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Lindsay Lohan

Dreaming if She Thinks

She'll ONLY Get 2 Weeks in Jail

11/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in jail
Lindsay Lohan knows she's getting jail time when she faces Judge Stephanie Sautner later this morning ... but she's dreaming if she really thinks she'll only get 2 weeks.

We broke the story .... Lindsay will concede she violated probation by getting kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center.  As a result, there will NOT be a formal hearing with witnesses and all, but our sources say Shawn Holley will present a list of reasons why the judge should show Lindsay mercy.  We're told Holley will focus on Lindsay's therapist, who believes LiLo has made progress. And, ironically, Holley will present evidence from the Downtown Women's Center as well.

As for Lindsay's sentence, we're told the judge has not communicated it to either Holley or the prosecutors.  Whatever sentence Lindsay gets, the Sheriff's Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve only 20% ... and that's exactly what every non-felon in L.A. County Jail serves.

Sheriff's officials also tell us Lindsay will not be placed in the general population for security reasons.  She'll get her own cell.

Although it's a virtual certainty the judge will sentence Lindsay to jail, it's possible she'll give LiLo time to get her affairs in order -- anywhere from 24 hours to a week, before she has to surrender and begin serving her sentence.



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why don't they just set her free already, drop all charges and save what little money california has left (they just send her home anyway)

1094 days ago

AGENT smith    

So TMZ you are saying that Lindsay is dreaming to think she will do 14 days in jail. If the judge sentences her to sixty days by your own twenty percent formula Lindsay would do twelve days. I also believe that she gets a days credit for the day she was booked and photographed and that on the last day of the sentence as soon as they do one hour they are released so sixty days becomes ten days and one hour.

1094 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay should wear her little white short "Basic Instinct" dress that she wore a few months ago to court.....

1094 days ago


Lindsay moved that Kardashian and made it to the top

1094 days ago


Hi guys...

Looking forward to the hearing today. Regardless of what it may bring. I would just like to point this out to all of you...
When this case began, back in 2007, I was pretty much in the same boat as lindsay. I was a certified drug addict...very successful in my field. But, I

1094 days ago


Stay strong Linds, it will be fine. Praying for you.

1094 days ago


Hi guys...

Looking forward to the hearing today. Regardless of what it may bring. I would just like to point this out to all of you...
When this case began, back in 2007, I was pretty much in the same boat as lindsay. I was a certified drug addict...very successful in my field. But, I just started to get myself into trouble. By late 2009, I had been arrested 6 times, had no job, a crappy boyfriend in an emotionally explosive relationship and was really either a walking time bomb for death or prison.

But, my po, the last person I thought would believe in me, gave me a chance which I decided not to squander. Since then, I lve been in therapy, regularly attended AA, got a job and a structured lifestyle, and have worked hard and have gone back to school. Do I feel like crap about what I did and what I put people through every now and then? Absolutely. But, I feel pride in the progress I've made. I'm now studying to become a paralegal and watching lindsays courtroom antics now have a new meaning to me. Previously I would commiserate with her and now I just feel sorry for her, interested more in the legal aspects than what she was wearing or hoping she got off ..knowing she's had many more chances just like that po gave me and she has squandered them. I'm not writing this as a 'look at me! See what a good job I did'.I'm just saying, look at how much can (and cannot)change in 4 years.

1094 days ago


Anybody want to rent a porsche for 90 days??...anyone???

1094 days ago


Oops sorry about the partial post on my phone

1094 days ago


oh god,same crap different court day,she pulled the same thing last time,oh im gonna fight this,then a jury is gonna be there...ummmmmmm,no i think i plead no contest,now here again,witnesses will be there to dish the dirt on her,and here again,ummmmm,no i think i'll just go to jail....ughhhhhhhhhhh,this cracked up,crackie teeth,crackie eyes,meth mouth has been,needs to be transferred to texas and do time under the jail tents....PLEASE LEE,MAKE HER TAKE OUT THOSE STRINGY EXTENSIONS,IM BEGGING YOU!!!!

1094 days ago


I posted this a couple of days ago but i'm going to put it out there one more time.

If it goes the way that's being reported here, where is the deterrent? What is she going to learn? Absolutely nothing. She really needs a wake-up call. Something she will loathe and will teach her that it isn't about how and what she feels like doing.

This is why I say the judge should instead of sending her to jail for a measly 2 weeks which would not send her a bloody message;

- Put her on probation for 2-3 years.

- Scram bracelet and weekly surprise drug tests.

- Morgue duty Monday to Friday - 8am to 4 pm

- Take away her passport to avoid the " I have projects..." excuse.

And if she messes up on any of these points, and she will, Bring her back to court (really for our entertainment) and tack on more time to probation.

The very fact that the court will be controlling her pityful life will drive her bat-sh*t crazy but should eventually show her that she has to straighten out or it's never going to end.

This, in her messed up little mind, would be much worse than going inside for 6 months.

I don't know, it makes sense to me that telling her what to do will be better than letting her do whatever she feels like doing.

Tough love type thing.

1094 days ago


WOOHOO....this is the super,super crackbowl of all time,LILO AND MILO in jail at the same time,omg there is no script for this,totally awesome....dina is going to be bangin her head on the coffee table tomorrow.HA!!

1094 days ago



1094 days ago


The girl deserves no special treatment and each time she is given so, it feeds right into her narcissism. What a pathetic attempt to salvage the Lohan "honor"; conceding she violated probation. Duh. What choice does she have when it's a fact?

1094 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Every time crackie is in court, she get***** with a new law suit. Wonder whos going to smack her with one this time.

1094 days ago
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