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The Mike Vick Halloween Tribute


11/1/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TI Halloween Michael Vick CostumeT.I. has a lot in common with Michael Vick -- especially the part where they spent a couple of years in prison -- but last night T.I. paid tribute to the guy who's proven it's possible to bounce back.

T.I. and his wife Tiny hit up a Halloween costume party at the Gold Room in Atlanta -- T.I. dressed as Mike Vick... his wife dressed as a ref.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... the costume was his wife's idea, but T.I. agreed because he's been an MV fan since the Atlanta Falcons days ... and has a ton of respect for the guy.

So, we gotta ask ... is T.I. trying to make a statement??

10:23 AM PST -- Mike Vick LOVES the tribute!!!

The NFL star released a statement to TMZ saying, “T.I. is a talented artist and I appreciate his support. I wish him success in everything he does.”

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The KimK and LiLo controversies are silly, immature girls making bad decisions. Michael Vick showed a serious mental health problem, a lack of character, and frankly- I have NO idea how his teammates could ever trust someone with that degree of cruelty in their mind. This fool, TI, is just another sad example of an individual with a lack of empathy or even common sense.

1087 days ago



1087 days ago


i think all of the ppl who posted anything negative should kill themselves and afterwards go to str8 to hell..ppl can tstand to c other ppl on top..specially being black...shut up losers and step aside..

1087 days ago


TI, How can you admire someone like Mike Vick. He fought dogs and made them suffer. I have no respect for you.

1087 days ago


Why would you want to tribute that F*CK! He should have been stripped from ever playing ball again. What are we saying to the world..."Oh its okay, he only killed some dogs" How about someone killed something of his (like football)! His wife has to be one of the stupidest bitches that ever lived for recommending that he dress up like a dog killer. She's no better with her trash bag tattoos!

1087 days ago


Go mystic! five minutes of registration and already showing what a silly fool you are. I think lunch period is about over so run along now and get back to your civics class.

1087 days ago

Russell Vatalaro    

55 year old white man in Hawaii. I tape your show everyday. After the Kaley Anthony costume, I will never watch your show again!!!!! I mean it.

1087 days ago


sounds like in the Vic quote he does not have a clue who ti is..as most people dont either...did he murder someone or sell drugs??/

1087 days ago


Michael Vick has more dogs?

1087 days ago


Tiny is so fugly.

1087 days ago


Trying to take the focus off of the **** TMZ employee who dressed like a slutty CAYLEE ANTHONY yesterday?? WTF is wrong with you freaks?

1087 days ago


So this is considered non-racist on this site??? I'm just asking...

Jen wrote:

Of course a black guy isn't going to have a problem with the fact that Michael Vick killed & tortured hundreds of dogs in a dog fighting ring. They're both ghetto @ss morons. N*****s of a feather flock together!

As for me and my house - we don't give a "F" that MV killed some damned dogs, I wish someone would get the cats next...

1087 days ago


So tell me please...how did those dogs who were held up and electrocuted by their genitals...or those dogs who were bashed to death...or those dogs who were put into a ring and ripped apart in a fight to the death like the costume?

Yeah, but that's ok...let's just forgive Michael Vick because he's a good quarterback?

Next year are you planning on going as a KKK member?

Shame on you.


1087 days ago


A strip club? Real classy. But figures. As does the Vick hero worship.

1087 days ago


Go figure, T.I. pay tribute to his hero--a disgraced football player, animal abuser. Are these rap dudes that stupid or are they just so out of touch with reality that in their ghetto stream of things anything goes? Didn't hear a peep from black folks when Michael Vick was under attack [if anything they were probably saying it was a race thang---pitiful people]

1087 days ago
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