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Kim Kardashian

Tortured Over Divorce Decision

11/1/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian tortured
Kim Kardashian
agonized over her decision to divorce Kris Humphries, and didn't make the final decision until Sunday night ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Kim tell us ... KK cried all weekend, deciding to file legal docs, then changing her mind several times over. 

We're told she clearly wasn't happy but wasn't 100% sure the marriage was irretrievably broken.

As for why she finally pulled the trigger ... we're told Kim was shocked and angry that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist.  As she put it to one of her friends, "He's not in f**king Hollywood.  He plays sports."


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Kim and her family are publicity seeking whores. Their over the top opulent lives are a disgrace when so many people are suffering. They have no tact, no taste, and no manners. Sex tapes, 2 divorces, and no talent are only the tip of the iceberg. This family does nothing! Photo shoots and public appearances are NOT work rather,lame excuses for a life void of any meaning. SHAME on the entire sorry excuse for a family. Every single one of them should be ashamed.

1090 days ago


She's not in f**king Hollywood either! She made a porn tape.

1090 days ago

Shane D.    

He was to nice and good natured for her. The excuse alone is something a bully would say. He was not challenging to her and easy to "walk on" .
They are not the same nature. You can't marry someone who is not of the same nature. He was a sheep marrying a wolf.

1090 days ago


She was jealous of him getting a publicist and that's the reason for the divorice OMG that right there says it all. Wait has Lamar gotten publicist or Scott for the publicity I better they haven't or they would be out of the family also. SHe didn't love him she used him the whole family did but he made money also and I'm sure E paid him quite well to be the sucker. This household will never have another Kasdashian show on or the E channel Ryan Seacrest is no better than they are.

1090 days ago


If your ass was that tortured over making the decision to divorce Chris then you would've went to marriage counseling first...before making a decision.So lets flush the bull**** the toilet is getting full

1090 days ago


The ONLY thing she's 'agonizing' over is which media outlet to give the first post divorce-papers interview to.
What a worthless, greedy, soulless, skank nothing of an almost human being. Pathetic.

1090 days ago


As for Kim, to paraphrase, "She's has no ******* talent, she just ended up in Hollywood for a fat ass and a pretty face." People who live in glass houses, I tell you.

1090 days ago


"Tortured" my ass!

She's doing it because he's not getting paid during the lockout and because he wants to move to Minnessota and pull her away from her precious Hollywood.

1090 days ago


Are you kidding me? Most, if not all, professional athletes have publicist.(Jeter, A-Rod) and I will even bet Lamar has one. You know it's the Kardashians world and the rest of us just live in it.

1090 days ago


For KK, a huge lesson learned: marriage is serious and it should be for love only. You can wh*re out your body and your image, but you should never wh*re out what should be true love. Ever.

1090 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again all the Kardashains except for Khloe who I feel is the most normal are money hungry fame whores!!!

1090 days ago


If I had to go up against the Kardashian gang---and they are a gang---I'd hire a publicist also. Let someone else do the talking. It's a smart move. The dumb move was getting involved in the first place.

1090 days ago

kim purdy    

Her brains are in her backside.

1090 days ago


She needs to quit lying to herself. She loves the media attention, I bet she would have LOVED being the next Brad and Angelina. The Kardashian clan needs to stop making Kim look like the victim, they've cried wolf too many times for people to believe them. Sorry Kardashians.

1090 days ago


Hmmm...afraid some of your deep, dark, dirty secrets were going to be exposed? Afraid your husband was going to talk about your faults, insecurities, and imperfections?? You're a loser, Kim. A selfish pig who deserves nothing.

1090 days ago
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