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Kim K Divorce

Blame It On "Intuition"

11/2/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian just got grilled about WHY she pulled the plug so quickly on her marriage to Kris Humphries -- and she chalked it up to that ole standby ... woman's intuition.

Kim was on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise" when the host asked how hard she worked to save the 72 day union -- and if there was any counseling involved. Kim said she was just following her heart ... and "there's no right or wrong."

Wonder if Kris H. feels that way.


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How do u have intuition when you have no soul???? Go away already!!!!!

1053 days ago


i wonder how many times khloe has said "i told you so"

kim disappear - and shut up - how can you tell when kim is lying - her lips are moving

and E! should be sued for pandering

1053 days ago


enough please.

1053 days ago


Kim K never gave it the 100% effort she should have to try and repair the broken marriage. Kim K is a fraud who is nothing but a selfish, self-centered, materialistic broad who doesn't live in reality. Her focus is her career and family and nothing else matters. Marriage to her is a game that when the tough gets tough, she bails and runs away. Her excuse that she wanted to honor her commitment to go to Australia was strictly for selfish business reasons instead of tending to the issues of a pending marital break up. She's so out of touch with what's going on that it's comical. BOYCOTT ALL KARDASHIAN/JENNER SHOWS and PRODUCTS!!

1053 days ago


"I don't want to get into the DETAILS now" = my mother, attorneys, the show, PR people, damage control people haven't come up with the proper LIES yet....they're working on it

1053 days ago


You have to be a woman not a SLUT to have intuition!!

1053 days ago


She's dumping Kris Humphries because she has intuition that she can get another $10 million for her next wedding/divorce (and another $100 million in publicity).

1053 days ago


The skank will remain a skank. How's that for intuition, skank?

1053 days ago


He dodged a bullet. That whiney, Valley Girl voice in your ear 24/7. Oh Jesus!

1053 days ago


Actually, blame it on the poll her mother had secretly done and relayed the results to Kim. It was in regards to males, 18-34, who like Kim Kardashian. When asked if they changed their opinion now that she was married, 74% said that it changed their view of her. THAT IS why she got the divorce. Mommy dearest was bean counting the entire time.

1053 days ago


Boycott all of their products, shows etc. They thought they were too good for Kris's family. All she did was complain at his house. His bedroom wasn't a 4 star hotel and no one catered to her. She is the princess and he was the pauper..according to her mother, they are a world famous familyyyyyyy...I can't stand any of the phonies. Wait till Lamar isn't making the $$$.. he will be out also. They need to know what "poor" is again...they took us all for fools..funny how this divorce came right after the wedding had been shown to the world...staged..they all pocketed $18 million!!!

1053 days ago


Kim do yourself a favor and just STFU!!! The more you speak the bigger the whole you dig yourself and the stupider you sound. There is definitely right and wrong in this situation and you are 100% in the wrong for 1)making a mockery of marriage 2) not returning the gifts 3) having a sham wedding for profit 4) tearing Kris down online and in interviews 5) having Kris find out about the divorce on TMZ 6) marrying someone who in your own words you should have ended a relationship with!!!!!! Following your heart is your excuse for getting married "I married for love" and now it is your escuse for getting divorced? Get your stories straight girl and if this is what following your heart does then I suggest you put whatever speckopf brainyou have to use at somepoint. Oh and you are a WHORE!!!!

1053 days ago


How come that "intuition" was so late? I call BS!

1053 days ago


There's no right or wrong? She doesn't think it's wrong to fake a wedding for big money? To make a marriage seem so cheap and disposable? To hurt so many people? To lie and say she didn't profit from the wedding? She needs to get away from reality t.v.--she and her whole family have no clue what reality is anymore. Pathetic--all of them.

1053 days ago

bring back recent posts    

well...KK doesn't have much of a active brain on the side that doesn't include narcissistic behavioral patterns so no wonder she used her heart!

1053 days ago
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