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TMZ Newsroom Erupts

Kim K Is Dead Wrong,

She Profited from Wedding

11/2/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something smells rotten with Kim Kardashian's claim that she didn't profit from her wedding ... and this morning, the TMZ newsroom sniffed out the BS.

We previously reported, Kim and her mom are adamant they didn't make a single cent from Kim's wedding spectacle ... despite the fact the whole fam got paid for the TV special, wedding pictures and more.

Check out the clip -- a special extended newsroom version of what will appear on "TMZ on TV" tonight.


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What do you expect from a porno skank who can take a mile of D*** and then some...she gross as all h***... she can fall off the planet, she won't be missed...

1085 days ago


Tax the bitch

1085 days ago


So sick of her (Kim Kardashian) poor me defense get over yourself, stop judging me. PLEASE your a triffling wanna be superstar who will suck the life out of any man.......

1085 days ago


1) her dad was part of the defence team that got OJ off.
2) she used to sell pari******on's used clothes.
4) Pathetic excuse for woman-hood. No discernable education, will never do better than some 2nd string athlete, or MAYBE a less than savory up-and-coming "business" person.
5) Anybody who watches any of the Kardashian shows needs to get a life, this is not reality, not even in Hollywood!
6) I sincerly hope everybody takes Kris' side, she knew 100% what she was doing the whole blarmin' time!!
7) Anybody else who makes their living from having a huge a$$ and boobs, does it legit, and doesn't proclaim to be an "Armenian Princess" of sorts..... as bloody if!!

1085 days ago



1085 days ago


kim you and your family need to crawl under a rock and have Rjay piss on your entire family STOP THE CRYING YOU WASNT CRYING ON THE WAY TO THE BANK B---h!!!!!!!!!!

1085 days ago


She is not the first person to get divorced! what is the big deal if she made money good for her. Kris H made money also and now he will make more just for being married to her which is what he wanted in the first place. People need to get over it.

1085 days ago


Well, some people will do anything for money and that includes getting married.

1085 days ago


I find it funny that before she got married, she had no problem allowing people to "lie" about how much she paid for the wedding. Now she wants to set the record straight, maybe people will stop paying this family to do the things most people pay for themselves!

1085 days ago

Sandra Anne    

SO sick of the Kardashians...Im surprised they didnt try to sell Mason when he was born. Its all about money for these greedy people. Dont let them try to fool you...and this foundation that KIM gave $200,000 prove it. I don*****ch the show or feed into anything the as selling or stealin. I suggest you all give them a message and stop as well.

1085 days ago


First, why would you want to broadcast your wedding for free? You were paid to do the wedding "Show" as part of your contract with E Network, that means you profited from it.
2nd. What your saying is you spent $10 million on a wedding with your own money so the E Network can profit from it, with no remunification for you?

1085 days ago


Kim Kardashian profited from her wedding? Duh, tell us something we didn't already know. Their reputation was already pretty bad before this fiasco; the Kardashians should just shut up ... unless what they want is for people to really start hating them.

1085 days ago

Norm Walker    

I would actually watch more of this clip if the camera didn't shake all the time and then zoom in for no apparent reason!!!! Why does TMZ do this it just makes their show look like it filmed by some amateur camera crew.

1085 days ago

kim cullen    

I call BS myself. The entire family is not worth my time and energy. Everybody stop watching this trash.

1085 days ago


Kris Jenner needs help. She is a pimp to her girls and Bruce needs to take more control and have more input where the two young girls are concerned. If he does not, you will see them posing nude, doing ********s on u-tube and who knows what else. Bruce, you are an educated, decent person, do not let your girls go bad. By the way, if you watch the show Kloe is the only one who is not crafty/greedy. She does not have the Armenian characteristics and frankly, she is the only good looking one. Kim has her mouth open as if she is getting ready for another ********. Girl, keeping your mouth ajar is not attractive.

1085 days ago
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