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TMZ Newsroom Erupts

Kim K Is Dead Wrong,

She Profited from Wedding

11/2/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something smells rotten with Kim Kardashian's claim that she didn't profit from her wedding ... and this morning, the TMZ newsroom sniffed out the BS.

We previously reported, Kim and her mom are adamant they didn't make a single cent from Kim's wedding spectacle ... despite the fact the whole fam got paid for the TV special, wedding pictures and more.

Check out the clip -- a special extended newsroom version of what will appear on "TMZ on TV" tonight.


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Not only did she profit, but I bet poor Kris never sees his half of the wedding gifts!!!

1056 days ago


Kim admits it herself that she did not want to let anyone down.....therefore confimring there would be a financial loss. The entire timing of the wedding to coincide with the season finally and the launch of the new line at Sears.....hmmmmm. Does anyone smell a profit yet? well how about the poor wedding vendors who bartered.....I don't know how many of her fans get parts of their wedding donated or at a reduced cost.

oh and let's not forget the episode where her mother forgets to include Kris' family in the limo arrangements and the whispering behind his back......gross

1056 days ago


That guy Mike in this clip is a Kardashian stooge payed
by Kris Jenner to say good things about them. U never hear
him say a negative word about those greedy Kardashian's

1056 days ago


Of course she made money on the wedding fiasco and will do so on the divorce as well!! She is one classless bitch and Karma will get her !! Kris is well rid of her and I wish him well!!

1056 days ago


No one mentions that she's keeping the 2-million dollar ring. She should give that back to the jeweler who gave it to them. At least it's my understanding they didn't pay for it. Even Kim has admitted the wedding shouldn't have taken place and that she got "caught up" in it all. So to keep the ring is wrong.

1056 days ago


The whole family profitted. I personally know that instead of paying for the car service for the wedding Kris asked a companies to pay $100,000 and provide the services. You know they made profit from everything they could.

1056 days ago


I hope this whole sham wakens people up to stop giving her and her family money..stop buying their **** and stop watching their shows. They don't have any real talent, other than selling their souls to capitalism and scamming people.

1056 days ago


I don't believe for minute her wedding cost her 10 mill, there is far to much protesting and back peddling going on to believe anything they say at this point.
To make matters more crude then they already are Kim will receive a nice tax deduction for her "donation" to charity .
Be real, that family doesn't anything unless there is something in it for them.

1056 days ago


Remember just around the time the "wedding" was announced a mysterious buyer was offering millions to get the sex tape off the market, for good. I called BS when that story came out. Kim got a percentage off of each sale so did her mother, it was The Pimp mom Kris who put that story out there to get more press for the sex tape. There had to be thouands of teens who were too young to have paid to see it the first time around. Or people who just never heard of it or saw it the first go round. SO add those additional sex tape sales to the wedding profits.

1056 days ago


Can you please add blame for this on Ryan Seacrest as well...he has been pimping the Kardashians for years....imagine the money he rakes in off this stupid family....and why is Disney so behind Rob on Dancing with the Stars?...the kid can't dance yet Carrie-Ann no talent says how wonderful he is...even Len is going along with it....he is being kept on the how for the Kardashian fans only...and why are here even Kardashian fans?..they are gross!...

1056 days ago

Bonnie Peterson    

Does anyone know how many days Kim and Kris really spent together? It seems like she was always traveling and he was in Minnesota most of the time.

1056 days ago


Just as soon as she returns the ring ($2.5M) pays back the $10M in wedding costs that were provided free, hands back her share of the $18M rights to her wedding video, and RETURNS every single wedding present- I'll believe she made a mistake. Of course on that day I'll also believe hell froze over.

1056 days ago


Thank God its just same-sex couples that make a mockery out of marriage and not 72 day multi million dollar marriages ending in divorce.

1056 days ago


I know people think Kim should have to give back her gifts, but she shouldn't have to, when i give gifts cheap or expensive i would never ask for it back, it's a gift NOT A LOAN, i don't care if she was married for a min., A GIFT IS A GIFT... PLAIN AND SIMPLE...

1056 days ago


Trash heap trash.

1056 days ago
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