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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Beggin' for Mercy!

10/31/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will concede she violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program ...TMZ has learned.

Lindsay will appear in court on Wednesday ... where Judge Stephanie Sautner plans to hold a hearing on whether Lindsay violated her probation. But our sources say the hearing may be unnecessary, because Lindsay will not put up a fight.

Sources tell us Lindsay's strategy -- courtesy of Shawn Holley -- is to show the judge she is now really, really serious about complying with the terms of her probation. She'll come to court armed with proof she's logged in 24 hours of service at the morgue -- way more than the 16 hours a week the judge required before Wednesday's hearing. And Lindsay still has time to put in more time.

Lindsay's plan has its risks -- she faces well over a year in jail if the judge throws the book at her. We're told Lindsay is hoping for minimal jail time -- two weeks -- which would actually be way less because of overcrowding.

The wild card, of course, is Judge Sautner, who made it clear at the time of sentencing ... if Lindsay violated probation she would go to jail. Based on the judge's statements ... it's unlikely Lindsay would score a 2-week sentence.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday.  So stay tuned ...



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ketjo: 3 minutes ago

And her I was thinking Nicole was a nice but delluisinal little gal........Sweetie when you call me that add Queen of the B-i-t-c-h-s cause if I'm going but called that I want to be the best.....cause I've been insulted by a lot bigger and more important people then you.....sweetie....

As for how long she will serve.....well that depends on how much money changes hand between now and sentencing don't it.......!

Hey don't get it twisted that wasn't me that insulted you.

Look here is my profile:
Here is the fake person:

1052 days ago


Ok, Nicole , just funny when Lohan Inc can't come up with a rebuttal for a comment they resort to being nasty....which shows just how immature mentally they are....

Looks like they are gonia be busy writing nasty comments now now till the court day cause NOBODY and I mean NOBODY who is not connected in some way to them are supporting her on this board...which reflects what the general pubulation of the country feel about this womans media antics...and she has no one to blame but herself......

1052 days ago


Oh goodness, how many times are they going to let her get away with this crap? She doesn't learn her lesson because she keeps being let off the hook. She does the crime, make her do the time! Anyone one else would have to. She should have no special treatment because she has more money than most. The only way any of us learn from our bad behavior is if we have to pay for the consequences of our actions. This all is a big joke. Its ridiculous


1052 days ago


She will walk as usual having learned nothing!

1052 days ago


Hey Julia
Great 'chat' yesterday. Now I have a question. On TMZ Live Harvey insinuated that since she's conceding to the vop that they're not going to have an all day hearing. Basically just a quick sentencing. Tell me Harvey is wrong. Tell me this hearing is not going to be a measly 15 minutes. Tell me she can concede all day long but the judge is going to go through the motions regardless. Someone on here earlier said exactly what I was thinking. Since the judge ordered a full accounting of every arrest, every probation violation, etc., Blohan does NOT want that coming out. (yes its public record but to get every detail, that would take a lot of research) Please tell I'm getting all worried for nothing.

1052 days ago


Some quality time away from her parents will do her some good.

1052 days ago


The only time she is "serious" about her responsibilities is on or around her court days. If the judge buys it...she will just prove justice for so called celebrities is alive and well. What a joke.

1052 days ago


She basically tells the legal world to go screw themselves and her father gets arrested in Tampa for domestic violence and and jumps from the roof of a 3 story bldg, her mother is writing a tell it all book.. REAL GOOD FAMILY

1052 days ago


if the jail in lynwood is overcrowed send her to chino, the jail in orange county. no special foods, same food all others get. shower 2 times a week. visitors on reg days. be treated like all other prisioners. send her to a place that is not so crowded. maybe in holbolt county, in the gold rush area, bet they have room

1052 days ago


some one need to take this kid to a town way out from the hollywood bul annd teach her how to live.she has never been shown how to grow was always, on some movie.she never grew.shedon,t need to go to jail.but she need to be away from the puble for awhile.a farm i good.evn is more than a month.god bless you young lady.

1052 days ago


freakin' zero

1052 days ago


would somebody please call Judge Judy. She will take care of this wild child. Lindsey is making a joke out of these judges she has been before up to now. I know one thing. If she had to go before Judge Judy she would have been in jail a long long time ago. Just saying!!

1052 days ago


Reminds me of Klinger on MASH.

Nobody cares about your supposed problems. You caused yourself this dilemma. Think about all the people who are homeless through no fault of their own. You have it all and you just p#ss it away.

1052 days ago


Just make this phoney, dysfunctional, wasted loser go away.

1052 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

She is such a Stupid Dimwit. She should go to Jail for a long time.

1052 days ago
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