who would not bow down to any woman and he wears the pants in the relationship. So he ran before he was caught in her web. Kris you are lucky to get out before you start wearing aprons.

1067 days ago


What did he expect marrying that attention grabbing fame whore?

1067 days ago


He should have seen the handwriting on the wall when her mother talked her in to keeping her last name because "she's a brand".

If a television network foots the bill for the production of your wedding, that's another indication that it want last long.

1067 days ago


He served his purpose, to make $ for the Kardashians from their overhyped wedding. Then he was kicked to the curb. Better luck next time

1067 days ago


by Love My Fans: "A couple of things: KIM KARDASHIAN: You are a pathetic person who not only scammed Kris Humphries when you married him, but scammed your family, friends, and the entire public. I KNOW what else happened that no one else except your family knows: You and Kris are fighting over MONEY and how to pay for things because Kris doesn't have as much money as you think - especially since he lost money with his fraudulent investor - and you're a gold digging W_H_O_R_E. You're nothing more than an attention W_H_O_R_E who cannot stand the fact that you're not as interesting married. FINALLY: YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE IDEA OF "COMMITMENT" MEANS SO YOU SHOULD STICK TO DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST: BEING A HOLLYWOOD W_H_O_R_E. Frankly, I do NOT understand why men find you attractive because you are turning into your mother Kris Jenner: Overweight, opinionated, AND THICK AROUND THE MIDDLE. #EPIC FAIL"
Yep, what ^they^ said.

1067 days ago


You must Quit if the D*ck don't FIT.

1067 days ago
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