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Mel Gibson

Returns to the Scene of the Crime

10/31/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
made a bold move last night -- returning to the restaurant that triggered an anti-Semiticly fueled DUI arrest that changed his life ... but this time he made all the right moves.

Gibson and a blonde lady friend hung out together at Moonshadows in Malibu ... the last place Mel drank on July 28, 2006 before he got into his car and hit PCH ... got a DUI ... and said all sorts of horrible things to the arresting officer.

This time around was MUCH different ... witnesses say Mel was only having dinner with a mystery blonde lady -- not boozing -- and he had a DRIVER take him home.


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Oh yes. Further proof blondes are Dumb. But speaking of dumb...(and harmful) when it comes to media...

1087 days ago


Mel has a thing for brunettes. His date's "blonde hair" looks like a wig to me. Is she trying to disguise her appearance, and if so, why?

1087 days ago

nipples mugee    

I like Mel and his work. Maybe he said some stupid things that were twisted around and of course the media which is controlled by a certian group of people got out of control, however, we are all guilty of saying things we wish we didn't. Mel, you da man.. And thank God you shed that oskanka chick, she was slowly killing your artistic groove.

1087 days ago


My thoughts exactly Uzi. It does look like a wig. I think it's the dominatrix 'Stella' he's been trying to hide for months. I bet it's his time with his daughter and she's once again with the nanny.

1087 days ago


What a stupid story, TMZ. Big deal. The guy went out to dinner with a mystery blond. So what? I'm surprised that she wasn't referred to as a person as an Aryian, the way ths article reads. How ridiculous! Or -- how about some slam that Mel was out with a mystery blond on Lucia's birthday! For Pete's Sake -- this story should not even be a headline of any kind.

1087 days ago


I so wanna be her! Looking forward to another Mel Gibson-produced movie!

1087 days ago


Same dominatrix he's been seeing for a while now! haha Not so smooth, Mel. ;) Please stop dating those nuts, please?

1087 days ago


"Stella" has a very distinctive facial shape. Unless you see her straight on, it's almost impossible to tell if it's her. Agree about the wig.

Court tomorrow, so TMZ is just getting warmed up. LOL

1087 days ago


No big surprise. I'm sure Mel thinks he owns Malibu. His ego is as big as his abusive, foul mouth.

1087 days ago

She's baaaack    

You know what? I'm going to have to give this one to Mel. I have a great respect for Robert Downey Jr because he was about as low as it gets. He did the embrace thing with Mel ... which is what Mel did for him when no one in Hollywood would even utter his name. So with respect to Mr Downey for fighting the good fight for so long, and reminding us that he was where Mr Gibson was, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

If you up again Mel, it's over.

1087 days ago


Cujeaux: 38 minutes ago
My thoughts exactly Uzi. It does look like a wig. I think it's the dominatrix 'Stella' he's been trying to hide for months. I bet it's his time with his daughter and she's once again with the nanny.
Hey Cuj,

Saw ur "halloween" comment to IBS on other thread...TOO FUNNY! If you check out DAILY MAIL the pix there (of both MG and mystery girl) are way better. She, well, she looks slutty and MG looks like a slob (sorry ladies but he does).

I wonder if this is the Aussie girl who claims to be his illegitimate "love child" (another one?). From the pix on Daily Mail, I dont believe it's Stella

1087 days ago


Comments that Mel didn't necessarily make.

1087 days ago


This guy will always be remembered for his violent outbursts to the cops, on the phone to his child's mother, etc. He will not recover from that. If everybody "forgives" him, he will do it again, only because that is who he is.

1087 days ago


when was it ever proven that Mel said all those things to that officer, never as far as I can time TMZ make that "alleged"

1087 days ago


Did she scalp a Barbie doll to get that horrible wig?

1087 days ago
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