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TMZ Newsroom Erupts

Kim K Is Dead Wrong,

She Profited from Wedding

11/2/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something smells rotten with Kim Kardashian's claim that she didn't profit from her wedding ... and this morning, the TMZ newsroom sniffed out the BS.

We previously reported, Kim and her mom are adamant they didn't make a single cent from Kim's wedding spectacle ... despite the fact the whole fam got paid for the TV special, wedding pictures and more.

Check out the clip -- a special extended newsroom version of what will appear on "TMZ on TV" tonight.


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I wrote an email to telling them I was boycotting the whole store until they disassociated with the Kardishians, who prey on gullible young girls. When they hear from enough adults who buy their Craftsman tools and their Kenmore appliances and who provide the money for young girls to purchase Kardashian products, they'll get rid of them.

1052 days ago

That's Right    

I need to apologize for my negative comments, although I'm disgusted with what folks have done, it's not my place to judge them. I hope Kim and others who have taken their wealth and fame for granted will learn from their mistakes. There is to much hate already, I do believe Kim will pay a huge price "karma" someday.

1052 days ago


NO ****** Sherlock the Kardashians made money off this wedding. They don't do anything unless it makes them money. All of the Kardashians are money grubbing slores!

1052 days ago


How does everyone know that she was paid? Being paid for the special is part of her job, who paid her 17 million dollars? Is there proof? or is it just gossip? If she wants to have a 10 million dollar wedding who are we to say that it's wrong. It's her money not ours I think she can spend it how she wants to. If she sold her wedding pictures she's not the first. Look at how many celebs sell there kids baby pictures. Whats the difference? I dont understand why people care so much about her business and then post awful things about her. Why waste your time reading the story and then posting such hate? Do you people have nothing better to do in your lives?

1052 days ago


Doesn't she and her family profit every time the wedding special airs?

1052 days ago


I am still dumbfounded by the fact that people ACTUALLY believed this wedding thing. I'm floored! Really! People SERIOUSLY believed this??? Oh my God! I didn't want to believe it, but, it really IS the end of the world!

1052 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..who is mommaK and KK kidding...they don't do anything without gettin $..including waxing each others coochies n sharing gyno a wedding to sacred for them NOT too make money????? hahaha....they dug a deep one too get out of...I'm sure KK can help solve this one..if they r't BS'ing..I gave birth too twins out of my nostrils! geeeeez

1052 days ago


I'm fed up to the back teeth with this family. Surely their fifteen has expired by now.

1052 days ago


I LOVE IT! You know the jig is up when TMZ calls you out!

1052 days ago


did everyone seem to forget how many things were comped for the wedding such as the cake, the dresses, the estate. etc etc.

1052 days ago


Will this loser family just go away, I am sick of hearing about them and their pointless drama.

1052 days ago


Give the presents back Bitch !

1052 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

she profits every time she turns around
people have to stop being so naive and put their $$$ elsewhere

1052 days ago


Finally, someone has a sense of humor about her and her insane family

1052 days ago


I agree with TMZ staff....Skim (Skank Kim) did profit from the sham "wedding"

1052 days ago
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