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Lindsay Lohan

Party at the Cemetery

11/1/2011 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Nurse Costume
Lindsay Lohan
has become so comfortable around dead bodies ... that she partied at a Hollywood cemetery last night.

Lohan threw on her finest "slutty nurse" costume and hit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery ... where she attended a HUGE Halloween party with the likes of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera.

Whenever she wakes up this morning, Lohan is expected to return to the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... to continue cleaning up after some fresh corpses.

Death never looked so good.



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why can't the world get disgusting lilo, fat arse whore kim and killer casey on a small leaking boat in the middle of the pacific in shark infested waters....????

1089 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Have you all SEEN this article? 'Man delay's suicide until after LL's Playboy issue' The picture is at least 8 years old on the article. This guy will be SO disappointed!

1089 days ago


There you go again TMZ pandering to the haters with the wording of your post and inciting hate. Lindsay has completed the judge's orders regarding the morgue. Its finished.

If Lindsay is sent to jail tomorrow TMZ, what are you going to do? she has kept this site alive with your mostly BS stories. What will you do? invent more BS from jail? LMAO.

1089 days ago


vinsetta: 48 minutes ago

24 hours Lindsay.

23 hours now


1089 days ago


Wonder if crackie mcblohan was checking out a future real estate purchase?

1089 days ago


I don't know for sure but I think Lindsay will go to jail tomorrow. This is a non violent misdemeanor violation. If she goes to jail the Lindsay we love and some of you hate will be no more.

No matter what Lindsay has been through, she always maintained that streak of defiance, she didn't care what haters said about her, she just got on with her life, thats why her fans love her and the hater*****e her. Jail will knock the life and resistence out of her. Its almost as if shes given up already.

So enjoy yourself haters, enjoy and relish what you see tomorrow, the destruction of a 25 year old woman because the Lindsay that may go to jail, won't be the same Lindsay that comes out of jail. God bless Lindsay.

1089 days ago

Ghost Rider    

richardwww, your are supposed to go to jail so you can serve your time and come out a better person that hopefully has learned a lesson. If Lindsay cant rise above this minor setback, she might as well go ahead and forget life. Like I said to Smith yesterday I am sure that any suicidal thoughts that race through this girls head when she gets locked up is the same kind of thoughts those teenage kids get when there parents take away there World of Warcraft for a week. Lindsay has made this whole thing to be a much bigger deal than it ever needed to be because she refuses to accept responsibility, The End.

1089 days ago



See, that is the difference between the 'enablers' and the 'haters'. The 'enablers' want her to stay the same messed up person that she is. The girl that takes no responsibility for what she's done. Who thinks she's done nothing wrong. Who continues to party, and defies the court system. Who will continue down this downward spiral. The 'enablers' would be ecstatic with that.
The 'haters' on the other hand, want Lindsay to turn her life around. They want her to stand up and take responsibility for what she's done. Get sober, and start making good decisions. They want her to straighten up her life.

Gee, us 'haters' are terrible people, aren't we???

1089 days ago


She is too far gone for jail to mean anything to this sociopath. Even if she did a year and a half (which she won't), she won't change.

1089 days ago


The very best part about those two photos is that there isn't a single living person within 10 yards of her. lol ..ohh that's some good stuff.

1089 days ago



I didn't see anyone take a pic of her going to the morgue yesterday. And, x17 didn't have a report (that I saw) of her being at the morgue and they have had every GD pic of her going there since October 20th.

1089 days ago


If TMZ is correct (and they are right about 40% of the time), that the strategy tomorrow is to admit that she violated probation (at the Women's Center), then LieHo probably figures that she's going to jail no matter what she does, so why bother doing the 32 hours required by the Judge. If that is her thinking, she's crazier than we already thought she was because doing the required 32 hours at the morgue before the hearing might help lighten her jail sentence.

1089 days ago


Blech... Bet she smelled like vodka puke, low tide and disappointment.

1089 days ago


I'm slow... but I finally connected the dots. Lindsey's attorney suggested that she kiss up to the morgue supervisor by buying the doughnuts [even at that, the cheap bitch didn't buy enough for everybody] because the game plan was to later ask for the letter of praise. This after she didn't show up on the first day with the bogus half baked excused. That attorney of her's must be a hell of a chess player. The problem is, she assuming that everybody is starstruck.

1089 days ago


I see the whole dam gang is here and spinning away.......Howdy Lohan Inc, dina, alie and the rest...
Got your nose out of joint a little by Kim K's hogging the headlines for herself....Like anybody every believed any of that marriage crap was for real....
Bad for business ain't it....
What happen patrick forget his papz camera again and had to take these with his cell phone ? or did they lock him out so he had to use his long range zoom to get a shoot to cause it to be so grainy ....just like the one in the playboy mansion...were I would quess only official camera's were allowed sp Lindsay's shadow had to use his cell phone..and here also.....cause nobody else around her is even noticing the that nasty finger stuck in her mouth again.. like that is sexy...pure nasty just like the licking the lips pose.....I bet she stands in front of the mirror every morning parcticing to get it just right....

Hell it 3:00 pm in the east..LOhan Inc were's the next spin at your starting to run behind......?

has she been in a accident yet so she can't make court, saved somebody's life, or helped a old lady across the street(while stealing her wallet) yets....
Come on we're waiting......................

1089 days ago
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