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Kim K Divorce

Blame It On "Intuition"

11/2/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian just got grilled about WHY she pulled the plug so quickly on her marriage to Kris Humphries -- and she chalked it up to that ole standby ... woman's intuition.

Kim was on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise" when the host asked how hard she worked to save the 72 day union -- and if there was any counseling involved. Kim said she was just following her heart ... and "there's no right or wrong."

Wonder if Kris H. feels that way.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So, by "intuition" she really means she "just felt like it." Same thing.

1032 days ago


See how she keeps looking off to the side every time she answers? Body language experts say that's a sign that someone is lying.

1032 days ago


Who makes public appearances so quickly? The fame & money whore Kardashians do. It's funny all the damage control is starting bc I guess they didn't expect the backlash. Kim made a mockery of marriage and it's tasteless and disturbing. Poor Kris H. I feel sorry for him and he should probably be happy he's no longer part of the Kardashians family or so they call themselves. Kim should def be an actress bc she would win an oscar for her fakeness in her fairytale wedding. Its funny how Khole tried to jump in and speak for her sister, oh right Khole your marriage is just as much as a sham as your sisters! Used to be a fan, but this just made me and so many others realize what money hungry whores the Kardashians are. I'd rather have love the million & millions of dollars. Until the next wedding.....

1032 days ago


Please just let that immoral, bullsh*t family to go away!!! If skanks didn'*****ch that dumbass "reality" sh*t, then her 15 minutes would have been up a long time ago!!!

1032 days ago


....Blame it on being a stuck up spoiled fame whore! Such a horrible pathetic example to young girls today.

1032 days ago


The Kardashian's are all PIGS!!! Greedy, famewh0ring, and self-centered. Oh and look, Kris Jenner has two more young girls to f^ck-up. What a MOMager!!!

1032 days ago


The Kardashians are trying SO hard to turn this in their favor, it's quite hilarious. They can't accept the fact that they've been exposed and that people are over them, hence why they still continue to lie.

1032 days ago


Once a slut, always a whore. I wouldn't let this chick suck on my left ball...maybe my right ball but I wouldn't enjoy it.

1032 days ago


I find it so sad that Kim Kardasian is telling the media that she still believes in love. I believe she should have an endorsement for a bipolar medication. If you seen the interview today with Kim's mom Kris on the view, she was holding back tears... FAKE...PHONY ...SAD

1032 days ago


what a piece of "work"

1032 days ago


Team Kris all the way!!!!

1032 days ago


She is full of crap ! She just wants people to keep watching her show....."Keeping up with the *****"

1032 days ago


Open your eyes, this is not just about Kim Kardashian, this is a stupid trend in our society of neglected children, divorced parents, and bastard (born out of wed-lock) children, that most of the celebrities that many adore and consider their "idol" or hero, divorce not too long after getting married. Only a religious revival can stop the trend of becoming into a consumerist society, where anyone can give up or refund what they don't like, rather than make things so sacred and special as marriage work through understanding, patience, and compromise.

1032 days ago

Jack More    

Damaged goods

1032 days ago


Kim is a freaking liar....all over the world now. Who cares about her 'intuition'....she is a stupid, pathological, self-absorbed liar. Just can't wait for Kris H. to bury her with all the lies about her and her stupid family. The kartrashians lie forever and ever....and it never ends

1032 days ago
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