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Kardashian Divorce

Why They Broke Up ...

10/31/2011 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
will never, ever move to Minnesota ... everyone knows that ... except Kris Humphries.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... one of the main points of contention in the marriage was where the couple would live after all of the wedding madness finally died down. 

We're told Kris was passionate about eventually settling down in Minnesota, where he's from ... and believed Kim was on board with the plan. She wasn't.

Sources tell us Kim -- who's from L.A. -- wants to stay near her family ... and she also feels that staying in town is the best thing for her career.  

So why didn't this conversation come up before the $10 million wedding? We're told the two talked about their future ... but got caught up in the hooplah and figured they would simply figure it out after they tied the knot.

Sources say it's not a nasty break-up ... but we're told the two have come to a realization that it's not a long-term fit.


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Richie Rich    

hmph. And there are people that say legalizing gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage... Too late.

1051 days ago


this is a surprise to who? Please Kim K did this so someone else could pay for her wedding .. how many truly deserving people are out there and in love and who would love a wedding like Kim's. truly a waste of money! She dreamed about what her whole live, pretending to be in love and getting married for the wrong reasons! Get a grip on reality Kim K

1051 days ago


he's 8 feet tall what do you expect?

1051 days ago


numerology for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding and divorce:


1051 days ago


I think someone just wanted to play $10 million dress up on TV at someone else's expense. I think the E channel should ask for their money back. I hope they sue her.

1051 days ago


i made a $100 bet with my 3 siblings that this would last 2 to 6 months they said 6 months to a year hahahaaa they better get ready to hand over that cash on payday....lol!!!!!!!!!!

1051 days ago

Donna G    

Kim K...I'm appauled...$10 million dollars for a wedding when there are so many people including myself who has debt that needs to be paid. Kris is a great guy (down-to-earth)...you need to come down from the clouds, you are not God!! You are so self-indulged (I don't know you personally but I have watched your show enough to say this). You should think about how your indulgenous will be there for you in your older years...I would suspect you would be lonely!!! Ever heard of the phrase "pass it forward"? You should try it sometime. I can send you a bill for $200,000 and my debt will be cleared!!!

1051 days ago


what a fame whore and dirty whore in general. she looks like a fat midget in pictures next to kris, i think that is the reason for divorce... be married makes her look fat.

1051 days ago

mr bush    

whats up kim im waiting for u lol

1051 days ago


This is no big surprise. Anyone tha*****ched the wedding special could tell this clearly wasn't going to last. They seemed about as different as two people could be and not on the same page about anything. Whether this was a publicity stunt or just Kim K naively hoping things would work out because she wants marriage and kids, it was bound for failure. I think it's sad she can't find someone that is right for her, as beautiful and successful as she is. And to all the Kim K haters making comments on this site, make no mistake - she is successful and she does have a career! Was it was founded on her looks and the publicity surrounding her family? Sure, it was...BUT she was smart enough to recognize that as her jumping off platform and leverage it into something more. And, don't forget that all of you people reading about her on TMZ and taking time out of your day to make online comments, good or bad, are playing right into that career. (:

1051 days ago


Sorry but thank god.....keep her out of MN....we don't want her here!

1051 days ago


This is a disgraceful family - all about SELF promo - what can you really DO in life? Do you have any TANGIBLE skills?
Do you EVER spend ONE MINUTE of your sad lives giving to the less fortunate?
This mother Kris is the most shallow person and Monster Mom in existence (maybe worse than Dina?)and has made ALL her daughters the same way. Hey Bruce...how the heck can you deal with all this crap? And Kris Humphries.....you were always had a deer in headlights gaze on when you were with them...you need a nice low key gal who just wants a nice life with you and be with YOU - not this media whore of a family and media slut of a "wife". It's NOT YOU here-it's ALL THEM. Disgusting...you could have fed a Third World country on what this wedding cost. How's those 3 wedding gowns you got working for you now Kim....? Betcha they announced it today so Rob Kardashian can benefit from attention on DWTS tonight as well..there's always an ulterior motive based on CASH or self promo to whatever these midia pigs do.

1051 days ago


At,last you found someone,still you are not satisfied. Get real,you will be happy,because you are ungrateful!!!!!!

1051 days ago


It seems like two people who are married (and supposedly love each other) can come to an agreement about something like where you're going to love without getting a divorce. They're like children.

1051 days ago


It was a "reality TV" television stunt. The script was written way before the wedding show even aired. If it was real there wouldn't be a headline explaining EXACTLY what happened...they would be asking for privacy. Then to have such an elaborate event and realize it's not "long term" They should have discovered that before they married...if it was for real. PLEASE STOP the insanity...this is not news, it's make believe.

1051 days ago
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