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TMZ Halloween

Haunted by the Ghost of Ribeye

10/31/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

It's been several weeks since Harvey's pet fish died a mysterious death in the TMZ newsroom ... and on this All Hallows' Eve ... the creature from the deep returned to wreak havoc!!!

Check out all the cool costumes the TMZ staff rocked into the office today -- Cher and Chaz Bono, a black Justin Bieber ... Fro-Jay Simpson ... and one MASSIVE radish!!!

Click through the gallery -- and then tune in to "TMZ on TV" tonight to see everyone in their full costumed glory.


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I've been a loyal fan of TMZ since week 1, but mark my words...I will NEVER watch another episode after hearing the "slutty Caley Anthony" remark and seeing the horrific excuse for a Halloween costume one of your staffers was wearing. Regardless of the trial, Casey, or outcome... shame on you, TMZ for televising the inappropriate mocking of a dead little girl. Appalled doesn't even begin to cover it.

996 days ago


A new tagline for the show... "We don't just dress up as and mock murdered children, we also call them 'slutty' and then laugh about the timeliness of our jokes."

Clearly, I'm still very bothered by this. I don't know the appropriate venue to complain, but someone who made decisions today needs to be held accountable. There's no way FOX would stand for this.

996 days ago


SO disgusted with that stupid bitch dressed like Caylee Anthony. What the hell is wrong with you? And then to take it even further with the slutty comment?! Please get rid of her-so tasteless! And yes it's too soon! Anytime a child is murdered, it is too soon. I have never been more horrified-you should be ashamed. TMZ, please get rid of her. NOW!! I have been a loyal fan for years, but until I know this horrible excuse for a person is no longer employed, I will no*****ch your show again. I will contact FOX and also threaten to boycott their programming, because there is no reason anyone should accept what she did and said. This is so beyond an apology-she needs to be gone. I am physically sick.

996 days ago


Oh what, no pics of the "lady" dressed up as Caylee Anthony? Did you find it tasteless and offensive?!? WELL YOU SHOULD!!! Why in the world would you (the lady) EVER dress up like that poor baby? And WHY would you(TMZ) EVER let her? In my opinion she should be fired! That little girl was HORRIABLY murdered. NOTHING about that is funny nor will it EVER BE! I really enjoy watching TMZ. However,I will not be watching your show anymore.

996 days ago


Love the costumes!! I really liked Amy Winehouse, and Edward Scissorhands. Also The big radish man lol Must have took some time to fit him in the shot huge costume.

996 days ago


I cannot believe what I saw and heard on your show tonight. When I watch TMZ, it is only for the laughs I get from some of the crazy celeb antics. Tonight, however, I was subjected to a disgusting tub of fecal matter (aka your employee) who thought it was a great idea to dress up as the murdered child Caylee Anthony. Oh, excuse me--a 'slutty' Caylee Anthony. The child was two years old you sick effing pig. Let your child be murdered and someone who is on television (sadly) portray it as a costume and laugh it up. And those two other squawking ***** who called Harvey's attention to it got a big laugh out of it as well. There is something seriously wrong when your people think this is ok to laugh at. Never will I watch this show again. And you want to expand to Washington?? What political figure would ever want to be associated with the likes of a show that would air that? Harvey, maybe you should go back to polling ppl on the street for The People's Court and see what they think about this little gem of 'comedy'. Btw she should only be seen on tv if she were actually inside a garbage bag, with her mouth duct taped. Could help her shed that Rosie O'Donnell thing she has goin on. Dressing up as a used tampon would've been a better choice for her. Not usually so vulgar, but I think the situation warrants it. Done w/ TMZ.

995 days ago


Ok I've seen the word 'bitch' in a ton of comments, but I refer to the two staffers who were laughing about your employee's sick Caylee Anthony costume as squawking ******* and I get censored in my above comment. Wtf TMZ. Censor that psychotic costume & not the word *******. Also your caption 'Guilty...of a Poor Costume Choice' would be more fitting if it accompanied a picture of your pig employee instead of Amanda Knox.

995 days ago


**** **** ****!!!! T w o t lol.

995 days ago


Did they take the picture of the 'sluty Cayley Anthony' costume down? I can't find it.

995 days ago


I just tuned in to hear someone on the show say that she was dressed as a slutty Calee Anthony. First of all, this is not funny. It is very tasteless and disrespectful. At no point in time will anyone find this funny. I'm now turned off as I hope are many of your other viewers with the simple fact that she was not only allowed to wear this costume but that she was also aired. Maybe she needs to stop and think about whether or not she would want someone mocking this situation if it was her child. Disgusted!

995 days ago


TMZ is one of our favorite shows. I was so upset, insulted and ashamed last nigh*****ching one of the cast mates dress up like, "slutty caylee anthonoy." I never write to companies and complain, but I was so appalled that I knew I needed to. We turned TMZ off and personally hope an apology comes from the show on behalf of the ignorant female who dressed up as her. A murdered child should not be mocked, let alone called a slut. Do the right thing, apologize and fire the woman who clearly is not capable of being on television.

995 days ago


Anthony get up was hilarious. Seth MacFarlane would be proud

995 days ago


Seriously TMZ?! First off....for ANYONE to think its OK or funny....or clever to dress up as a child who has been murdered and thrown into a swamp....has no morals, no tact, no respect, no compassion,no brain and I'm pretty sure...NO SOUL. This was just appalling! Secondly...I am a pretty big fan of TMZ, and I cant believe that you would allow this idiot o*****irl (and I do say "girl" not woman, b/c this obviously is an immature person) to go ON AIR in that costume...and then...let her open her stupid mouth and continue to stick her foot in it even more...and call herself a slutty Caylee Anthony. REALLY?! Not only is this a dead a dead, slutty child? have to draw the line somewhere! This was way out of line, and I'm sure that NO ONE who watched the show...found it funny. I think it's fair to even say that you may have lost the respect of many of your regular fans of the show because of this. Sorry TMZ...but this was a poor decision to let this go as far as it did.

995 days ago


Long time watcher, but not if this is the type of stuff that's acceptable! I agree, it will never be ok to dress up like a poor innocent murdered baby!! Harvey, take responsibility for this and fire her!

995 days ago


Long time watcher, but not if this is the type of stuff that's acceptable! I agree, tit will never be ok to dress up like a poor innocent murdered baby!!

995 days ago
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