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The Mike Vick Halloween Tribute


11/1/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TI Halloween Michael Vick CostumeT.I. has a lot in common with Michael Vick -- especially the part where they spent a couple of years in prison -- but last night T.I. paid tribute to the guy who's proven it's possible to bounce back.

T.I. and his wife Tiny hit up a Halloween costume party at the Gold Room in Atlanta -- T.I. dressed as Mike Vick... his wife dressed as a ref.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... the costume was his wife's idea, but T.I. agreed because he's been an MV fan since the Atlanta Falcons days ... and has a ton of respect for the guy.

So, we gotta ask ... is T.I. trying to make a statement??

10:23 AM PST -- Mike Vick LOVES the tribute!!!

The NFL star released a statement to TMZ saying, “T.I. is a talented artist and I appreciate his support. I wish him success in everything he does.”

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@DLOVE: I must have missed any (or even one!) of the comments that could possibly be taken as "racist". This is about stupidity, evil and ugly. Not race. I was gonna say "nice try", but really, it was pathetic.

1056 days ago


@woot...you obviously didn't read all the comments as I did. I am a person of color who happens to believe that if this was a story about anyone that was not AA then not once would comments include to move this story to Ebony. I have read comments on this site on several occasions and they are all so full of hate and venom that it is repulsive. I want my voice heard but I not see these morons post but they don't read.

1056 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Birds of a feather. Confirmation of what a POS this guy is.

1056 days ago


All he needs to complete it are some bloody, dead dogs. Oh, sorry, I forgot we just pretend that never happened since he's a pro athelete so somehow that makes him exempt from being a decent human being. You're disgusting, T.I., and I can't wait until your fugly wife gets you sent back to prison again.

1056 days ago


I give the costume a D+. He forgot to add dog corpses. It would have been much spookier and true to life.

1056 days ago


My husband WHO IS BLACK and doesn't pull out the race card every thirty seconds like some people always says there is a difference between a black person and a ******. Obviously TI, Miss Piggy aka Tiny and Michael Vick are the latter, because any educated black person would be disgusted by the ignorance of TI and his trash-pig wife idolizing s*** like Michael Vick.

1056 days ago


DLOVE - you're a moron - period - none of this story or any of the comments had anything to do with race - you're obviously african american - it's people like you who continue to set your ethnicity back.

TI - lost what little respect I had for you - yes - your wife is an airhead, bimbo, idiot as well. Michael Vick - he'll have his day in hell to answer for what he's done - and look on the brightside - now we know he'll have company.

1056 days ago

go vick    

You fools sit and around and talk bad on a comment board about people way above you. No one cares. Looking for attention? Releasing stress? Get a life you pathetic ugly losers.

1056 days ago

Jessica Witmer    

Go Vick:

I don't kill, rape, torture or mutilate helpless animals, so Michale Vick WILL NEVER

1056 days ago

Jessica Witmer    

NEVER be above me. No one is looking for attention. We will never let anyone forget what kind of monster this "person" is. Whenever the words Michael Vick are spoken they should be with the same words Dog Killer. The fact that you defend him shows YOU are the pathetic ugly loser. Keep telling yourself you're not. No one will believe you.

1056 days ago


didnt this clown just get out of jail?

1056 days ago


Yeah DLOVE, there are a lot of racists and bigots on this site. In reality they'd be too afraid to say these comments to a person of a different ethnicity so they vent their frustration and anger behind a computer.

They have nothing to do but spew negative hateful comments all day.You'll get used to it eventually, I know I did :) Or you could possibly ignore their stupidity, another possible reason is that they've never amounted to anything in life, so that could be another reason why they are posting exasperating comments.

Honestly, the only moron here is you, in case you missed it, people posted discriminating comments on the first page. But I'm dubious that you can comprehend what racism behind the typical text book definition they taught you in school :0

1056 days ago


Didn't recognize vick without the blood of abused animals on him.

1056 days ago


Michael Vick also I might add is a milquetoast human being. I don't believe for one second that he has changed and I will never forget his mistreatment of animals and the cruelty he committed to them.

Michael Vick should fight another person his size to the death, let's see how he likes fighting for life.

1056 days ago


TMZ, it's called "The Gold Room". The Gold Club shut down years ago after a bunch of federal racketeering hoopla.

1056 days ago
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