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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim Is Making a Massive Mistake

11/1/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Parents
Kris Humphries
' family has been crushed by Kim Kardashian's decision to end their marriage -- telling friends, the reality star is making a massive "mistake" for giving up on Kris so soon.

Sources close to Kris' family tell TMZ, everyone knew there was tension in the relationship -- but they never imagined divorce was on the table. As one source put it, "Everyone fights."

The Humphries believe Kim is making a huge "mistake" -- insisting she never gave the marriage a fighting chance ... and should have tried harder to make things work.

That said, Kris' fam still believes he can salvage his marriage and talk Kim down off the ledge, convincing her to slam the brakes on divorce proceedings.

According to sources, Kris' family loves Kim and they're hoping beyond hope the divorce doesn't go through -- particularly because "it would kill Kris" if it was really the end.

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Too late, Kris Hump needs to move on and the family needs to realize they're all about money & fame! End of story! He will look like the biggest puzzzzy if he even attempts to get back into that disgusting family!

1024 days ago


I understand his family will be in his corner but c'mon Mr. and Mrs. Humphries....Kris did not go into this blind. He knew what was going on.

There is no way Kris thought someone with a lifestyle and reputation like Kim would fall head over heels in love with him and agree to be his wife within months. No way...he knew what was going on and agreed to go along with it. Maybe Kim told him they would play this game for a 1 year or so and get a divorce and him getting papers after 72 days is what really blindsided him.

Walk away Kris with the little dignity you have left after being suckered in by this family.

1024 days ago


The "massive mistake" was for Kris and Kim to marry. Kiss this broad off and go find a woman who actually knows something about successful relationships...definitely not a Kardashian woman.

1024 days ago


How do you guys know that Kim made money off this wedding? Have you seen the check or just going by what you have read on the internet or gossip sites? Your comments have such hate towards a person you dont even know, and doesnt effect your life in any way. Wow people, I think you guys need to get a life, or a better hobby.

1024 days ago



1024 days ago


She's a spoiled brat. Everything isn't as easy as it looks. Marriage is not the fairy tale she thought it was.

1024 days ago


I want my toaster back. lol

1024 days ago


gwen01: 20 minutes ago

I mean she just released a book telling the world that she was a low class slut and I hope it addresses that Khloe was a product of an affair because there is no way she is a Kardashian.
I have been saying this for years. As much as this fake family lies there is no way I would believe anything Kris J has to say regarding Khloe having the same bio dad as Kim, Kourtney and Rob. Khloe may be Kris's daughter but I have never believed Robert Kardashian is her bio father.

1024 days ago


This is nothing but money. The fake over hyped wedding paid for, produced, staged by E! and the ratings flopped. E! is trying to get their money back. So now streatch a divorce that was never a legle marriage in the first place.

1024 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I feel sorry for the guy if he really wasn't in on the whole deceitful mess, but he really has to see if for the blessing it is and go get one of the hundreds of beautiful women who would love his handsome, NBA-player self, would be happy to live in Minneapolis, and would not have horns and a red pointy tail.

1024 days ago


Ill take his cute goofy self lol. He may still love her and maybe she really did love him. but shes in love with being "in love" and she's the first to admit it. Why would you want to be married to someone who puts there family entirely before you or your family? Kim wanted a wedding and thats what she got, she didnt want the marriage. Thats such a shame and he appears to be a great guy. I feel really bad for him and his family. She treated him like a toy she picked out in a store and now shes bored and wants a new toy. she specifically picked him out at a basketball game and was like i like him. its a shame, eventually elizabeth taylor will have nothin on her

1024 days ago


Poor guy got his balls burned off but really HE made the mistake of marrying this attention seeking ***bucket, seriously wtf was he thinking?

1024 days ago


"Kris'family loves Kim".....now we know where Kris's idiocy for marrying Kim in the first place comes from.

1024 days ago


Kris is the one who made a mistake. Let her go and he should get on with life. Enough of promoting a fiasco. They both made plenty of bucks off of it.

1024 days ago


There's a hoax lotta trouble coming soon for the Kardashians.

1024 days ago
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