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Kim Kardashian


11/1/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A sad-looking Kim Kardashian faced the media last night ... a MASSIVE swarm of paparazzi waiting for her at LAX, which fired off questions faster than Kim could end a marriage.

Kim got the hell out of Dodge, boarding a plane to Australia ... without her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills ... Bruce Jenner told photogs, "Kim's doing great."
When the photogs mentioned that he'd be losing a son-in-law, Bruce actually seemed bummed out. Sad.



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LMAOOOOO I dont feel one bit sorry for her ass. She loves the lights. Hahahaha

1086 days ago


You don't have a disagreement with your new spouse and file for divirce after 72 days. IT'S NOT NORMAL! KH seems genuinely affected and unaware. I believe this was all a big reality show show stunt to further build the Kardashian Empire. If nothing else, KK has proved what the rest of the world already knows. And that is that she and her family are bottom feeders.

1086 days ago


She's loving every minute of it. Married Kim wasn't working for the show because she's effing boring. Seacrest and momma pulled th plug on this seasons Keeping up with Married Kim. She can't even act sad walking the airport. Now she's going to make money with the divorce show. DON*****CH PPL, STOP MAKING THIS SELF ABSORBED BITCH RICH.

1086 days ago


According to Bruce Jenner in the paps interview, Kim K is doing "great". Huh? If anyone truly wanted to try and make the marriage work, then they wouldn't be "great". Just one example of why the wedding was a sham.

1086 days ago


Poor Sears! They think the Kardashian name will help business? Sorry, but their stuff is gonna end up in the cheapest Clearance bins real soon. The only ones shopping at Sears are Grandmas and they're not buying this crap for their grandkids, guaranteed!

1086 days ago


Nice earrings Bruce Jenner, you look like a complete tool! LOL!

1086 days ago


Kim to herself: "Uh oh, it's the paps. What do I do? what do I do. Okay okay okay - look sad. Wait, I don't know how. I only have the one look - like the alien you see on guitar picks - wait...think of something sad...that's it- a dollar falls to the ground and is left there, abandoned, lonely, crying- that's it!! I can almost feel the despair. Oh wow, I am soooo deep. OK, ready."

1086 days ago


This guy looks like a walking manequin (sp) is there anything not fake about these clowns ??

1086 days ago


I guess she has to walk around like she's sad and all, Fake azz jerk!!! Ticks me off to see so many ppl out of work, and kids going hungry, and here she wastes 10-18 million bucks on this fake crap, just think how full some of those tummy's could be right now.......

1086 days ago


Boring!! Bruce is so plastic it's amazing he can move his mouth!!

1086 days ago


Fake Fake Fake Kim. This is all FAKE. You are just trying to look sad for the cameras. Besides,doesn't she usually run around with more body guards than the 2 people escorting her through the airport??? Anyone?

1086 days ago


When did Bruce Jenner get a sex change? He looks like my gay Aunt Helen. Same hair do.

1086 days ago


Anyone think that she may be going to Australia to meet up with Shengo? He is the one she should have married in the first place!

1086 days ago


Even with all the hype this is very sad these people being harrassed with camera's like this. Even if she doesnt care one way or the other, whatever its just all so sad really.
If it was me and I would be hurting so horribly to have people harrassing me like that would be unbearable.
BUT THEN AGAIN she needs to cancel all and every single appts she has, KRIS cancel her, and let her recover a bit before being out in public.
Being out in public just makes it seem like none of it bothers her at all. Now that part I dont like or agree with on her end.
Momma Kris $$$ dollar signs need to cut her off for a while.

1086 days ago


i have never posted a tmz comment before but this utterly moves me. she is NOT sad tmz get your **** together. its a part of the kardashian SPIN. obviously shes not going to act all jolly and **** and help fuel the fact that she did it for the money!

the kardashians are ******* pathetic and Kris is a good guy who got ****** worked by the machine.

***** you kim.

1086 days ago
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