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Celebrity Hacker's Family

Don't Send Our Boy to Prison!

11/1/2011 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christopher Chaney in courtSelf-professed celebrity hacker Christopher Chaney is all set to enter a plea in the case that could send him to prison for 121 years ... but Chris' family is adamant, he doesn't belong behind bars.

One of Chris' family members tells TMZ, "Chris was only one of the hackers -- and he wasn't even the main guy. There were a lot of people involved. Chris just happened to stumble along and get involved as well."

The family member adds, "They are making an example out of him ... The law hasn't caught the big guys yet."

Chris' mom tells us she's "devastated" -- "I'm not going to know what to do if my baby goes to jail ... He's a good kid. The media has painted him to be this monster and he's not. There was no profit in what he did. He just got caught up with this whole thing. It was like a game."

Chris faces 121 years in prison for allegedly hacking multiple celebrities' email accounts.

4:44 PM: Chaney pled "not guilty." A tentative trial date has been set for December 27. He's currently free on $110,000 bond and is required to wear a monitoring device.


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Pam Mcgowin    

Why doesn't our government give this guy a job instead of sending him up the river? Breeding hate for our government from the people most capable of hurting us.

1087 days ago

michale ellis    

121 years is not multiple murders. not computer nude pic ****. unrealistic *****.

1087 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Give him a Nobel Prize for his ingenuity and send Kim Kardashian to prison for being feloniously annoying.

1087 days ago


This guy is facing 121 years for stealing photos of chicks as ugly and pointless as Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan is only facing two years (but will probably get house arrest or something similarly undaunting like the 35676544 other times she's been found guilty of doing stupid sh*t) for helping to destroy American culture. Something about that doesn't seem right to me.

1087 days ago


121 years is ridic.. people are getting off of murder charges aka casey anthony.. Big deal he exposed nudes to the public, eventually they would leak one way or another. Give this guy some lenience.

1087 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Chris just happen to stumble along and get involved. Oh yes, The computer just happen to jump off the desk and go crazy. It started running amok and collecting naked pictures of celebrities on the internet. The other people involved held him down while his computer went ballistic.

1087 days ago


Kill your daughter...go free
Hack into starlets phones...121 years.
Makes sense to me.

1087 days ago


He should've sold crack instead. I just read an article where they are releasing thousands of crack dealers out of prison early because racism and stuff. Most of them only got 8 years or so.

1087 days ago


Spread those Butt cheeks and open wide Fat Boy. Sorry your names not Lohan.. You dont Pass Go or collect 200

1087 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I agree, the sentence is EXTREMELY excessive but "your baby" knew what he was doing. It's ALWAYS because he "got mixed up with the wrong crowd" or something. Still, I agree, let the guy work for the government catching terrorists.

1087 days ago


looks like mom has her basement back!

1087 days ago


They should take nude pix of him, and post them all over the net. And to get 121 years for that... and like 2 years for murder if it is your first time... something is wrong with our justice system.

1087 days ago


120 years for this? Is totally outrageous! 6 months at the most, but not even that. We're talking celebs here not national secrets. A line needs to be drawn.

1087 days ago


Really?? Child molestors are let of prison quicker than that! What's wrong with the system??

1087 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Free Christopher! Let the world be naked!

1087 days ago
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