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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Re-Gifting $2 Million Ring

11/1/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Is Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring cursed? Some crazy people say they actually wouldn't accept the rock if it was given to them! Plus, who's crapping more on the sanctity of marriage -- same sex couples or Kim and her 72 day union?

Also, Harvey offers up a compelling -- and outrageous -- closing argument for Dr. Conrad Murrayfree of charge!

(3:01) Randomness -- what does "mighty white of you" mean?
(5:25) We know the "disso queen" who wrote Kim Kardashian's prenup -- and that sucker is air tight in Kim's favor.
(8:42) Kris Humphries isn't getting the $2 million engagement ring back -- for a number of reasons.
(14:43) Would you accept a $2 mil ring ... if it was left over from a previous engagement?
(24:20) If Kim K. can "crap all over" marriage ... why can't gay people who've been faithful partners for decades get hitched?
(30:01) A Christian calls in to say gays should NOT be able to get married -- and it's all got to do with the actual definition of "sanctity."
(37:12) Lindsay is bound to go to jail tomorrow -- so the big question is ... for how long? Harvey is betting on longer than two months.
(42:20) Harvey plays the part of Dr. Murray's defense team -- and gives his closing argument. Naturally, Jason objects.

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alejandro f rodriguez    

its funny how gay's (me being gay myself) take marriage so seriously mainly because we fight for it while straight couples are laid back about marriage and think oh if one doesnt work out theres always other marriages

1085 days ago


Lola, I am sorry you are ignorant and somewhere along the line didn't pay attention in schoool.

I am straight, and I perfectly see what this has to do with gay marriage. Opponents of gay marriage claim that it will sully the sanctity of marriage. Try to drive this point into your twitty head: how can anyone complain about a gay couple ruining the sanctity of marriage when straight people don't even care about it?

Get it?

1085 days ago


isn't this show supposed to start at 4:30pm EST?

anyone who watched the wedding special knew it wasn't gonna last.. first of all, they named the E! special "kim's fairytale wedding: a kardashian event".... hello? is she marrying herself? no mention of the groom whatsoever? any man could have taken his place and nothing would change...
she and her mother planned the whole thing, and seems to be pissed when kris h. tried to make a suggestion.... kris jenner got maybachs for alllllll their family, and didn't get any car service for humphries' parents... plus they had to fly in for the ceremony coach (yes, there's nothing wrong with that) for a wedding that costs $10mil?!
kim wanted her dream wedding, and she got it... i doubt much she wanted an actual marriage...

1085 days ago


A similar expression in the United States is "That's mighty white of you", meaning, "Thank you for being fair". Among African Americans, this phrase is said in response to being patronized or told what to think.[1]


1085 days ago


Show me the marriage certificate!!!

1085 days ago

no a surpise    

How much of a factor did her family have on decision? The reason for this questions, is her family are always in each other business.....

1085 days ago


Give me a break. There's no you-must-stay-married any do***ent that either one of them signed. Hah. And she keeps the ring. What's done was done and now that it's going to be over has nothing to do with the fact that it was done. She keeps the ring.

1085 days ago


Harvey - all Kardashian INC brands have seen substantial financial gains since the engagement and as a direct result of the subsequent marriage. The ratings didn't go up for any other reason. Because Humprhies is the REASON for the growth, shouldn't he be able to profit?

1085 days ago


Only homosexuals think any of the Kardashians, and anyone in Hollywood, have ANY attachment to morals, and/or values.

So desperate are Homos to Norm themselves they glom on to any vile disgusting example they can find, and then pretzel logic the hell out of it.

Homos and the Kardashians are the same type of people; immoral, vile, and refusing to admit they live a life of filth.

1085 days ago


That's the problem right there with people getting into marriage for money. I would rather a man give me a MUCH lesser ring that belongs ALL to me and not a hand me down.

1085 days ago


Oh, puhleez, on Will & Grace (if it was still on) they'd joke that Kim's wedding lasted longer than a lot of gay relationships.

1085 days ago

Flying Blind    

you would be lucky to a million for a 2 million dollar ring

1085 days ago

arale norimaki    

gays can't get marry because it ruin the sanctity of marriage but kim kardashian can?

1085 days ago


Whatever at least they can stop repeating the ceremony on E, also that guy had the personality of a pancake.....BORING!

1085 days ago

Flying Blind    

gays can't get married because of the bible thumpers

1085 days ago
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