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Emily Post Family

Bitch Fight Over Kardashian

Wedding Gifts

11/2/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emily Post
literally wrote the book on proper wedding etiquette ... but now, her famous descendants are butting heads on what Kim Kardashian should do with her wedding gifts.

On one side, Emily's great-granddaughter-in-law Peggy Post -- who wrote an article in The New York Times just three months ago, explaining how gifts should be returned if the wedding is canceled, or if the couple "seeks to end the marriage almost immediately (say within a month or two)."

Since Kim and Kris just inched past the two month mark ... they're in the clear with Peggy.

But on the other side of the etiquette battle is Emily's great-great-granddaughter, Lizzie Post -- who told the New York Daily News, "after just 72 days, the gifts must be returned to the wedding guests."

As we previously reported, Kim is not returning the gifts -- instead, she's making a $200k donation to her favorite charity.

Sources close to Kim tell us ... KK feels the gifts were given out of love and she doesn't feel an obligation to return them to the sender. But we're told Kim understands her marriage was short, and decided the donation was a good compromise.

So WWEPD? Unclear, since she died back in 1960.


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why is nobody mentioning that charitable donation = tax write off??? yet another cog in the money making Kardashian machine.... she needs to return the gifts and let the giver decide if they want to donate it or not.

1095 days ago


She won't give the $200K as she promised. I hope the Dream Foundation calls her out on it too!

1095 days ago


Fake wedding , 1000. gifts = theft by deception. book em dano

1095 days ago


Of course $200K is no where near what she made on the wedding. How could she possibly think that $200K is a good compromise. Guests who attended her wedding, bought her really expensive gifts, some of the things on her registry were $8-$10K for one item. Get a grip -- she thinks she is being generous -- money hungry, just like her mother.

1095 days ago


She did NOT marry for, WHY on earth keep the gifts?? It should NOT go to is not her decision, she SHOULD give the gifts AND THE RING BACK !!!!!

1095 days ago


I just got married in August and it would be absolutely impossible for me to return our wedding gifts if we got divorced soon (which, isn't hapenning!!). Everything has been opened, used, boxes thrown away, not knowing where stuff is from anymore. It would LITERALLY be impossible. We didn't open anything until after the wedding in case something happenned but it would be impossible to return eerything now!

1095 days ago


A $200,000 charitable contributio qualifies for a 50% tax credit. So, KK is only out of pocket $100,000. Another Kardashian scam, folks!

1095 days ago


Yes to YOUR favorite charity.. What the HELL does that have to do with all the money all those people spent on you?! Take the time and give the stuff back u greedy B!!!!!!!!

1095 days ago


I have never commented on this stuff before. But this is beyond unreal. This family should be ashamed how they exploit women and girls to make a buck. Your father would be so proud of how his girls learned to sell themselves. What profession is this called again? when you sell yourself to make money? Kris run as fast as you can this fmaily doesn't deserve you. Kim has no idea how to love anything but her bank account!

1095 days ago


--- and a 200 K deduction to a nonprofit then yields a tax deduction for KK et al of likely 30% or so of the 200 K ... so win win for KK et al - keeps the gifts and gets a tax deduction -

1095 days ago


Return the gifts, instead of a write off to a charity! PHONY! that is what she is .

1095 days ago


I thought that if the marriage dissolved in a year or less, it was proper etiquette to return the gifts. If the gifts have been used and can't be returned, they should ask the giver how they want it handled. I think under no cir****tances, should these gifts be kept by Kim because:
1. It will anger the guests (keep in mind, the gift was a small part of the total cost involved with attending the wedding) - even if they don't tell her that to her face.
2. She clearly doesn't need the gifts or the money
3. She will not "win" the image battle if she hangs on to the gifts
4. A $200K gift to HER favourite charity will not improve her reputation or image.
5. She should return all the gifts she can - talk to the guests one-on-one whose gifts she can't return and ask them how they wish to handle it (ie: return half used, reimburse them their money, give to the poor, KK keeps, or charitable donation to THEIR charity for the amount of the gift). And if she really wants to make sure she regains some respect with this fiasco, she might consider putting on another event - as grand as the wedding - but this time as a fundraiser for the under-priveleged.

1095 days ago


Soooo Kim Humphries thinks its OKAY to make a 200k charitable donation in lieu of returning the wedding gifts. WHERE is the etiquette here?? Im sure someone was going to send thank yous for her so why cant she have them return the mostly unopened **im sure** stuff they received??? Why should she receive a 200k tax write off??? And remember people her brand new pad was fully decorated so she didnt need that ish anyway...especially the $176 fork.....did anyone catch the registry....why did nonsmokers need so many ashtrays??? Kim is becoming my new Lindsay once she is locked up today....woohoo go Judge Sautner throw the HEAVIEST book you have a her!!!!

1095 days ago


I doubt she will claim that donation as a deduction on her taxes.

1095 days ago


They will sell the gifts at the Dash shops under the name of "Kardashian Krap Kollect".

1095 days ago
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