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The Mike Vick Halloween Tribute


11/1/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TI Halloween Michael Vick CostumeT.I. has a lot in common with Michael Vick -- especially the part where they spent a couple of years in prison -- but last night T.I. paid tribute to the guy who's proven it's possible to bounce back.

T.I. and his wife Tiny hit up a Halloween costume party at the Gold Room in Atlanta -- T.I. dressed as Mike Vick... his wife dressed as a ref.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... the costume was his wife's idea, but T.I. agreed because he's been an MV fan since the Atlanta Falcons days ... and has a ton of respect for the guy.

So, we gotta ask ... is T.I. trying to make a statement??

10:23 AM PST -- Mike Vick LOVES the tribute!!!

The NFL star released a statement to TMZ saying, “T.I. is a talented artist and I appreciate his support. I wish him success in everything he does.”

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Just great...glorifying a dog killer. T.I. just out of the joint and you want to imitate Vick? Do you too kill dogs?

1057 days ago


OMG T.I. looks FINE AS HELL!!! im at work n im drooling!! lol n yall r HATERS!!! love u TI!!

1057 days ago


And ya mayb that wasnt the best costume but i dont care cuz he still looks FINE! yummmmmmmy!!

1057 days ago


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1057 days ago


Gata- Honest and sincere apologies from me to you for the two posters I see who were utterly over the mark with their ugly race-based comments. Now, moving to the other 95 percent of comments, the tribute by this criminal rapper to a convicted felon, dog murderer is offensive to most posters. Get it in perspective, luv.

1057 days ago


Not only did this idiot forget to glue a bunch of dead pit bulls to his costume, he forgot the jumper cables that the dogs were electrocuted with, the gun he shot them with,the rope he strangled them with, water that he drowned them in,etc., etc. What a LOSER! What's the costume next year? Hitler? Casey Anthony? What an uneducated ****!

1057 days ago


But where oh where are the`````````` dead dogs TI??

1057 days ago


To error is human; to forgive is devine. . .Get over it people! Michael Vick made mistakes - you haven't??? He grew up in that environment. . .he has changed his life around and deserves this chance and, he's proving himself. Move on people. . .everyone else is. . .

1057 days ago


Yes its a shame that dogs were slaughtered. But why is it America feels its okay to slaughter millions of babies by abortion every year. I don't understand us???

1057 days ago


i dnt kno about the mike vicks thing but TI looks hot , hes nor for killing dogs , i think i was just more a person who does something bad still has a second chance , and it was a Atlanta thing too... as for his wife , looks aint everything shes a down ass bitch for him and thats whats up

1057 days ago


For Hallowe'en I ordered Michael Vick jerseys for my two dogs. Greatest animal costume ever

1057 days ago


I don't get it. A moron dressing up like another moron.

1057 days ago


Wow!!! Good choice T.I. Mike Vick is greattt player and example of double standards in America.. Or he could be like Ben Roethisberger and posed as a rappist!! Some people kill me with love over dogs vs human life.. Next time one of yall dog lovers come in ER I go find a dog to take care of u instead of educated human being...

1057 days ago


Typical racist jacka**es on the thread bringing up old news that a man has served his time for and paid his dues. All of you need to get a life, I bet you all are Bush supporters too... screw a life but murder 1 to anyone who participaTED in dog fighting!.. Losers

1057 days ago


my fav rapper as my fav football player... and for all of you vick haters im sure he could care less what u think he has plenty of fans..

1057 days ago
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