Eddie Murphy I'm Not Mad at 'SNL' Anymore

11/3/2011 4:30 AM PDT

Eddie Murphy -- I'm Not Mad at 'SNL' Anymore

Good news boys and girls ... Mr. Robinson might actually return to the neighborhood.**

Eddie Murphy just told Ellen Degeneres he's finally gotten over his beef with "Saturday Night Live" ... the show that helped launch him into superstardom 25 years ago.

During the interview, Ellen asked, "Is there something going on that you have not been back for a while on SNL? Will you go back and host?"

Eddie replied, "Not anymore. Now, I’m cool.  I would go back if it was the right stuff, situation."

When Ellen asked why Eddie had issues with the show, he didn't come all the way clean ... but explained, "It was couple ... Over the years ... they did little s**tty  stuff where I was like, hey, f*ck y’all. I’m not trippin. It was years ago. I don’t have any bad blood with that show. And that show is such a big part of my past. I love being part of it. Yeah, I wanna go back."

It's long been rumored that Eddie's problem with "SNL" started with a sketch on David Spade's Hollywood Minute segment ... when a picture of Eddie appeared on screen and David said, "Look children, a falling star ... quick, make a wish!"

**For those too young to get the reference, check out Eddie's old Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood sketch (below) ... hilarious.