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Kim Kardashian

Filed for Divorce on

Anniversary of 1st Encounter

11/1/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian courtsideOctober 31 isn't just the day Kim Kardashian filed for divorce ... it's the same date that Kim met Kris Humphries for the very first time at a New Jersey Nets basketball game back in 2010.

TMZ has learned ... Kim was sitting courtside at the Izod Center in NJ when she noticed the 6'9" power forward running up and down the court ... and thought he was "cute."

We're told Kim worked her magic and orchestrated a meeting with Kris ... and the two hit it off.

Kim and Kris began dating soon after ... then engaged ... then married ... and on October 31, 2011 ... Kim filed for divorce.

A lot can happen in a year.

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mike in washington dc    

For the life of me I just dont understand why this woman and her family is getting so much press...

1086 days ago


This chump bought her a 20 carat diamond which she will undoubtedly keep. That's a pretty high priced piece of ass. Worthless whores like this are the reason why people don't want to get married anymore.

1086 days ago


What a beeotch!!!!!! Not only does she not tell her "husband" that she's filing for divorce but she picks their anniversary date! That's just evil & proof that all she cares about is $$ publicity & more publicity! She never loved this guy, there's no way! Shame on her for not even letting the poor guy know & all because he hired a publicist! GOOD riddance Kris, you don't need a piece of sh*t like that for a wife & you're better off!

1086 days ago


All those ugly girls need to stay clear of photographers. The photographers need to stop making all that fuss about them and they will fade away as did their ugly step father. Their ugly mother got a useless face lift. It didn't work. Get your money back because you are still old and ugly.

1086 days ago


And yet, here you all are talking about it. Looks like Kim won to me.

1086 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

Why on earth do people think they look good when they are ORANGE? SHe looks like an anorexic Oompa loompa!

1086 days ago


That's really annoying when someone who doesn't even like sports get's courtside seats. The players probably gang banged her afterwards.

1086 days ago


This is directly to Kim Kardashian, the Realty Queen. I guess you must have felt like you were falling out of the lime light so you had to do something as ridiculous as getting married via national television and it was all about money. You and your family say Kris was chasing fame, isn’t that what your first ex-husband said about you. I am sure that Kris was not sitting around waiting for someone to come around and put him on a realty show before he met you. Your life is all about chasing fame and that is exactly what you did only you used a porn tape to do it and your entire is the best example of someone chasing fame. You brought Kris into your realty world and you are upset that he should want to capitalize on it. Isn’t that the tea kettle calling the skillet black? You will never convince anyone that he was chasing fame, no one can do that better than you.
Now I am hearing you want a divorce because you want to continue to chase fame and not move with your HUSBAND to where he needs to live. This is proof that you never cared about him at all. You and your family have used him for ratings for your show and to make money off of your phony wedding. He should have spent more time finding out more about you before he asked you to marry him. I am sure you knew before you married him that he would more than likely have to move to play for various teams, if you were not willing to do that then you should have never accepted to marry him. You and your family have ruined his life and I am sure he wishes that he never met you. Because of you, he now has cameras stuck in his face, people digging into his personal life, all because of you, that is not love.
I always knew you were a superficial, money hungry slut but I never thought you would stoop to such a low. Your family feels like this may affect their ability to earn money so they are saying all these bad things about Kris. You all should be ashamed of yourself. You all have done exactly what you are accusing him of doing. You want to pretend like you are so hurt and it was a tough decision for you, it was just a business decision for you. Now you are back in the spotlight again which is exactly what you wanted. You should be ashamed of yourself and any other man that would get involved with you would totally be stupid.

1086 days ago


She'll go back to Reggie Bush! Hairy fat thing.

1086 days ago


I bet her father is turning a million times over in his grave. Greedy, selfish, money-grubbing slut. Nuf ced...

1086 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Ugly,heartless people wear fur! Shame on you Kim!!

1086 days ago


She is a media hound. I don't see the attention she is getting. What makes her so special?

1086 days ago


She looks jaundiced!

1086 days ago


It's amazing what people will do for money. To take a vow of marriage and treat it like a joke for the 2nd time is just plain trashy!!!! Just hope she dosen't have a fireplace in her home because if she sat infront of it, she will melt!!!!!

1086 days ago


Good thing she is giving back all the gifts she got. What about the $10+million she made of the wedding? I'm sure she is pocketing it.... or getting another face lift. Such a "reality" person just like the other "K-trashien" family members.

1086 days ago
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