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Kim Kardashian


'Sham Marriage' Stories

11/1/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling her friends ... her marriage to Kris Humphries was true love, and she's extremely angry at reports that the wedding was one big sham.

Kim is telling people very close to her ... the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much. 

Kim is saying they cultivated their relationship for a year -- it wasn't an overnight thing.  She says when they got engaged ... she truly believed the marriage was "forever."

As for the 72 days ... Kim is explaining it this way:  "Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly.  Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."



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sorry bich but 1 year in married days is 1 day,so it WAS overnight

1088 days ago


Unbelievable, notice Kim's the only one still in the media. Kim you are obvious to the world there's nothing you can say to make up for causing such deception, misleading, and heartbreaking pain to the Humphrey's family. Even the E network is surprised and shocked and now have to figure a way to redo your non talented reality show. You stated yesterday after careful consideration, however did you carefully consider counseling for your marriage? That's what real love direct you to do fight for your marriage not stick the pen to the paper to end it & higher a money hungry attorney to back you up. Why even get an attorney you have a pre-nup cut the guy a break and just sign off and be done with it. Every man with money will stay 10ft away from you at this point I really think you ruined it for yourself. Oh by the way Reggie's mom said don't even think about getting back in with her son & family.

1088 days ago

The Love Sponge    

This only proves that she is a slut.

1088 days ago


You know Kim no one is mad at you. It just seems that you went all out for this wedding that everyone watched and you REALLY only tried to make it work for 72 days? I mean vows are until death do us part right? You just said that like 72 days ago. You knew it wasnt forever before you said I do and threw away half your cake. Guess having all the money and the fame doesnt make you happy after all!

1088 days ago


Love and marriage, love and marriage

1088 days ago


Every writer knows that conflict is the essential element of any good story, and a love story is another nice element. This whole thing was scripted from the beginning ... and it wrapped right on schedule ... just before her new show rolls out. Ratings baby, Ratings! She laughs all the way to the bank!

1088 days ago


She is a lying liar who likes to tell lies!!!

1088 days ago


i agree with kim..i mean getting paid 18 mil and doing it for a tv show doesnt mean it was fake

1088 days ago


Skank wedding and fake love just for bucks. A hoe will do anything for money, it is the oldest profession.

1088 days ago


Stop supporting anything to do with those nasty Kardashians; it’s time for them to go away. They are a scourge on society and terrible role models for our youth. Just think: Father helped a murderer go free (he hid duffel bag of bloody clothes and defended O.J.), Mother is an adulteress, Kim is famous for pornography in which she let a man urinate on her, Kourtney has flaunted having a child out of wedlock, Rob is a bum (has never worked), sponging off of others, and the entire family lies to the public claiming what is scripted on their show by Ryan Seacrest is reality. And the most disgusting part of all is that they are about nothing other than excess, they have no redeeming qualities to offer society at all. Making a mockery of the holy union on marriage (for publicity) was the last straw. They are disgusting and it is time for this to end.

1088 days ago


Would these people and their herpes just please GO AWAY!!

1088 days ago


How can we not think it was a scam? 72 days and her mom gives an interview today saying she choose not to go to marital counseling and to not tell someone your divorcing them? Lets see her moms got a book coming out they got a new store opening and she needs publicity all she wants is publicity at any cost, i feel sorry for there family lets see if after her divorce news yesterday if rob survives dwts tonight...just sayin

1088 days ago


I honestly believe E!'s ratings were slipping and needed a huge boost. So they found some guy to rope into marrying K-Ho for ratings. You are damn right she profited off her marriage from the pics to the wedding special....she had a huge payday and then kicked him to the curb. She did it on a Monday so she had the whole week to get more publicity. She is a sham, the wedding is a sham and so is the rest of the talentless family. I would give the men some credit, but they were dumb enough to marry such classless slores. Kris should be entitled to any monies profited from the wedding special, the wedding and any other shows he appeared on with her. Look up E!'s schedule and see how many times they run the Karskankians shows. Its actually pretty sad! I rather watch Chelsea Handler 1000 times.

1088 days ago


"Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly. Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."

No...but the fact that it was the short marriage of a Kardashian makes it fake.

1088 days ago


can anyone say damage control, I did not have sexual relations with that woman, wait, wrong one, Kim K wouldn't know true love if it bit her fake ass.

1088 days ago
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