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Lindsay Lohan

Sentence Delayed

For Naked Playboy Pics

11/2/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was not immediately sent to jail because the judge decided to allow her time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Lindsay tell us ... Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge in chambers that Lindsay had a contract with Playboy -- a contract of nearly $1 million -- and the shoot must be completed this week.  If it isn't, Lindsay would be in breach of her contract.

So Judge Stephanie Sautner cut LiLo a break ... and gave her one week to surrender.  Lindsay will surrender for the camera in the next few days.

Justice is not only blind ... sometimes it's stark naked.



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I've lost so much respect for PLAYBOY. Are they that desperate for sales, that they
have to stoop to putting a bimbo, lying, drug infested, low life like Lindsay Lohan
on the cover ???????
I thought the mag had more class than that. This will back fire on them !!

1032 days ago


Only in Hollyweird...this is ridiculous..some justice system

1032 days ago


Is the judge Don Geiss' daughter?!

1032 days ago


what?? o_O

1032 days ago


PLEASE disbar this judge, I can't stand the lack of responsibility shown here!!!

1032 days ago

Lindsay's Last Fan    


1032 days ago


Thanks Judge. I promise to buy a copy, and hopefully the Linds will donate some of her money to charity.

1032 days ago


WHO or WHAT hijacked the brains in the State of California? Have ALIENS landed and sucked the brain power away from educated individuals in LOS ANGELES?
It defies rational thinking to witness the "CELEBRITY" white glove treatment regarding their CRIMINAL acts and lack of punishment in CALIFORNIA courts.
Are their brains so mellowed by their environment, that they are lost souls just inhaling and exhaling without regard to the consequences?

1032 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Wow I am gonna use that same excuse if I ever am at risk of going to jake. "sorry your honor but I would please ask for a postponment of the beginning of my jail sentense because I made a contractually binding agreement to be somewhere else". I am sure the judge would be okay with it.

If I were the judge I would explain to the defendent that the deal was made while she was on probation, missing court ordered community service that was putting her at risk of having her probation revoked. She should have known that at any moment that said probation would be revoked and declined the offer until her freedom was ensured. It is not the courts responsibility to work her time around her business, it is Lindsays responsibility to shape her life and business deals around the courts time.

The fact that they gave her 30 days, allowed her to stay out to complete her photo shoot and the fact that lindsay is getting released out of jail fast enough they need to install a revolving door is proof the legal system is royally messed up. This isn't some shoplifting or drunk in public charge, she was busted twice for drinking and driving, one of those times she had blow in her car, yet after all the crap she has put the court through they still slap her on the wrists. I was really hoping that a good amount of jail time would scare her straight but I think that instead I should either expect for her to go downhill and turn into a Courtney Love, flashing her wo-ha for all to see or pull an Amy Winehouse and die by intoxication.

1032 days ago


lindsay and the judge is gonna dike it out, that's why she is getting OFF so easy
peace out

1032 days ago


What in the world is this girl famous for? i cant name a single movie she has been in besides when she was a kid and did mean girls... what else has she done? why are the paps so obsessed with her. she is average looking at best. does nothing in hollywood of merit. and now shes gonna be in playboy??? WHY!!!! I wouldnt look twice at her even in a bar. why is she famous? for real im confused. shes no different to me then the jersey shore rejects. but at least they are recent. no idea what lindsay is famous for.

1032 days ago


You go on and on playing armchair judges and then whine when she is sentenced. Poor you. Funny, Greenspan destroys our standard of living and not a peep. But Lohan pops a pimple and triggers an avalanche of futal discourse. If their was ever a justification for government regulation.........

1032 days ago


I guess if I were required to report to jail all I would have to do is go to the judge and say I have something else to do first, can you cut (yet another one) me a break? What is going on with California judicial system? Of course the fact that my name in none important I fell pretty safe in saying the answer would be NO!

I don't care about LL personally but I sure as hell do care that she keeps getting break after break when I would not stand a chance of getting one or much less yet another one after another one and etc.


1032 days ago


Nice to see Playboy takes presidence over justice. I know people with real jobs that lose their entire livelyhood because they were not giving a chance to get affairs in order over unpaid seatbelt tickets but this spoiled little brat with cash to spare gets a free pass for playboy? like playboy wouldnt be there when she gets out? ARE THERE ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE WILLING TO SUE THE STATE FOR DISCRIMINATION AGAINST REGULAR FOLKS??? FAVORTISM??? What A joke This judge is. and worst of all she wont spend a day in jail but they say its not special treatment. how much you wanna bet other people with the same sentence are not released like her for overcrowding. SHAME ON YOU CALIFORNIA SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

1032 days ago


What has happened to California drug and alcohol laws? Years ago I did drugs and was caught with a nickle bag, sentenced to 30 days for which I did all 30 days was released from jail and had to do two years probation. I did two years probation on top of first doing 30 days jail time. I was warned if I broke probation I would find myself back in jail for a year and they were not kidding with me. I had no violence, no prior record but these were the times when the court system meant business and their were no break after break after break, etc. I also had to do drug/alcohol classes and pay a fine. This was what I got for a nickle bag! Today LL gets yet another break essentially. This just burns me up! The judge just keeps tacking on more community time and probation. What is the point of doing that when she just turns around and breaks the probation rules. More probation/community tacked on doesn't mean anything to her because she knows all she has to do is get booked and walk out minutes later! I am here to tell you that it didn't use to work that way years ago and it shouldn't be working that way today. She bleeds the same color blood that you and I do. Who cares that she has a contract with Playboy and needs to finish her photo shoot, who care? She broke the law/s so send her to jail for her law breaking cases and all her probation violation and don't run them concurrent!!!


1032 days ago
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