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Lindsay Lohan

Party at the Cemetery

11/1/2011 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Nurse Costume
Lindsay Lohan
has become so comfortable around dead bodies ... that she partied at a Hollywood cemetery last night.

Lohan threw on her finest "slutty nurse" costume and hit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery ... where she attended a HUGE Halloween party with the likes of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera.

Whenever she wakes up this morning, Lohan is expected to return to the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... to continue cleaning up after some fresh corpses.

Death never looked so good.



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Ghost Rider    

I really wonder if the posters like Smith and Nicole are aware that THEY make everyone even more mad, and upset with Lindsay and her antics. I dont consider Smith or Nicole to be remotely intelligent, so they have that much in there defense, but thats still no excuse.

1090 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Oh, and Smith can go back to telling everyone he has an IQ of 138, but you cant take anything he writes seriously. He has the mind of a fourteen year old, that tries to impress everyone with his rhetoric and nonsense.

1090 days ago

AGENT smith    

Andy, here's the math a third off for good behavior off the top that leaves 20 days, inmates are doing twenty percent of their reduced time so that equals four days. When you figure in overcrowding you might be looking at as little as three hours.

1090 days ago


History repeats itself and people who are enabled die. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith....dead. If someone would have really loved them and tried to help them with their demons, perhaps at least one of them would be alive now.

1090 days ago


OK. Eighteen months (3-4 actual) County jail - no house arrest, 3 more years formal probation - face-to-face reporting once a week. Twice-weekly drug testing. Weekly psychiatric counseling. 180-day inpatient substance treatment - no visitors or phone calls (mail only), no cell phone or Internet. Designer SCRAM for 3 years. No travel out of Los Angeles without written permission from the JUGDE - IN ADVANCE. Surrender passport. AA meetings - 5 per week. . AA meetings - 5 per week. NA meetings - 5 per week. CA meetings - 5 per week. GA meetings - 5 per week. Previously community service continued - Five 8-hr days per week. Any missed or late days will result in an additional 5 days. All civi*****igation must be adjudicated and all legal fees must be paid in full before probation is completed. Failure to settle ALL lawsuits on time will result in an additional 3 years of aforementioned conditions. Defendant to cover ALL associated costs of probation conditions - to include probation visits, psychologists, drug testing, SCRAM anklet, substance treatment costs, and a $50,000.00 fine. Any violation of these terms shall result in the probation - and all it’s conditions - to be revoked and begin again.

If the D.A. and city Attorney offers this, I think Linds should jump on it. Seems like a fair bargain. Your thoughts, NICOLE?

1090 days ago


30 days would be good, if they reinstate the CS, and put her on drug and alcohol testing. I think that would be worse for her than doing a couple weeks in jail.
But, I don't really believe the judge has made up her mind how much she will get. The judge asked for an accounting of her past violations, etc... so I believe she wants to put it all out there, and then decide.

1090 days ago


I ask again, does anyone know if she's done the 32 hours required? If that wasn't determined during this meeting with the judge (if she had an appt this morning and missed it), don't you think that would have some effect on the sentence?

1090 days ago

AGENT smith    

Last chance to enter the Li Lo vs Mi Lo jail contest.
We need a guess on actual days spent in jail for Mi Lo and Li Lo I say Lindsay six days and Mi LO 365 days. Granda Ma Cracker say Li Lo 180 days(yeah sure) and Mi Lo 273 days. The winner gets cherry colored scrubs from Tampa Jail that say INMATE on the front.

1090 days ago

Ellie G    

Well I am going to keep thinking positive. 90 days minimum. That's actual days in jail. If I'm wrong it will just mean the reality show that is Lindsay will continue to entertain me sooner rather than later.

1090 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

She only looks good in photos that are grainy and extremely blurred. Why is that?

1090 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

andy call me!

1090 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


what is the problem call me

1090 days ago


You would think as much as Nicole and Smith say they love this woman they would want her to get help and brake these addicts of hers and she would have a chance if she got locked up long enough to get it all out of her system that would be about 3 mos at least...then she would have a fighting change of saving her own life and career but NOOOO here they are screaming 3 days or 2 hours or what ever..knowing that she will learn nothing from it and go on back to hard partying and drinking which will surely kill her in a year at the most.......
Then they can mourn over her and blame everyone for not trying to help get her help.....! for the rest of their lives like the Jackson family blaming everybody but Micheal, like Elvis , like Ann Nicole, like Dana Plato, like so many others that can be named....
I you really love and admired this woman you would want her to get help.....!!!
But then if she got help she wouldn't need you Lohan Inc and were would that leave you .......out in the cold and most horrible of all............. having to earn you own living. you are like great big ticks hooked onto a side of a broken down hound...sucking the lifes blood out of that old hound even as he is about run to death........and you'll hang on till he drops death and then you will cawl off and look for another dog to suck on.....

1090 days ago


Oh, to be in that Courtroom tomorrow with a duck call. It would so be worth a stay at County lockup just to quack once when the Judge asks if Linds has anything to say. Besides - I'd only do about 6 minutes. Due to overcrowding. AND if the cameras were rolling, I'd be a celebrity. Book deal? Reality show?

1090 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Well geez, only a few days in jail? How is that going to teach her to give up her smokin' whorin' and drinkin'???

1090 days ago
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