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Kim Kardashian


11/1/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A sad-looking Kim Kardashian faced the media last night ... a MASSIVE swarm of paparazzi waiting for her at LAX, which fired off questions faster than Kim could end a marriage.

Kim got the hell out of Dodge, boarding a plane to Australia ... without her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills ... Bruce Jenner told photogs, "Kim's doing great."
When the photogs mentioned that he'd be losing a son-in-law, Bruce actually seemed bummed out. Sad.



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mildly insane    

Why is Tmz trying to make this idiot child look sympathetic

1053 days ago


More spin from the Kardashian camp! Let's parade Kim through LAX looking incredibly sad....However, it's too late, the Kardashian brand has taken a major negative hit with this one and they know it! Look for damaging spin towards Kris Humphries in the days to come!!!

1053 days ago


Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, that WANTS to travel incognito, can EASILY do it. This tramp can't even stay away from the cameras for 72 minutes.

nar·cis·sist  /ˈnɑrsəsɪst/ Show Spelled[nahr-suh-sist] Show IPAnoun
1.a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.
2.Psychoanalysis. a person who suffers from narcissism, deriving erotic gratification from admiration of his or her own physical or mental attributes.

RUN, Kris H. RUN! And be happy you did!

1053 days ago


Drama Queen!! We're the victims for having to hear about all of her theatrics!! I agree totally with the first post!!!

1053 days ago


Kris Jenner: Now hunny i need you to act sad. Don't frown beacuse it causes wrinkles.
Kim: Mom I'm not sure if this divorce news over-shadowed Halloween enough?
Kris Jenner: Sweetie our family is going to take over every holiday from now on. Whatever it takes! Now get to LAX & take a commercial flight instead of our private jet so ppl can see how sad you are.
Kim: Ewwww.. Ok fine i'm off to Australia too find me a foreign man to exploit & eat alive. Thanx Mommy.

1053 days ago


She's only sad because she hasn't gotten a tabloid that she can sell her story to. This fame hungry woman will get her karma and end up broke and single with 11 cats.

1053 days ago


I'm so sick of the Lardassians. Talk about over exposed. I wish they and their "brand" would disappear. Soooo BIBLE

1053 days ago


We should have a Amendian genoside party 4 her. :)

1053 days ago


Anyone notice that Bruce Jenner parked OUTSIDE the gates at their house, just so he could walk through the paps...
How sick. The whole damn clan is attention grabbing trash.

1053 days ago


Enough already with them! Mama Kardashian just keeps feeding these updates. Only a self-absorbed useless girl would plan this hoax of a wedding just to play princess and milk more money out of people. Khloe coming to her rescue? Please...that's a winner there! These updates that are leaked are being purposely fed just for more attention. Enough already!

1053 days ago


Marraige takes work and give and take from both sides. Two months? Kim didn't make any effort and when she didn't get her way she split. 10 million what a waste, think of how many starving people that could have been fed! Oh wait Kim doesn't think about that she only thinks about her skanky butt! Now you are showing the world what a true money grubbing ho is! By the way are u giving back all the wedding gifts? Of course not your too greedy for that! Kris your an idiot for falling for this tramp. Move on and find a real woman.

1053 days ago


will someone please take this skank off our national radar!

1053 days ago


You don't "get out of Dodge."
You are TOLD to get out of Dodge.
Hopefully, she'll get eaten by a shark in Australia.

1053 days ago

Chris L. Harris    

By the looks of the earring on HIS ear, Bruce must think he's a pirate or a rapper!

1053 days ago


Don't kid yourself folks, this is a classic case of "do what I say or I'm leaving".

1053 days ago
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