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Lindsay Lohan

30 Days in Jail

11/2/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner and Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, and the judge is holding her on a tight leash to make sure she completes her probation.

Lindsay admitted she violated her probation by not attending therapy sessions as required by the court and by getting kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center (click below to read Lindsay's shoddy progress report).

The judge now says ALL of Lindsay's community service must now be served at the L.A. County Morgue.  And the judge gave Lindsay a tight structure on how she must complete the rest of her probation, and if she doesn't the judge will put a warrant out for her arrest and sentence her to an additional 270 days in jail.

As for the 30 days Lindsay is getting now -- the judge made it clear ... NO HOUSE ARREST.

The Sheriff's Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve 20% of the 30 days -- 6 days in jail.

Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay a strict schedule on completing the rest of her probation -- by December 14, she must have completed 12 days at the morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions.  By January 17, another 12 days at morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions.  And so on.  Everything must be completed by March 29 -- or she goes directly to jail for 270 days.

The judge clearly thinks Lindsay needs a rigid structure to complete her sentence, and as the judge put it, Lindsay is holding the keys to the jail cell.

And the judge strongly suggested Lindsay stop tweeting about her experiences at the morgue.

At the end, Lindsay seemed happy, walking out of court saying, "Thank God," under her breath.

Sources in the courtroom tell us that when the judge got off the bench she remarked about Lindsay, "She looks good today."


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Come on folks, place yer bets! I'm going with 180 days at 20% totaling 36, new conditions on her community service aaaand probation reinstated there after

1089 days ago


Lindsay, get your sh*t together. As a L.A. taxpayer, I'm really, really sick of paying for your antics. This has been going on for 5 years now. Come on.

Nobody believes you are sincere, and frankly, maybe it's time to deport you back to NY. Let's hope the judge throws the book at you.

You are a complete loser.

1089 days ago

steven katona    

you're all bastards! lindsay is innocent! she was set-up! the judge knows this! how dare they send a superstar into a dangerous environment? we knew the risks did the judge? lohan's life was in danger! she needs a better location for her own safety! she's not going to jail! she was set-up and her life was in danger! god damn you all! lohan is innocent! i can't believe this character assasination! lohan has already made the deal. the judge has confirmed it with this appointment. you all suck! lohan is innocent! shame!!!! i love you lindsay!!!!!! txt for hot canadian action 2506188255!!!!!!!

1089 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Way too funny! Not that many paps showed up for Ms."D" Listed soon to be "Z" Listed

1089 days ago


bye floplo! have fun @ your home away from home.

1089 days ago


I gotta take a crap. Let me know if I miss anything.

1089 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

couldn't she be shipped out of state to serve a longer sentence?

1089 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     


1089 days ago

Mike skinner    

will cameras be in court?

1089 days ago


I wonder if she smeared mud on her cheeks again

1089 days ago


lock her up with both her parents as cell mates and 1 bottle of tequila and let nature take its course

1089 days ago


Shawn probably left her makeup bag at home this morning. We know who pawed through it and made a mess of her face last time!

1089 days ago

steven katona    

how dare you all judge her!! lindsay is innocent! she`s no field agent! she`s only an actress! the judge must change her probation order! she needs to be in a safer environment! shame on you all! lohan is innocent! her life was in danger!

1089 days ago


I just wish Lindsay would get herself together and get back to making movies as she truly IS/was a good actress!!

1089 days ago


There would have to be some random cataclysmic global catastrophe before anyone would be able to sort out Linds’ financial wheelings/dealings, therefore trying to trace the payoff would be near-impossible. Millions of dollars are shuffled in Linds’ military-issue vault daily, and even if you could find an accountant to sort it all out, Linds (DUIna) would simply fling a million or so at them... problem vanishes.

Welcome to Lindsayland. Tickets are $1,000,000.00 each - discount for celebrities.

1089 days ago
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