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Kardashian Divorce

Why They Broke Up ...

10/31/2011 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
will never, ever move to Minnesota ... everyone knows that ... except Kris Humphries.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... one of the main points of contention in the marriage was where the couple would live after all of the wedding madness finally died down. 

We're told Kris was passionate about eventually settling down in Minnesota, where he's from ... and believed Kim was on board with the plan. She wasn't.

Sources tell us Kim -- who's from L.A. -- wants to stay near her family ... and she also feels that staying in town is the best thing for her career.  

So why didn't this conversation come up before the $10 million wedding? We're told the two talked about their future ... but got caught up in the hooplah and figured they would simply figure it out after they tied the knot.

Sources say it's not a nasty break-up ... but we're told the two have come to a realization that it's not a long-term fit.


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I think the whole affair was a big publicity stunt for Kim. Everything is always about her. Kris seems like a nice, if very naive kid. He obviously is not prepared for the likes of Kim and all her trashy L.A. sex scandle ways. His Midwest family values are a far cry from Kim's L.A. garbage. She is too involved in trashy sex for the likes of a simple guy like Kris.

1050 days ago


kris seems to have good soild Midwest family values that CLASH with Kim's trashy, sex scandal L.A. values and ways. I can't believe the kid would want to marry someone so trashy and self involved.

1050 days ago


Isn't calling Kris Humphries an 'Indian Giver' a little like the pot calling the kettle... Any self respecting woman/bride would, and should, return that ring!!! She should also return ALL the wedding GIFTS, as well as any $$$ made from the whole mess. It should be either returned, or given to charity. The last time I looked, Kardashian Whores of L.A. was not a 501c charity. One commenter suggested St. Judes. That $10 mil.$$ would certainly help the kids & family's who need help. Another would be Breast Cancer Awareness. The upkeep and cost of the Botox alone for this family "Mama Jenner" needs a treatment BAD...) is ridiculous!!!
Something was wrong when Kim (her mother really), decided not to change her name. She is Incorporated!?, So changing her name would not effect the 'family business'.. Lots of women have a name they are known by professionally, and their married name is for their private family life. Although, nothing is private when it comes to Kim and the Kardashian clan, especially their sex lives. I would be ashamed and mortified, to say the least! Kris Kardashian Jenner acts like her daughters are all sweet, innocent young girls, when, in reality, they are nothing but trashy, whores.
Sex is for the privacy of the home, and should be kept private between the 2 people involved, not the entire world. What goes on behind closed bedroom doors should be kept there for their eyes only!!!

1050 days ago


I guess to each is own..... She wants to make herself look bad... she is the one who is gonna live with the guilt que no.... To be honest the kourt is way hotter...:)

1050 days ago

Carmen Lazo    

She made an stupid move to marry ith an idiot like her, they can have money but they can't think rigth the are dump does it why to waste time in this empty history. More important things to do...

1050 days ago


omg how old are these two 12 years old. here i can solve your problem pick a place in the middle and you both move there, or get 2 places one in each place one of you want to live and you both live in each place for 6 month of the year, and if you real truly love each other it wouyldnt matter where you love because you are starting your own life together, and as wonderful as it is to have family close by sadly it dosn't always happen. i am sorry if i sound out of line but this to my is a crazy reason for a divorce even for celbs.

1050 days ago


KK made this so call career by opening her legs. Why doesn't she just openly charge these men for whore services. This girl is a hilarious joke & so is her family. Next, the 16 yo sister will be posing for playboy. LMAO!

1050 days ago


Career? what career? she's a media AND a money whore, I wouldn't call that a career... and thank God her 15 minutes is just about up, I can't take her phoniness and whining anymore. She's also apparently an idiot if she couldn't tell within the first 72 days BEFORE they were married that she and Kris weren't going to be able to get along.
And shame on the butter faced mother for not instilling some sense of decency and values that would put love and marriage before money and fame, especially when you have enough money to choke a horse. If she truly, I mean truly loved this guy a divorce after 72 days wouldn't even be talked about. I can't wait until her looks and face hits the fan... it will be a glorious day in the universe, and it's coming sooner than later, rejoice!

1050 days ago


i find it amusing how some young fools who somehow love this tramp, are all "dont judge her, leave her alone and let her live her life, i think shes brave for making the decision" bahahhahaha what silly clueless people. Firstly, this trollop is ASKING for attention being a media whore, secondly, who the hell doesnt discuss living plans with their partner BEFORE marriage?! i suppose they didnt discuss children either? Thirdly, divorcing over something so stupid goes to show the marriage covenant means absolutely nothing to alot of people anymore. i mean we all know it was staged anyway, but what a pathetic excuse!

1050 days ago

teri almquist    

she is a money hungry BITCH and anything for attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1049 days ago


she is a fake, last season she complained about a 2000 dollar room she stayed at wanted to be in the 4000 and got into a fight with her mom,she wasnt even heard of before the sex tape,she is out of touch with the real life,she only known because of the show...only reason

1049 days ago


........@@@@@@ K K HO HO

1049 days ago


Do you know how many people out there want to fall in love, get married and settle down. When you truly love someone, career or where you live does not matter, you make a decision and compromise for each, for the better, that’s what marriage is all about. She's rich and could have lived in his home town and travel back and front to see her family whenever she liked, just has she does for her business. If that's her excuse for calling it quits, then that's a stupid one. She was never in love, she was in lust or infatuated by him and finally notice it. If she was in love, she would not have called it quits so quick. They could have worked it out, go to counseling or something. People these days give up on marriage or each other to quick! Nothing is worth fighting for anymore! How sad!!!

1049 days ago

James Michael Anthony Jr    

Why Kim Divorce Kris Humphries for What

1048 days ago


Kris will find a real women that is not so materialistic. God has a plan and it was not with Miss Plastic. Thank You for staying out of Minnesota Kim.

1048 days ago
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