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Kim Kardashian


'Sham Marriage' Stories

11/1/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling her friends ... her marriage to Kris Humphries was true love, and she's extremely angry at reports that the wedding was one big sham.

Kim is telling people very close to her ... the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much. 

Kim is saying they cultivated their relationship for a year -- it wasn't an overnight thing.  She says when they got engaged ... she truly believed the marriage was "forever."

As for the 72 days ... Kim is explaining it this way:  "Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly.  Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."



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the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much.

Okay then, why did you give up so easily? Try a bit harder Kim. You are nothing bit a shallow reality whore that cares more about her show, clothes, handbags, and expensive cars then your own marriage! You are so JANK and a SKANK!

1056 days ago


If the feelings were real then why not try and work this out instead of filing for divorce? Someone in the Kardashian camp needs to talk some sense into Kim if for no other reason than this makes the entire clan look pretty bad. They could lose lots if the public turns on them because of this divorce.

1056 days ago


If it wasn't a sham she'd have put some effort into making it work. She took longer planning the wedding than she stayed married. That's a big indication of what was important to her.

1056 days ago

The Train!    

isn't it possible that the divorce is a sham, like heidi montag and spencer pratt?

1056 days ago

Shane D.    

I think she really really wanted to get married to compete with her sisters, and just to be "married".

She married the first guy that would marry her, although she wasn't "head over heels" in love. When reality set in, she wasn't happy with him and realized she didn't want to live her life with him.

1056 days ago


What a joke. Her whole family is a bunch of fame whores.

1056 days ago

St James III    

Technically that last part was right. But C'MON GIRL!!!!!!! You put your whole damn life on TV. What do you expect people to think?

1056 days ago


I believe her, but I also believe that professional wrestling is real, big foot is my neighbor, and JFK is still alive living on a top secret island. The truth is that when people like her are , "star's" it is a sad commentary on our society. I will give it to her however, she was able to turn a sex tape with a so so rapper into a mulit million dollar career. I have never darkened my TV by viewing her show. I would hope people would get a clue tune them out

1056 days ago


If she really wanted the stories to stop and is upset, why is she speaking about this to anyone when even her "close friends" are leaking things...

1056 days ago


I hope your gonna lose millions and I hope that their show is canceled and that purse collection folds before it hits the streets. Yea this was a sham, true love BS and over 72 days after saying I do, give us a brake.

1056 days ago


What a joke of a woman! Who does she think she is fooling. Kris might have thought her love for him was real--but Kim oh, hell no!!! She only saw dollar signs! A skank indeed!

1056 days ago


If the marriage wasn't fake, why don't you try counseling? Communication...a little thing called COMPROMISE??? That's why its fake...fake love. You're not even trying. Hell, you need counseling by YOURSELF not just couples counseling. You gotta love yourself first

1056 days ago


Never forget her father helped free double murderer O.J.
That family only cares about money!

1056 days ago

That's Right    

I find it difficult to believe she want a divorce because Kris hired a hollywood PR. Why wouldn't you want your husband to make as much money as you? First she's angry cause Kris wanted to live in MN but when you forced him to live in LA you're upset he want to do more then play ball. Kim even a 10 year old can lie better then that. You should feel lucky someone married you because most real men would never take you home to meet his family, women like you usually are kept in the hotel room. Sweetie you don't know what love is, you don't end over something so petty. Wow kris used me to be famous, well you used him to have a husband. When you are desperate for love you always end up with the wrong man.

1056 days ago


you know i was a fan of the show but when i watch these two together she was way to prissy for him you could tell he appriciated thing in life he came from nothing and took his talent and made somthing of his self kim thinking and acting like she a A list celeberty let me tell you something your not always going to look the way you do and you think the way you look and act is going to bring you happyness in the end your going to be a lone and real people that r in love will stick through arguments get counceling and what ever it take but i forgot you have money so none of that matter your not j- lo and i have a feeling your caree isnt going to last much longer good luck

1056 days ago
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