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Conrad Murray Trial

Defense Lawyers Split

Over Murray Testifying

11/1/2011 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers are split over whether the doc should take the stand in his own defense ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ Ed Chernoff is adamant -- he does NOT want Murray to testify because he would be crucified on cross-examination.

Michael Flanagan feels the opposite -- that Murray MUST take the stand because without his testimony the jury will convict him.

We're told Murray will defer to his lawyers, but Murray and Chernoff are joined at the hip and it's almost certain the doc will follow his lead.  Besides, Chernoff is the lead counsel and when push comes to shove -- he wins.

Our 2 cents -- Murray testifying would be a disaster for the defense.


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It's kind of hard to say. Testifying could humanize him to the jury, which is very important.

1051 days ago


Well I think from the testimony we can already figure what Murray did, so I dont need to hear him get up there and lie about his victim and what he did that night .
I believe Shaffer scenario about him leaving him unmonitored on a drip , no doubt like he did other nights ...didnt have a pump and too much went into MJ system and he died while murray talked , texted etc..
you cant drive a car and talk or text in my state but this idiot leaves someone alone unmonitored while pumping that garbage into him..
The part of Dr Whites testimony that I believe is that no doubt he did more then step away for more then two minutes and MJ was dead and that is why he didnt hurray to call 911.
Because he had already inadvertently killed his patient
And everything he has said since has been a lie..
The person I cant figure out is Dr White.
He goes in there and makes a complete fool out of himself , seems deceptive, tries to get Murray statements in under his own words, didnt do his homework....seemed just to be a mouthpiece with credentials when he didnt do any research..for what ? like 11 grand??
He wrecked his own reputation , just for this trial..

1051 days ago


Yeah!!!! He MUST testify... he'll dig his own grave!!!!

1051 days ago


++ Con rat not testifying is pure GUILTY.

Everyone knows that !

1050 days ago


Conrad Murray Shopping Do***entary About Michael Jackson Trial

DR. Conrad Murray is hoping to cash in on his notoriety - he's pitching a TV do***entary about his late patient Michael Jackson's death.

Murray stands accused of administering the fatal dose of anaesthetic propofol which cost the King of Pop his life on 25 June, 2009. He has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

The high-profile case has entered its sixth week and, as the trial comes to a close, Murray has taken up negotiations to cash in on his side of the story by selling the do***entary to a major TV network once a verdict has been reached.

According to the New York Post, the physician has been filming interviews for the project throughout the trial and the do***entary will come as a package deal, with the winning network also receiving the first post-trial interview with Murray.

A source says, "A news division that pays for the do***entary will end up with a side deal of getting the sit-down with Conrad. It's crafted in such a way for a news division that doesn't pay for interviews... They have already filmed a long interview in case he's taken into custody."

A rep for Cnn confirms such a project is in the works, but the network has "passed on it".***entary-about-michael-jackson-trial_1254628

What a nasty piece of work this man is. I hope the Jacksons sue the earth under his feet away from him.

1050 days ago


It figures that this ******** would try to make something like that! But anyone with a pea brain would no*****ch it, because it is obvious that it won't be factual by a long shot! It would be done to put Murray in a good light. This just makes me sick as Hell! I truly hope that whoever chooses to do this do***entary is boycotted BIG TIME! And I fail to understand why any station would pay him that kind of money for something such as this. Hate to compare it to Casey Anthony - but it would be Blood Money paid to Murray for killing Michael Jackson! And I am ready to BOYCOTT anything Murray does to try and profit from this this! JMO

1050 days ago


And Co-Starring are the Bimbo Girlfriends! Like that one ditzie Baby Mama of his. I hope that anyone who has an ounce of brains will BOYCOTT not only the station that airs it, but whoever plans to pay for it! Anyone with a pea brain and an ounce of common sense tells you that if he started to film this shortly after the trial began - for one thing it is not factual by a long shot! Secondlty, it is being made to protray Murray in a Good Light (Good Luck with that!). And Thirdly, asking for 1 million dollars (or any amount for that matter) is the same thing as selling your story as it were for Killing Michael Jackson! Blood Money! Hate to say this - But the same thing with Casey Anthony. Anyone who is willing to pay Murray Blood Money for this and/or a book or anything should be BOYCOTTED BIG TIME!!!

Murray had had his opportunity to tell the "trooth" by taking the stand - and he Declined. Now he wants to be made out as a Good Guy and get paid for Killing Michael Jackson. Hopefully, to pay off his debts. Well, let Murray's Supporters fork over their money to clear up his debts - surely their lives are worth it right?

1049 days ago
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