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Kim Kardashian

Tortured Over Divorce Decision

11/1/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian tortured
Kim Kardashian
agonized over her decision to divorce Kris Humphries, and didn't make the final decision until Sunday night ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Kim tell us ... KK cried all weekend, deciding to file legal docs, then changing her mind several times over. 

We're told she clearly wasn't happy but wasn't 100% sure the marriage was irretrievably broken.

As for why she finally pulled the trigger ... we're told Kim was shocked and angry that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist.  As she put it to one of her friends, "He's not in f**king Hollywood.  He plays sports."


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Mad because he hired a publicist?!!!If she could bare her naked body daily on the weather channel she would. This is the start of the big slide downward Kim, you over-ranked yourself and believed your own press releases. By the way, your behind has tripled in size since you married.

1035 days ago


I would imagine every second of poor Kim's agonizing decision to file for divorce was captured on film by the E! cameras!

1035 days ago


She should be ashamed. This marriage was to get her ratings up, nothing more. Now, the show will probably be revolved (for a while) around the divorce. Disgusting. Is marriage not a holy and blessed union anymore?

1035 days ago


What about the millions made off the bogus marriage? At least she didn't sell ads on her bottom! The K family proved once again they have no scrupples---starting with their father getting OJ off.

1035 days ago


You're not real Hollywood, you create porn! If an amateur porn star can make it in Hollywood, who's saying an athlete can't take a shot. Plenty of sports starts have publicists.

1035 days ago


is Kim K for real? She has to be the most self centered person in the world. She is made he got a publicist, REALLY, Kim you need to get back to the morals your father had, not the lose morals of your mother.

1035 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

yeah she gave it all of five seconds ....

1035 days ago


Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of this awful family. How convenient her mother's book comes out today. And Ryan Siecrest makes me sick now too. He helped orchestrate this scam. Give back the free dresses, and every thing you got from this scam. Agonized over 78 days of marriage? puke....most people are still opening presents and returning unwanted presents as well as sending out thank you notes well into the first 3 months of marriage. A couple of fights in a marriage does not send people to file for a divorce. I for one did no*****ch the wedding or any kardashian episodes and it made me sick how they acted like they were the Royals or something. Disgusting. Pigs. Agonized over it. Most of us married out here that care about the promise and sacrament that it is, will go to any lengths to save our old marriages. This isn't even a thinly layered scam. It's an "in your face" scam and it makes her look even more like a whore, as well as those sisters and mother of hers. Whore hounds. Sell all the crap you got and the free **** you got and give it to the poor kids or sick kids.

1035 days ago


Can't stand her. It's really sad when you are 30something years old and rely on your mom to make decisions for you. She can't make any decision without asking her mom what she thinks. She couldn't even include him in the wedding preparations and Kris H got it right when he told her she could just drop any man into the slot of being her husband. Upset that Kris H got a publist come on give me a break. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard and if she was so broken up about it she would be here in los angeles instead of out of the country. Her mom is suppossed to be on one of the entertainment shows Tuesday & you know she is gonna have something to say about it.Just goes to show you that Kim K values money more than she did her marriage.

1035 days ago


Silly porn star! Of course she can't handle being married.

1035 days ago


He hired a hollywood publicist because he knew you were going to dump him and decided to cover his arse. He had to know that when she decided it was over she'd slam him into the ground, which is exactly what she's doing! Of course Kim would like him to sit back and take all the mud she slings his way. She's such a sick witch. I can't stand her anymore!

1035 days ago


No matter what spin HER publicist puts out, this is the end for the Kardashians. Kim announces her divorce and is seen less then 24 hours later partying in her elaborate green Halloween costume. You can't get more FAKE then that.

1035 days ago

Cheryl A.    

OMG How long could she possibly have "agonized" over a marriage that was A) FAKE, B) made tons of money for the family C) gave her the kind of wedding she had always dreamed of and D) ONLY LASTED JUST OVER 2 MONTHS? Puleeze !

1035 days ago


Are these the same sources that told us the marriage was doing well?
And why is Reggie Bush still doing commercials?

1035 days ago


I so totally agree with SLH: "and they say gay unions threaten the institution of marriage. no, its really pissy little morons who get married for five minutes and milk any publicity they can out of it"

I'm gay and I've been with my (fist) boyfriend for nearly 15 years and we've been happily married for over 3 years now.

How funny; it's straight people like these famewh*** that put the institution of marriage to shame.

1035 days ago
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