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Amanda Knox

I'm Learning Jew-Jitsu!

11/1/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox is learning the way of the Jew ... training in the art of Krav Maga ... a self-defense fighting style born in Israel.

Knox was out in Seattle yesterday, when she stopped by a Krav studio -- where she wailed on a punching bag and learned how to fight her way out of a choke hold.

It's understandable why Knox would want to learn how to defend herself -- considering she was the most hated person in Italy, before a judge found her not guilty of murdering her college roommate Meredith Kercher.

FYI -- Kercher was murdered 4 years ago today. One man, Rudy Guede, still remains behind bars ... convicted of participating in her death.



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Dick Fontaine    

I don't get the "foxy Knoxy" thing, she's not very attractive...I guess here in America if you're not fat that qualifies you as good looking

1087 days ago


Isn't it time to give this poor girl a break? She is clearly innocent and has suffered horribly. A higher court in Italy UNANIMOUSLY exonerated her in the strongest terms possible. This higher court, it should be added, had senior, more respected judges and a more educated jury than was the case in the first trial. In what was widely recognized as a further slap in the face to the prosecution, the presiding judge ordered her immediate release, sending a clear message: she should never have been in prison to begin with.

Unlike politicians, celebrities, and pro athletes, Amanda has never sought the limelight, nor has she benefited in anyway from it. She didn't pose for any of these pictures; they were taken by the maggoty swarm of photographers who follow her everywhere. Many feel that she was only charged and convicted in the first place because of media generated hysteria. She certainly was not convicted on the basis of evidence.

I can only hope that some decent person in authority at TMZ has a conscience and puts an end to this nonsense. She is only 24 for heaven's sake. She deserves to get on with her life, a difficult enough thing to do under any cir****tances.

1087 days ago


In the name of fair play isn't it time to leave this poor girl alone? She is clearly innocent. A higher court in Italy absolved her of the murder charge in the strongest terms possible. In effect, she proved her innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt. Unlike celebrities, politicians, and pro athletes Amanda Knox has never sought the limelight. She didn't pose for these pictures; they were taken by a posse of maggoty photographers. Fame has been thrust upon her by an out of control media. Many believe the ensuing hysteria was among the chief reasons she was wrongfully convicted to begin with. She certainly was not convicted on the basis of convincing evidence.

I hope someone at TMZ is a decent person with a conscience and decides it is time for this nonsense to stop.

1087 days ago


There is a bigger question here so far unanswered. Amana Knox and Sollecito were unanimously convicted the first time after a very thorough investigation. Read the Massei Sentencing Report For Knox And Sollecito. It will leave no one in any doubt of their guilt. So, why have the US media been orchestrating a media campaign of misinformation about this case. Anyone who reads the evidence has no doubt about their guilt. Why are the American establishment finding it necessary to portray a killer as inocent? Do they want to us to lose our faith in human decency by showing that evil triumphs over good?

1087 days ago


Convicted murderer showing no signs of remorse. How does she sleep at night? The murder of Meredith will haunt her sleeping and waking hours until she admits openly her part in this crime with Sollecito. Anyone wanting to know the truth about this case should read The Massei Sentencing Report For Knox And Sollecito available at

Amanda Knox - the whole world is now your prison just like it was for O.J.Simpson. Only the truth will set you free. The Lord is watching you.

1087 days ago

mel haha    

great. keep the ****** in jail, this is bull****.

1087 days ago


I saw Knoxy in downtown Seattle the other day at an Octoberfest beer tent. Chick was wearing Berkinstocks and I swear I saw cloven hoof!

1087 days ago



1087 days ago


Its interesting that the only one actually serving time for being in the house when it occurred is not caucasian. The 2 primary suspects being caucasian were acquited. Funny! the 3rd defendant was recently flat out denied an appeal yet amanda & boyfriend walk. Racism is alive & well folks! act like you know.

1086 days ago



1086 days ago

jerry thornton    

What Amanda knox is learning for protection is a form of marsal arts. Called JUJUTSU , or what ever turns you on. I think Kung Fu,is the best . It worked for Bruce Lee !

1086 days ago


Why bother? I hear her knife skills are up to par. Just ask that ugly Harry Potter looking freak she used to date...

1086 days ago


That Krav Magu stuff is okay if you want to dislocate some random malnourished Palestinian's shoulder but when it comes to lager lout Brits a Washington state CCL and a Glock works better. But she has another 2 months to go before she'll be able to get the CCL due to residency requirements.

1086 days ago


Stay classy, TMZ. Pathetic stalk-arazzi. Celebrities put themselves out to roast. (Fine with me.) Amanda was a victim who got railroaded for FOUR YEARS in a 3rd world country. And yes, I'm half Italian. You suck.

1086 days ago


#80, No one cares if you're "half Italian". What does that have to do with anything?? There was enough evidence for Plain Jane Knox and her nerdy looking boyfriend, Knife-boy, of a few days to find them guilty at the first trial.

Unfortunately, money and politics won, and the guilty were found innocent. The beautiful girl with intelligence and a bright future was killed by all three. Knox was the one who brought tragedy to the cottage where the murdered girl, Meredith Kercher, lived by routinely bringing strange men there.

1084 days ago
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