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Lindsay Lohan

Sexed Up for Halloween Party

at Playboy Mansion

10/31/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's been a very naughty girl ... and this weekend, she dressed the part ... to kick it at the annual Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion.

Seemingly inspired by her cleaning duties at the morgue, Lohan donned her sexiest French maid uniform Saturday night ... and hung out with a bunch of other ladies who've bared all in the mag.

TMZ broke the story ... Playboy shelled out nearly a million bucks to get Lindsay to strip down to her birthday suit. Still no word on when the spread is expected to hit the shelves.



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Blood Red Witch    

French Maid costumes are no longer considered sexy!

1091 days ago

AGENT smith    

LA Times Lindsay spends Halloween at the Morgue......
Lindsay went to her CS today. google it

1090 days ago


She is almost unrecognizable with her new teeth compliments of an amazing dentist, I'm sure.

1090 days ago

Jeff The Painter    

I wonder how much blow she did that night. Could you measure it with a zoo scale?

1090 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Will be leaving for trick or treating soon! My child runs it like a military operation. GO-GO-GO!!!!! We even have to bring H2O cause it's all jogging for a couple of hours! lol

1090 days ago


So this is what is has come down to for Lindsay? Her story will make a good Lifetime movie some day.

1090 days ago


Imagine the conversations over ****tails at that party,"so lindsay hows the morgue treating you"?"are you nervous about going to jail"?..."oh,the morgue is great,im totally kissing there ass,oh and jail,thats nothing,ill do 2 weeks and be done with it....cackle,cackle,snort,snort"

1090 days ago

The Truth    

The only person Lindsay has to blame for all her legal issues is herself. She and her team (lol) can point fingers all that they want but she is the cause of all her troubles.

No one really cares that Lindsay is an alcoholic, druggie kleptomaniac. When all her troubles first started people were on her side saying yeah she messed. She needs help. People encouraged her to get help.

Did she listen…NO.

What people are mad at and why the get on Lindsay so much is that she cannot help but lie and blame everyone else. You can only cry wolf so much and lie to the people who supported you.

Every time Lindsay gets in trouble she says it’s not her fault, she not guilt or blames other people. But every single time she finally admits that she did it. Lie after lie after lie.

Lindsay when you complain that you are being picked on or your supports who cannot who really cannot defend you with the facts make personal attacks against those who do you only belittle yourself and your supports.

So it all comes down to the same excuse at the end. Yes you did it and you wait until the last minute to show the world you “really mean it” this time.

It’s time to grow up, stop letting Dina live off you, do your time and get your life straightened out. So instead of partying on Halloween why didn’t you actually follow the judges orders and go to the morgue. Instead you get new flippers for your teeth and go party at the Playboy mansion.

The Truth Hurts

Dina Lohan

1090 days ago


Start yet another poll? How many hours (or other unit of measure) of sleep will Linds clock in before PerpWalk v25.0? Beginning right now. I'll start: Naught. Zero. Zilch. Cocaine. Lots of cocaine.

1090 days ago


Does she wash her hair extensions or are they just nasty?

1090 days ago


I bet Hef is having her fitted for some knee pads right about now

1090 days ago


If this trick was at the morgue today, somebody would have got a shot of it, especially TMZ. Until I see one or its reported Wed. she was there today, I'm not buying it.

1090 days ago


She beamed across the pond again!!

1090 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Smith, was watching all of Rob Zombies movies and the only one thats really any good is House of 1000 Corpses. I think it is pretty much safe to say that guy has real mental problems. Being that none of my movie scenes would never be quite that brutal, you can guarantee I am one of the good guys, but that does not mean I cant scare the crap out of people. hahaha

1090 days ago


Her Rep Steve Honig stated before (when it was reported she did 60 hours of CS) that Lindsay had done a lot more than that, but she was never photographed. Then at the hearing, we learn that Lindsay hadn't even completed the original 33 hours that was reported at the first hearing. It was Honig that stated she was at the morgue today. You can not believe a word that Honig says. Heck, we might not even know the truth on Wednesday as Lindsay and Holley already lied to the court about the 33 hours.

1090 days ago
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