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Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries

The Bitter Prenup Bickering

11/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries fighting
The die was cast in the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage during the prenup negotiations -- which were marked by bickering, pettiness, and even contempt ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.
Our sources say ... the prenup was negotiated during the summer.  Kim, Kris, and their lawyers had multiple meetings in various configurations. We're told both Kim and Kris were sniping at each other during the talks, each complaining -- sometimes bitterly -- about the way the other was treating them.

One of the big sticking points -- how much of a cut Kris would get from all the wedding-generated moolah.

As one person familiar with the situation tells TMZ ... "It was really apparent then ... this marriage wasn't going to last, and even they could see it wasn't a good idea."

In the end, Kim pretty much got her way. Their assets stayed separate, Kris got a limited cut of the wedding money, and they lived happily ever after.



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Boycott everything Kardashian!!!!

1083 days ago


Starting Nov 27th "E!" will start showing the 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' series and if you haven't guessed it already it will be about the marriage problems of Kim and Kris. So this show was intentionally shot with the marriage issues because they planned to do the divorce in the end.

Did anyone really expect Kim and Kris to stay together. Nobody would care about them if they all lived happily ever after, there had to be something bad.

Every single thing you read about the Kardashians is manufactured, including stupid things like the fight over the pre-nup. The only thing real about them is that this whole thing could back fire and the morons who watch there show week after week might finally change the channel.

1083 days ago


Now I understand why Khloe didnt change her house pictures. She said Kim gets on marry level with every boyfriend. Kims gonna get married like 4 more times you watch. She isnt the marrying motherly type. AT ALL. Treated Kris like crap the whole engagement show and the wedding show. This guy should have ran from this family...I wish all these guys would walk away. Bruce, Scott , all of them...get out before your other ball goes missing

1083 days ago


While they were dating didnt the tabloids come out with a story about Kim cheating on him? I bet thats probably true now that this is all happening. I bet she really cheated on him....I feel so bad for Kris. 26 year old prob didnt want to marry multiple times like Kim...

1083 days ago


Mike Walters has brain damage.
He was just on TV last week, and said he believes Lindsay will win an Oscar in 5-10 years.

Harvey hired Mike because you cant discriminate the mentally challenged under California's Disabled Access Laws

1083 days ago

The calculator    

Find out how long you have been with your SO by using the the Kardashian Calculator!

1083 days ago


Any contract is null & void if you can prove fraud. I think Kris H. should be able to do this and then sue for his time for the whole 72 days they were married. He deserves a salary just as Kim would expect. And this is nothing less than what Kris Jenner would have her daughter do. SUE KIM and get what you deserve from this fraudulent union! You will win Kris h.!

1083 days ago


And again, it all leads back to the show & the profits that were to be made. GUYS, its not that she didn't want to disappoint her friends or family or fans, she didn't want to disappoint or put a damper on her finances. That's why she went through with it.

1083 days ago


I hope the IRS is checking out this family's tax returns.
They are the most self centered bunch we've ever heard of.
Did anyone notice the wedding special never showed Kris's
family except one picture of his dad and one of his sister
as a bridesmaid, it was all Kadashians . The fact that Kim
didn't want Kris's pups on the bed with them. sealed her fate. Love me or my Dogs.

1083 days ago


If this is true then they should be prosecuted for fraud. C'mon Harvey - scour the lawbooks and find a statute they can be prosecuted under.

1083 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

What else do you expect of a woman who willingly made a sex tape asnd then leaked it for money.

1083 days ago


Love conquers all! Unless it's all about the money! And money won't hold you close at night and keep you warm. Money won't have a soothing word of encouragement when you're down in the dumps and money won't hold your hand tight and whisper "I'll always love you" when you take your last breath in this world. Poor little Kim. The die is cast.

1083 days ago


Is everybody else as sick of hearing about this already as I am?? Her mother has been on every talk and radio show trying a little too hard to spin this...she can cackle as much as she wants...I still don't and will never believe one word coming from her or her family.

1083 days ago

Dom The Mover    

One Word: Greed

1083 days ago


Two words. Con Artist

1083 days ago
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