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Kim Kardashian

I'm So Distraught,

I Can't Function

11/3/2011 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... she is so "distraught" over the divorce and torrent of publicity that followed, she's bailing on her Australian appearances and returning to the US of A.

Kim is moaning to friends, The Melbourne Cup appearance -- a Thoroughbred horse race -- is the first time she's ever missed work, but she says she just can't handle it.

And, we're told she's saying, "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."  It's unclear if Kim means that she's put the brakes on her reality show, or whether she'll be selective as to what she does and doesn't do.


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That's because Australians probably don't take any BS. Coming from England background, they are probably no non-sense people. I hope they DID give her a hard time.

1052 days ago


You may want to slit your wrist.

1052 days ago

The PMG    

Uhh sorry Kim, but standing around at a racetrack is only work if you're one of the horses. But then again, those jockeys could make an honest mistake and jump on your back.

1052 days ago


Find someone to p e e on her. She'll feel so much like hersel****ain.

1052 days ago


Not enough attention in Australia... she needs to rush back to America where her sick behavior is REWARDED & APPLAUDED.

This sicko has been hammering for attention at an alarming rate since her brother has been doing so well on DWTS. IMO, if this 'marriage' was NOT a temporary business deal from the beginning then I do believe she announced it was over in the middle of the DWTS competition because she was jealous of ROB & couldn't stand to have people focused on him instead of her sorry azz!

The question for me, is HOW desperate is this sicko for attention & what crazy stunt will she pull NEXT for her fix?

This family is addicted to attention & this can only end badly.

1052 days ago


She is just listening to the captain (KRIS) and hushing her mouth, because they didnt expect all this backlash over it, and now their realizing people are really sick at this. Marriage is to be worked on through counseling, etc... not just cause intuition tells you to end it.. It was that same intuition that told you to marry in the 1st place

1052 days ago


I'm sure ALL of us in this economy would love to take some time off to work on ourselves! Kris Humphries is better off without that fake, lying, attention seeking skank! First it was the "oops my sex video got released" that made her tons of money and now it's her fake ass marriage! Maybe all of those who are unemployed can start working for themselves and get married every 72 days to make a profit from all their friends and family giving wedding gifts!

1052 days ago


Hopefully this vain country would wake up to all this fallacy and realize their more important things money could be invested in instead of a vainity queen!!! She is a poor example to our youth. Her family is fame whores and should give to people in need. Ten million for a overzealous barbie doll!!! Come on people wake up!!!! You don't want to live your life like these people no money in the world is worth your soul!!!!

1052 days ago


Kim knows the public isn't buying any of this crap. They just really prooved they are nothing but cons. Their spin is not working at all. Humphries will be the one who wins in the long run.

The ratings will fade and so will they.

1052 days ago


The whole show is a sham. Who cares who these people are. I have banned my family from watching this whorish group, money grabbing, attention mongers who have nothing better to do than poke fun at an institution a covenant and the entire family agrees with her..dumb plain and simple. Come back to the real world. Bruce Jenner what a first it was about family now it is about damage control. Quit supporting this family. There are familys that need more support than these moneygrabbing millionaires.

1052 days ago


"I need to take care of me now,"
In other words, business as usual.

1052 days ago


Why do any of you care about her wedding? Why do you care if she works on her marriage or how she makes her money? I feel I can safely say none of you have a dime into it. Get a life. I would be more upset that there is whitetrash making millions on a show where all they do is fight, get drunk and screw anyone that walks. Of course they screw each other when no one else is available.

1052 days ago


I personally think the best thing for her to do is to isolate herself in a log cabin somewhere, maybe Minnesota. Just for a few years though, 20 sounds like a good number. The isolation will do her good, and 20 years free of KK would make many people very happy...

1052 days ago


It's pretty funny that everything is bible this and that with this family, but you NEVER see them reading one, and she didn't put her husband beforework, she treated him like a DOG ! considering she's been married before, why not try counseling ? intuition ? give me a break ! Everything is about her, and I do believe she's selfish and self centered ! instead of her family trying to keep them together, it appears they want them apart. He's the one who came up with the pastor, and spiritual up bringing. So, of course, they blame the man again. This entire family needs help, including the mother and her fake tears.

1052 days ago



1052 days ago
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