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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Beggin' for Mercy!

10/31/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will concede she violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program ...TMZ has learned.

Lindsay will appear in court on Wednesday ... where Judge Stephanie Sautner plans to hold a hearing on whether Lindsay violated her probation. But our sources say the hearing may be unnecessary, because Lindsay will not put up a fight.

Sources tell us Lindsay's strategy -- courtesy of Shawn Holley -- is to show the judge she is now really, really serious about complying with the terms of her probation. She'll come to court armed with proof she's logged in 24 hours of service at the morgue -- way more than the 16 hours a week the judge required before Wednesday's hearing. And Lindsay still has time to put in more time.

Lindsay's plan has its risks -- she faces well over a year in jail if the judge throws the book at her. We're told Lindsay is hoping for minimal jail time -- two weeks -- which would actually be way less because of overcrowding.

The wild card, of course, is Judge Sautner, who made it clear at the time of sentencing ... if Lindsay violated probation she would go to jail. Based on the judge's statements ... it's unlikely Lindsay would score a 2-week sentence.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday.  So stay tuned ...



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Blood Red Witch    

Does anyone know if she went to CS this morning?

1086 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I had a thought that is just gleeful! With MiLo in jail - No child support. If Lindsay is put in jail - no where ever the money comes from. ;)

So, how long can Dina get by with her two sources of income shut down? THAT is how long I want LL to have to be in jail! That long with 90 days additional, so DUIna doesnt get a last minute repreve from *gasp* working!

1086 days ago


Typical Lohan mentality. Get your act for ten days when you've been screwing up for six months and expect the judge to think you've reformed your ways. And, this is about the tenth time she's tried to use this strategy. Good thing she doesn't live here in Tampa. MiLo is finding out what justice is and what not following the judge's orders will reap you. Given that, she'll probably walk on Wednesday.

1086 days ago


Oh jeez, not this again. She pulls the same thing over and over. Is it just me or has she said the exact same thing pretty much each time she's been to court? The judge would have to be a complete idiot to believe her! And who cares about her 24 hours at the morgue! Didn't she say she was going to be there every single day? Also, she was sent home on the first day, that's a major screw up right there. I thought the judge said 16 hours a week, not just 16 hours? That first week she only did 8. Doesn't matter that there were only two days left in the week when the judge told her she had to do it, she should have been there BOTH days and she f'd up on the very first day. If it was only 16 hours, it still needs to count against her that she was sent home. And big deal that she did 8 hours more, it's obvious why she did it and it's too little too late.

1086 days ago


Looks like Lindsay is not going today. Hope one of her people reads TMZ and will realise she needs to go tomorrow to get her requirements in. Seems like her lawyer doesn't get it!!!

1086 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Holly's defense should be, "Lindsay can not be sent to jail, your honor. Lindsay doesn't find jail fullfilling."

1086 days ago

Cheryl A.    

If anyone wants Dumb Ass in jail for 18 months they would have to sentence her to something like 50 years. With the overcrowding that should do it. I am sooooo glad that I don't live ANYWHERE near California.

1086 days ago


I think TMZ should show the clip of what the judge ordered Lindsay to do and we can see if she said 16 hours per week. I am positive that is what she said and don't get how there could have been a misunderstanding!!!

1086 days ago


Lohan may have finially overplayed her game. Got to keep in mind Sautner can only do so much by law herself.

Sautner herself said to Holly and Lohan 'see a pattern here'. Holly as good as she is couldn't argue that. Lohan prooved that the very next day. Holly has got to be pissed as hell and pulling her hair out. Lohan is her client from hell.

Lohan may not do jail because of overcrowding but I don't think she's going to get another slap on the wrist. I'm guessing a 7th mugshot. If that's not habitual don't know what is.

Lohan has been cut every break, giving every benefit of the doubt and is still nothing but a joke to her. Lohan's game has always been how much can I get away with.

1086 days ago


andyscandy: about a minute ago

all they have to do is say No early release

The Judge said in April it was the Sheriff who runs the jail.
Now that non violent felons are being sentenced to jail instead of prison the chances of "no early release" are non existent.


1086 days ago

Judge Gallows    

Tick, tick, tick, bitch.

1086 days ago


Bottom line, she is an addict ! That said, she will take the blame on this one because her lawyer tells her to "pretty please" the Judge. Given the genes in this family, she sadly doesn't have a chance. She needs to go away for a few years like Robert Downey Jr did and hopefully come back sober, clean and working a program.

1086 days ago


It's 16 hours a week, not 16 hours total.

1086 days ago


I'd really like to see he finish her CS. She should work it off.

1086 days ago


I suspect that Lindsay would have to "service" the judge with some expert "carpet munching" back in her chambers in order to get out of going to jail this time around.

I hear the LA County jails have plenty of room for Lindsay this time. Maybe Linds will actually be in there for 3-4 months at least. She needs to get it through her clueless thick skull that she can't be screwing around during her probation or she'll have to pay the price for it.

1086 days ago
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