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Homeless Shelter

Our Residents Deserve Better

Than Lindsay Lohan

11/2/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't good enough to serve homeless people -- this according to the shelter that flat-out rejected LiLo's candidacy for community service.

In case you missed it in court today, Judge Stephanie Sautner said she called up the Good Shepherd Center homeless shelter in L.A. to see if they'd accept Lindsay as a volunteer -- but they refused because Lindsay is a "bad example."

But that's just part of Good Shepherd's justification -- TMZ spoke to a rep for the shelter, who tells us, “We tend to look for mature people who our residents can look up to as a role model for people to volunteer at our shelter ... We want to make sure we have someone with good morals in here helping out."

The rep adds, "Initially, when the call about Lindsay Lohan came in, I thought, well, we give all people here a second chance.  And then I thought ... Lindsay has had about 10 chances….so we decided not to let her volunteer here."

"Again, we would rather have someone in here our residents can look up to.” Thankfully, for Lindsay, the residents at the morgue are less judgmental.


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At least the morgue clients won't put a thumbtack on her chair because she has a fantastic body and a million dollars.

1086 days ago


I have done a lot of volunteer work in this area...I can hardly believe they would turn down anyone's help...even Lindsay. Instead of being stuck up they should have just pointed out that the media at a womens center might not be safe for them and could put those hiding at risk.

1086 days ago

E News    

No One is a good example except Jesus Christ. We all have fallen. The Good Shephard Center judging like that, well that isn't how The Good Shephard is at all!
I feel bad for the homeless when they have to subject themselves to such sharp, cold religous people, who don't love, who aren't forgiving, and arent merciful. Some people get so religous, they forget that they are a sinner too! God is all about giving people second chances, actually God gives you a chance until you get it right. The Good Shephard Center isn't acting on behalf of the Good Shephard, but instead their own self righteous man made policies.

1086 days ago


Can we put that "rep" from the Shelter on the Bench, and remove the worthless Judge Sautner?

1086 days ago


Many of the comments regarding the charity's decision show a lack of knowledge regarding volunteerism. Charities have a process for which volunteers must 'apply'. Regardless if you're working with homeless, cancer patients, literacy, animals, etc...each charity has guidelines for which they follow. Additionally, I believe the Good Shepherd Shelter allows children which adds another layer of issues when bringing in appropriate volunteers.

1086 days ago


Wonder when someone is going to tell Linds she is a washed up junkie. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

1086 days ago


Darn tootin they dont want someone like her their.

1086 days ago


Glad you have only Christian and upstanding citizens volunteering for your organization.
I would like the media to background checks on your staff. Even they can have less than pristine reputations.

1086 days ago


How the huck is Lindsay gonna be a good role model for the homeless if she cant even her way to a bar of soap?

1086 days ago


How the huck is Lindsay gonna be a good role model for the homeless if she cant even find her way to a bar of soap?

1086 days ago

true dat

1086 days ago


"Higher-Moral-Ideals-Grounds" always impresses me.

-Walk a couple miles in her shoes before you play Sanctity- Judge, Homeless Shelter.

-You have no idea who she is or what she's been thru - none.

Who are you to sneer at her.

1086 days ago


*Good Shepherd* had a big meeting and came up with the following:

"This'd be a perfect time for us to take a shot at her."

"Might help with name-recognition/fund-raising activities down the road..."

"We can remind people we're the guys that turned Lindsey down."

"You know, make a buck off of her like everyone else."

1086 days ago

Peter Sc    

Maybe the judge made a bad choice when she did choose the shelter. Maybe she learned that she will not be able to count on any campain contribution or support from the shelter in the future.

I doubt that she ever called the shelter.

1086 days ago


This was hilarious but that shelter is too full of themselves. Blah blah blah.

1086 days ago
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