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Lindsay Lohan

Party at the Cemetery

11/1/2011 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Nurse Costume
Lindsay Lohan
has become so comfortable around dead bodies ... that she partied at a Hollywood cemetery last night.

Lohan threw on her finest "slutty nurse" costume and hit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery ... where she attended a HUGE Halloween party with the likes of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera.

Whenever she wakes up this morning, Lohan is expected to return to the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... to continue cleaning up after some fresh corpses.

Death never looked so good.



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Good riddance!    

I hope security checked the Abominable Snow Ho's bag at the end of the night, because in Lowhan speak, a Halloween bag is known as a loot bag. Way to show you're serious about putting your partying life behind you. The judge will be soooo impressed by all this bullcrap. Go buy the judge some doughnuts in between getting FU painted on your claws. Be sure to tell her you heard all copper types love doughnuts.

1089 days ago

The Truth    


Team “Loser” Lohan’s legal strategy was to make claims that she was seen in person by her shrink and complied with all her probation requirements. Her attorney kept making material statements of fact.

The judge did not buy into it and ordered everyone to produce all the do***ents and for the shrink and probation to be there for the wed hearing.

Problem is they lied and she was not seen by the shrink so the shrink is not going to lie for her. And no one else will.

So Team Lohan wants to say she violated and skip a hearing so she cannot be caught and charged with perjury. Her attorney’s strategy is that the judge will overlook everything that has gone on and all Lohan’s false claims. It is a case of we lied now we need to do damage control.

The best thing the Judge can do is hold a complete hearing and bring up all the facts that Lindsay presented and the shrink and probation. This will show team Lindsay committed perjury.


And it is funny that anyone who says Lindsay has issue or points out facts is a hater. So if you say Lindsay has bad teeth you are a hater. She puts herself out for everyone to see and says look at me. Then when people make a factual comment they are called haters. Like little kids.

The Truth Hurts

Dina Lohan

1089 days ago




She doesn't even look like she did the previous week.

Seems that not only did she have her grotesque teeth cleaned and whitened. But she aslso had her lips replumped in a way that they haven't been before. Whomever did it this time did something different or put the collagen in different areas.

If I saw these photos not knowning it was her I wouldn't even guess it was her.

Still, plumped or not. Grotesque teeth or not. She's still as skanky as they make 'em.


1089 days ago


More collegan in the bottom lip then the top for the Jolie mouth look and maybe a little more in her cheeks to plump them out so her face looks narrower...that and makeup gives her that starved cat look......
Her costumes both come out of the Sluts or US line at the Party store. 29.00 with the optional G-string you can wear or not...........We can all quess which option she picked.....
Lohan Inc puttin out the spin that Hef's so pleased at out her teethies look now he wants to reshoot her layout.......which tell me the first one was a tryout to see if they could even use her.....and he's now, maybe going to try it......still going take a hell of lot of photoshopping to make it look half-way good after all look what they have been working on lately. Some really over the hill hags who think posing naked is going make them more appealing.....and everyone of them have been proven wrong....
Even the most desperately starving hound will turn his nose up at bones that old and rotten........and thats a fact.....

1089 days ago

Ellie G    

She had to get her lips plumped and her face filled because tomorrow will be her BEST mugshot yet!

1089 days ago

John Fullerton    

i am sure some dead corpsed ****** her. That is all she is good for!!!!!!!!!!

1089 days ago


LaShawn flat-out said that Linds was at the psychologist's every week. The implication that Linds was not in violation, however strategically worded ("It is my understanding"). Linds' defense is that THE PSYCHOLOGIST will confirm that attendance.

Tomorrow, either the doctor will lie or LaShawn will. Either way, one one them stands to lose a career. Perjury is not really acceptable in a Courtroom, and the "admission of guilt" ruse won't work. Judge Sautner is definitely going to demand all the facts - I bet you a clam sandwich she does. KaBoom, Linds.

The alternative is that both the doctor and LaShawn spill their guts and accept that they were duped by Linds (and DUIna). As an attorney, it's a hard call, since you have to do almost anything to "get your client off", but this lie could easily blow up in her face. Same thing for the doctor.

There seems to be a choice to make: Risk a career or throw Linds off a symbolic bridge. I bet I know which one will happen.

Good times.

1089 days ago

AGENT smith    

rADAR IS SAYING that the DA and city attorney are trying to get the judge to sentence Lindsay to 90 days in jail and I think that works out to about 9 to 13 days...........don't celebrate too hard because when she gets out she will make another million or two off of photo shoots and interviews!!!!!! Lindsay gets the last laugh.......Ha Ha Ha Cha Ching!!!!

1089 days ago


I would suject that she wear a nice designer life preserver with her outfit tomorrow to keep her floating when she's thrown from that bridge......I just don't see Holly or the shrink risking their career and livily hood for any amount of money that they have been promised.......Unless ........she has them over a barrel with something incrimadating but I don't think they are that smart.......LOL

1089 days ago


Oh Agent Smith I Get It ALL Right.....! You gal is your idol...and can do no wrong......(IN YOUR EYES ) anyway...but in the real world ....she is a world class A1 Grifter Whore who is rapidly killing herself with all her (wonderful gifts).....laugh as loud and long as you want sweetie cause in 1 year or less she will be laying in a body bag were she has overdosed on her bottle of water ! And Harvey Levin and hollywood will act like they never saw it coming or make money off of all of it...
You think hater*****e for for her looks ...hell now she's not that good looking and her acting...thats a joke....
they (haters) hate for for her complete and utter disregard for laws and any help offered to her., her self obsession, and her utter lack of morals, and her denials of any blame.....that adds up to a completely hateful person.....whom is despied by 99% of anybody who knows of her.

1089 days ago


"The Truth" certainly isn't living up to their name.

1089 days ago

Ellie G    

I dont think it matters what the DA the CA or anyone else wants. The judge told them to do the math so She can decide how much time Lindsay gets.

1089 days ago


posted by Agent smith...

Lindsay already did twenty days at Lynnwood, did she come out a new woman or a reborn christian? Lindsay is gradually maturing and becoming more responsible. She's not my idol, at no point have I said that I like her films. I'm not a friend of hers as you haters have pointed out. Lindsay is looking better than she has in a few years and isn't doing drugs or DUI's, the whole necklace thing was a stupid misunderstanding. The DA's office never should have pressed charges on Lindsay on the necklace. TI was arrested with a handful of Ectasy and no charges were filed. The Judge, The City Attorney, The DA and they haters can huff and puff all they want but your not blowing Lindsay's house down. A bunch old hags and emotionally unstable hormonal basket cases. Lindsay can do two weeks in jail naked standing on her head naked and I guarantee you it won't change her.

BUT THAT'S THE POINT ! WHAT EVER TIME SHE SPENTS BEHIND BARS WON'T CHANGE HER.......................CAUSE SHE DON'T WANT TO CHANGE.....A whore who likes being a whore doesn't change from being behind bars cause is that did it there would be a lot more EX-whores around wouldn't there......?

1089 days ago


Harvey, and take it for what it's worth, thinks she's in some real trouble. He knows as everyone else does that these 13 to 20 day stints in the can aren't working. And doing what she was required to do at the morgue really won't make a difference. He's saying 2-3 months, actual in time in jail. We'll see. Sautner can exceed what is recommended, and I think this judge will finally.

1089 days ago


No violent lesbian sex in protective custody, Linds. Better round up a few random skanks tonight - get in as much clamslamming as you can. Pulverize a few pelvises. Back to the vibrator again, DUIna.

1089 days ago
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