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Lindsay Lohan

Enough Rope to Hang Herself

11/2/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan's sentence might seem light on the surface ... but Harvey thinks Judge Stephanie Sautner's strict probation schedule might be just enough to land LiLo in the pokey for another 270 days.

Plus, new math with Kim Kardashian! Why she really believes she didn't profit off her wedding ... and why most of us ain't buyin' it. And, Herman Cain's sexual harassment claims -- will voters blow them off ... and Herm, please make up your mind.


(0:35) The good news for Lindsay Lohan...
(2:01) ... and now the bad news.
(3:22) A caller asks great questions: Why the heck was Lindsay available for early release ... and why did Sheriff Baca say he had room for her in jail last week if there's overcrowding?
(12:10) Sheriff PIO Steve Whitmore is on the phone to explain why Lindsay will only be in jail for one night.
(20:15) It may not look like it, but the judge "stuck it" to Lindsay ... by hanging 270 days over her head.
(28:10) Time to argue ... Mike actually believes the Kardashians didn't profit off the wedding.
(34:00) Fun fact: Gary has already used the doughnut maker he got for his wedding.
(35:47) Why is Mike so pro-Kardashian?
(40:02) Will the sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain hurt his bid for the presidency?
(47:10) Herman's ever-evolving stance ... is comical.


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As far as Herman Cain is concerned, Lots of sexual harassment and infidelity charges did not hurt Bill Clinton!!!

1052 days ago


Why don't they increase fines to help to fund these jails so people like lindsay does her 30 days!!

1052 days ago


Why should I pay for Lindsay Lohan to get her life together? Who cares? Do drugs, get drunk and act like a fool. The law should stay completely out of it unless she commits a crime against someone other than herself. More importantly than our overcrowded jails are our over crowded judicial system. How many court appearances has this woman been involved in simply because she is a looser and then the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill? What a complete and utter waste of public time, money and energy wasted on this hag! Lindsay, sweetheart, snort up, drink up and party hardy 'til dawn. When you decide to go to rehab, you can well afford to pay for it by herself. If not, don't worry, because we'll all get stuck with paying for the meat wagon and the body bag when that time comes. This judge should stop wasting the court's time and energy trying to undo the years Lindsay Lohan's self abuse and her awful craptastic parents and concentrate on more important issues. Playboy? Get your Photoshop brushes ready because you're gonna have your work cut out trying to make her look young and hot.

1052 days ago


If Kim has decided to donate some of her gifts to charity, what about Kris H.?
What does he get?
It seems that the wedding and all the gifts are all Kims!

1052 days ago

Granny Linda    

I love Herman!! I love his sense of humer and plan on voting for him!! These women say he harrassed them...Casey Anthony says she didn't kill her daughter. Just because you say something doesn't make it true.

1052 days ago


Seriously, any decent person gives back the wedding gifts after such a short marriage. It is very low class to keep them. We attended a wedding o*****rad student and a teacher who divorced after 6 months and they returned the gifts. It is so silly for Kim to say the gifts were given "in love" no they weren't - they were for the Bride and Groom. If she insists on keepin ght gifts. Kris needs to get 1/2, And no one in the USA is buying it that they didn't make millions on the wedding. This family does nothing without a big payday.

1052 days ago


Harvey, what is going through your air vents? First, Mike with his view on Kim K; and now Charles saying a Repub will not vote for a black man - how does he think Obama is in office? There were a lot of Repubs who voted for Obama - and they are sorry now - which is another issue for another time. Second, Charles is right in a way - Obama is not a black from the USA. He is a black whose father was from another country.

1052 days ago

Granny Linda    

Harvey, really, a politician "waffling" on something? I can't believe it!! If this is the worst thing they have on him, they need to give it up.

1052 days ago


Politics? Come on guys, we can get that anywhere.

Is Harvey bored with celebs and this will be the new TMZ? uggghhh

1052 days ago


To be president one must be electable.. Not necessarily one who can actually deliver, help out the nation, and get things done. On that undisputed truth, Burak Obama’s electability or elements of character still supersede all others.

1052 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Regarding HC, you're the first person to point out that Al Gore saved Clinton's ass in the impeachment vote. And he saved Hillary's as well. Had Gore chosen to throw Clinton under the bus, the Democrats in the Senate where ready to vote for impeachment and make him President. The 2000 election would've been his for the taking.

1052 days ago


Kim K's guests can't ask for the gift back even though she was only married 72 days. But if she gets married again (which you know she will) none of her guest should have to get her a gift.

1052 days ago


I would have been doing 2-4 in state prison after the second of the 10 violations she has completely gotten away with. I'm really upset. My life has been shear hell for the last 4 years because of a much smaller infraction and she gets to do anything she pleases. Nobody does anything.

1052 days ago


Don't all of these "officials" and other state employees have better things to do with the time we pay them for than talk to TMZ...Aren't there murders, child molesters, and actual criminals to worry about? This is SAD.

1052 days ago


this girl need stay in jail itt she ned gown up she was cute back then now she keep drink out hang lock her up and keep here butt in jail that how felling right now

1052 days ago
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