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Emily Post Family

Bitch Fight Over Kardashian

Wedding Gifts

11/2/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emily Post
literally wrote the book on proper wedding etiquette ... but now, her famous descendants are butting heads on what Kim Kardashian should do with her wedding gifts.

On one side, Emily's great-granddaughter-in-law Peggy Post -- who wrote an article in The New York Times just three months ago, explaining how gifts should be returned if the wedding is canceled, or if the couple "seeks to end the marriage almost immediately (say within a month or two)."

Since Kim and Kris just inched past the two month mark ... they're in the clear with Peggy.

But on the other side of the etiquette battle is Emily's great-great-granddaughter, Lizzie Post -- who told the New York Daily News, "after just 72 days, the gifts must be returned to the wedding guests."

As we previously reported, Kim is not returning the gifts -- instead, she's making a $200k donation to her favorite charity.

Sources close to Kim tell us ... KK feels the gifts were given out of love and she doesn't feel an obligation to return them to the sender. But we're told Kim understands her marriage was short, and decided the donation was a good compromise.

So WWEPD? Unclear, since she died back in 1960.


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Huh if they was bought in love why dont she return 'em with love?

1086 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Of course this materialistic fame whore would not think of returning HER gifts. What a disgusting family.

1086 days ago


Of course she wants to donate money she will get a tax break...

Return the gifts end of story

1086 days ago


Such a sham, and all those celebrities who gave gifts? S.U.C.K.E.R.S. Take that money and run, Kim, because you're not pulling this stunt more than once.

1086 days ago


maybe take the gifts and all your money and TRADE THEM IN ON SOME CLASS AND A SOUL....U PIG WHORE...that family of PIGS is actually defending themselves..S***BAGS...

1086 days ago


Hate ta say it but what do you expect of a lady who lets a tape of her gettin peed on by someone go public?

1086 days ago


the kardashians have no manners so I wouldn't expect them to do the correct thing & return the gifts. why would you want gifts from a failed marriage to remind you of your giant mistake?

1086 days ago


Of course she won't give them back, because she's a money-grubbing whore.

1086 days ago


She gets to keep all the gifts & gets a tax credit for a "CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION". Give me a break. Return the gifts you greedy materialistic #*!^>%#! ! !

1086 days ago


What more can we expect of Marie Antoinette Kardashian?

1086 days ago


Soooo Kim Humphries thinks its OKAY to make a 200k charitable donation in lieu of returning the wedding gifts. WHERE is the etiquette here?? Im sure someone was going to send thank yous for her so why cant she have them return the mostly unopened **im sure** stuff they received??? Why should she receive a 200k tax write off??? And remember people her brand new pad was fully decorated so she didnt need that ish anyway...especially the $176 fork.....did anyone catch the registry....why did nonsmokers need so many ashtrays??? Kim is becoming my new Lindsay once she is locked up today....woohoo go Judge Sautner throw the HEAVIEST book you have a her!!!!

1086 days ago


Kris Jenner....look what you have created....shame on you

1086 days ago


Her and her family are ridiculous..$200K is a drop in the bucket to what she made off of her scam of a wedding and marriage. The real winner in this is Kris H, who needs to run the 'f' away from her and her crazy arse family.

1086 days ago


OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!! Someone talk me off the ledge... this family has to be descendants of Romanian Gypsies (no offense to Romania)Never have I seen anything like this family...donate to charity??? The only charity they know is a “church” started by MamaPimp. I hope that this sham will knock these people of their self-proclaimed pedestal.

1086 days ago


She gave her marriage careful consideration?! Couples counseling, a trial separation, talking to your husband about filing? Nope she did none of that. She's a joke. Let's hope she keeps her next 5 minute wedding to her friggin self! And to think she was trying to compete with Prince William and Kates wedding!

Just Boycott their shows and their stupid endorsement deals! I'm done hearing about these people. Their mother is like the "Joe Jackson" of the Kardashians- having them sell their butts around town. But at least Joe Jackson had talent to work with.

1086 days ago
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