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Lindsay Lohan

Asks Morgue for Help

In Grave Legal Situation

11/1/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Ed Winter
Lindsay Lohan figures if the people from the morgue can help dead people, they can do wonders for her, and that's why she's asked them for a letter of recommendation for the very skeptical judge.

We're told Lindsay pleaded with a supervisor at the L.A. County Coroner's Office to write the letter on her behalf ... touting that she's been doing yeoman's work at corpseville.

But our sources say her request got shut down before it reached the man in charge, Ed Winter, and even if it had ... there's no way Winter would have written the letter.

As we've already reported, Lindsay will concede that she violated her probation when she goes to court tomorrow, and Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly send her to jail.  We're told Lindsay is hoping for just 2 weeks behind bars, but that is probably wishful thinking.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing at 10am PT.


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The scary thing is that I can tell that picture was from earlier this year because she looks so much worse now. THAT'S how fast she's aging. I'm glad this guy does not seem to be accepting her bribes. Perhaps Lindsay will bring the judge a basket of muffins bwwaaaahaha.

1025 days ago


Might as well turn that private jet around, Endora.

1025 days ago


You can't say Lindsay is not aways thinking (of herdelf)and this shows me the CUPCAKES,and HAMBURGS were a "kiss up"

1024 days ago


Why would anyone write the letter of recommendation when a) she was late for work on her first day less than two weeks ago and b) everyone knows, and Lindsay isn't hiding, that the only reason she's showing up is because she's afraid of getting locked up, not because she's changed and really wants to mend her ways. You know that if she doesn't get sent to jail after this hearing, she will just stop showing up for community service again.

1024 days ago


She has made a mockery of the California legal system for what, 4 years? now. Lock her away for a year and I bet it won't happen again. Let her skate in 8 days like usual, and it will never end.
Ask Robert Downey Jr about his comment that it was a year in jail that straightened him out, and only that year in jail.

1024 days ago


I hope Levin is wrong about there only being a quick hearing. Who cares if Crackie concedes the obvious. Holley's bleating the same excuses over the years defending her has grown tiresome. What I really want to see is Sautner ripping a new one in Crackie's therapist and probation officer for lying about her so called turning point and progress. That would be grade "A" prime time entertainment. And even better, have Harvey outside doing his "People's Court" sh*t commentary. Pure gold!

1024 days ago


TMZ you have just contradicted your story from yesterday. You said she would concede and leave it to the judge. Now you say she is asking for a letter of recommendation? LMAO! who makes up this BS? to be a good liar TMZ you need a good memory something which your inters lack.

The only reason for this post is to advertise your livestream.

1024 days ago


Lindsay served many hours at the Red Cross with the permission of the Probation Dept. Those hours should count. Sure, many DUI drivers end up dead in the morgue, but many more end up needing blood products from the Red Cross.

Besides, Lindsay's assignment to the battered womens' shelter was cruel and unusual. Abused women in crisis are fresh out of extremely harmful pyschological environments. Putting Lindsay there and saying she's there to be taught a lesson virtually assures she will herself face psychological abuse from the shelter clients.

Community service is supposed to be positive for everyone. Instead of costly incarceration, community service turns the process into something that's beneficial. It's not supposed to be a scared straight program that lasts only hours or days and frightens a person. It's not supposed to be chain-gang lite, because volunteer supervisors have no professional training in how to supervise offenders.

Lindsay is a non-violent offender and her hours relating to her DUI are owed because she fell six hours short of completing a three year program. Then the judge refused to credit hours Lindsay worked at the Red Cross against her community service debt owed. The judge acts more like a predatory lender than a municipal judge.

1024 days ago


For you gullible people thinking this post is true and unique to Lindsay Lohan, it isn't. A report is completed on ALL of those doing CS and the judge is informed via the PO. Its standard procedure. TMZ want to make it more dramatic and hype it up because its Lindsay. Come on people can't you work out TMZ tactics by now?

1024 days ago


@ralph - I get the point about the Red Cross being relevant to DUI cases, but in Lindsay's case it was not suitable, since the Red Cross is the type of thing celebrities may already offer volunteer service or offer publicity or support financially. The judge specifically wanted Lohan to be exposed to a "real life" situation which is why the battered women's shelter was more ideal. Besides it is clear the the Red Cross were offering her a far more cushy deal.

1024 days ago


BWAHAHHAAHHAHAHHAHHAHAH......we all knew this was coming,with her early appearences,cupcakes and burgers,and smiling everytime shes outside,like she really is interacting with the common folk...hahhahahhahahh,we aint buyin what your sellin lindsay,your so predictable its disgusting.....JAIL....JAIL....JAIL

1024 days ago


So the cupcakes WERE a bribe?

1024 days ago


I guess she sent her PO and her psychologist cupcakes and they wrote their lie filled reports for her. Can't wait to hear how she managed to be sitting in her Dr's office at the same time she was throwing a glass at someone in Paris. That ough to be good!

1024 days ago


TMZ do you even read the message board if you do, WHY don't you remove the AD people place on here, remove them and block them from posting on here.

1024 days ago


You know as well as I do she's not going to Jail, she should but she won't, even if she gets two weeks she might end up being in there for 2 days and home she goes to start more trouble this girl can't keep out of trouble WHY because she can do what she wants and NOT one person will do anything to her. Bu*****ch all the people coming out saying how much they tried to help her when they find her dead from a drug overdose. Fame has made her worst even if she didn't get into acting she would still be messed up look at the losers she has for parents.

1024 days ago
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